Taras Bulba

2009, Russia

Taras Bulba is the latest of director Vladimir Bortko's recent screen adaptations of Russian classics. He directed a multi-part TV adaptation of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, a famous novel suppressed by the USSR; and he also gave us a TV serial about Peter the Great, based upon a novel by Daniil Granin, one of Russia's most awarded contemporary authors. (Granin is 92 now, and still at it.) Both of those projects have been covered here.

Bortko's script is based on a 19th century story which romanticized a 16th century struggle between the Cossacks and some Poles who were attempting to take Cossack territory by means of brutal force. The esteemed Russian writer Nicolai Gogol was responsible for the original historical romance which served as a basis for this and several other filmed adaptations. Perhaps you remember a Hollywood version with Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis.

The production values are excellent, and there are some beautifully composed scenes, but you probably won't find much to relate to here unless you are specifically interested in how Russians glorify their history, or how the 19th century idealized the struggles of the 16th.

Both of the other Bortko projects which I mentioned above have contributed nudity to this page, so Ol' Vladdy is like the Robert Altman of Russkie filmmakers in terms of getting hot chicks naked. He hasn't let us down this time either, although the nudity is a little too arty this time. The Polish beauty Magdalena Mielcarz exposed her breasts in two different scenes. One was a B&W flashback with some funky lighting; the other a color scene partially spoiled by "Vaseline-lensing."


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Notes and collages


Samhar Tadesse, s23e1

"The Casting Room"

web series

Web series on YouTube not to be confused with the x-rated movie "The Casting Couch."

Lori Alter: wearing very tight sweater and jeans.

The Kate Logan Affair


Movie about a female cop who runs off with a suspect and has the best sex of all, fugitive sex.

Alexis Bledel: sideboob in sex scene, then a ridiculous fully clothed sex, then brassiere after sex.

Krista Marchand: very sexy in bit part.


webisode: "Past Due" (series finale)

The series ended with a bang, opening up with a sex scene.

Lea Lawrynowicz: full nude but with the genitalia of a Barbie Doll ®.


episode: "Hammer of the Gods"

Sarah Porchetta: Vancouver hefmag model is sexy playing a webcam slut.

"Danse 10"

Dance piece choreographed by Dave St-Pierre of "Bare Naked Souls" fame.

Clara Furey: Carole Laure's daughter showing where she gets her boobs from.

Furey and Celine Bonnier: topless in pantyhose but with no panties.

"Seeing Things"

episode: "Eye of the Beholder" (1987)

S.J. Fellowes aka Sarah Jane Fellowes: sort of nude getting up after massage.

Related Hefmag cover: S.J. Fellowes holds the distinction of being the only Canadian model who made the cover of the Hefner magazine without having to pose for  an accompanying beaver spread.

"Dress To Kill"

More from the latest issue of the Quebec magazine.

Caroline Dhavernas

Karine Vanasse

Laurence Leboeuf


Nicole Holness. Sister of actress Karen Holness. Both of them are singers and she's just as sexy as Karen.

Deborah Cox

Paulina Gretzky removed all her naughty pictures from her twitter account
when her father Wayne Gretzky objected, even though being 22 years old she's well above the age of consent by puck bunny standards. And the photos are not nearly as revealing as her mother Janet Jones bare-assed photos in the hefmag magazine back in 1987.

Lydia Hearst photoshoot

Karlie Kloss photoshoot

Maria Izquierdo and Javiera Diaz de Valdes in Sexo con Amor (2003)

Sigrid Alegria, Catalina Guerra, Carolina Oliva, Berta Lasala in Sexo con Amor

Toni Collette in Velvet Goldmine (1998)