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Will Vince Young really be back for his senior year?

Whoda thunk it? The Steelers will have to fight uphill to make the playoffs.

  • They dropped to 7-5, cuz ya can't win a lot of NFL games when you allow 38 points.

Da Bears win eighth in a row, continue their assault on the defensive record.

  • With only 4.8 yards per attempt, no TDs, two picks, and a QB rating of 52 for the day, Favre turned in his worst performance since There's Something About Mary
  • Here's a handy QB rating calculator, if you're interested.

Mazda discourages driving.

  • Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp. is recommending its employees walk to the office, rather than commute by car, as part of an effort to improve their health and protect the environment"

Granny steals Baby Jesus

Subway apologizes for making fun of Kansas

  • In light of this, I would like to apologize to any state, nation, race or person I have NOT offended.
  • Please accept my apology and be patient. I'll get to you, douchebag.

Film Jerk's Early Report for December 4.

  • "This week's Early Report covers the 43 known new movies opening in theatres or expanding their runs between Wednesday December 7 and Friday January 6"

One Holiday tradition worth retaining - Dave Barry's annual gift guide.

Hurra Torpedo Official Site

  • These are the crazy Norwegians who play songs like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on household appliances.
  • The band's first American music video is shot at a "magical reproduction of Stonehenge built out of refrigerators in the middle of the desert." (Find it under "videos")
  • Their tag line: "Norwegians. Appliances. Butt Cracks."

Weekend Box Office Results, December 2-4, 2005

  • Aeon Flux opened #2, on the high side of the latest prediction range, but far below what was once hoped. It seems to be headed for about a $35 million total, which will be considered a failure because of a reported $60 million production budget.
  • Potter slowed a bit faster than expected by the prognosticators, but the Potter films' grosses have always been front-loaded, so that's no real surprise, and the latest Potter is still running well ahead of the others. Potter should lose its grip on the box office next week, when Narnia opens.
  • Everything else seemed to be business as usual.
  • Consistent with last week, the Top 12 aggregated about the same amount as last year's top 12. (Last week was up about half a percent from the previous year. This week was down half a percent.)


A French thriller, 'Cache' ('Hidden'), featuring videotapes, obsession and the pain of facing up to one's past, swept the 18th European Film Awards in Berlin on Saturday.


Jessica Simpson impersonating Britney Spears


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


"Lust in Space"

Lust in Space (2005) is supposedly The Erotic Witch Project IV from Seduction Cinema. It stars regulars A J Khan and Darian Caine, and newcomer Alexia Moore as three scientists using a space ship and time travel machine to try and discover the source of the virus that caused a subsequent infection, turning all women horny. It also features Jackie Stevens and Bethany Lott as Earth trailer trash. It departs in several ways from recent Seduction Cinema efforts.

Moore has an impressive chest, in fact the combined weight of her breasts in pounds exceeds her IQ. As proof, I offer her announcement in the special features that she has another breast enlargement scheduled. All five women in the cast have sex with each other, which is the norm for Seduction Cinema, but they have added a male stud, who does Stevens and Lott, both separately and together. He is supposedly the local police, as evidenced by his black t-shirt that says police. and is supposedly Irish. His Irish accent is easily the worst I have heard. In fact, someone could get closer to an Irish accent if they had never heard one before. One of the girls asks if he has the Irish curse, which is supposedly that he is hung like a mosquito. We never see for ourselves.

What plot there is consists of several morons acting stupid in between the sex scenes. Seduction Cinema must have a new video editing toy, as every sex scene had a cross fade every 4 seconds (this is not an exaggeration), and there was not stop camera motion to further nauseate. This is a return to the low rent farce style that marked their early efforts. Although all five women show everything, there was no passion in the sex scenes, and the photography was entirely too distracting. IMDb lists it as "In Production." I am a big fan of Seduction Cinema, but they have taken a giant step backwards with this one. E-.

AJ Kahn

Alexia Moore

Bethany Lott

Darian Caine

Jackie Stevens


Today from the Ghost....Catalina Larranaga & Sandy Wasco in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Passion Cove".

Larranaga of course is a favorite of mine and has been a Skinemax regular since 1997. Wasco on the other hand has spent most of her career as a set decorator. In fact, according to the IMDb, this is her only experience in front of the camera. Thankfull for us she was nekkid.

Catalina Larranaga

Sandy Wasco

Catalina Larranaga and Sandy Wasco

Yesterday we did "Angel", well we didn't do her we capped her.

So today we look at the second "Angel" flick which was called "Avenging Angel". This was a pretty lame movie.

The only nudity of any consequence was Kari Mani topless coming out of the shower. Then in a bra which is having a hard time holding those hooters in before she gets blown away.

Kari Mani

A new "Angel" in this one played by Betsy Russell and as usual no nudity from the star, but she did look cute in her nurses uniform and her short skirts.

Betsy Russell

We go over to TV Land for some "Hankster Light" from "The Lost World".

Rachel Blakely with some decent cleavage and even a quick fully clothed "Babe in Bondage".

Rachel Blakely

Jennifer O'Dell shows some nice cleavage.

Jennifer O'Dell

Coming to DVD on Tuesday! No nudity in these Vejiita 'caps but here is Jessica Alba looking mighty sexy in scenes from "Fantastic 4".

Here are Heffers Buffy Tyler and Suzanne Stokes both topless while appearing on Stern. These 'caps by Spongeboy are from the new (and uncensored) Howard Stern On Demand channel. Currently I think this Stern Video On Demand channel is only available for Comcast customers.

From the Skin-man, here is adult babe-tunred B-movie legend Ginger Lynn Allen nekkid in scenes from the Rob Zombie movie, "The Devil's Rejects" (2005).