Never Let Me Go

This is a drama with a sci-fi premise. In an alternate world, children are raised to provide replacement parts. No, it's nothing like The Island. That was essentially an action movie. This is essentially a hand-wringing tragedy. It was praised by many critics, but the damned thing was so poetic, sensitive, and melancholy that I just couldn't face more than 17 minutes of it and fast-forwarded to Keira Knightley's sex scene, which is so freakin' dark and coy that you can't see jack. And to make it worse, the quality of the clip sucks. In other words, I got nothin'. Sorry.


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Michelle Williams film clips (samples below)










Gillian Anderson in 1080p! Collages below:





Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette. This came back up to the front burner because she mentioned in a recent interview that this was her butt, not a body double's.


And here's the same little minx in All Good Things

Some people say that this chick, Christine, is actually the girl in the Miley Cyrus nude pic.

Lara Harris in A Friend of the Family

Naomi Campbell

Brooke Peaches in Among Dead Men (2008)



Film Clips

Lorri Bagley in Tommy Boy (1995; sample below)

Louise Cliffe in Wrong Turn 3 (2009; sample below)

Emma Clifford, also in Wrong Turn 3 (sample below)

Anna Arlanova in Greek Holidays (2010; sample below)

Susan Blakely's legendary beaver shoot in Capone (samples below)