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The Ballad of Little Jo


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Terminator Salvation


This fourth film in the Terminator series may not please all fans, since it is told from the exact opposite viewpoint of the first three, but it is still decent Sci-Fi that furthers the storyline.

The first three movies told of Terminators being sent to the present from the future by John Connor to save the life of his mother, and later his own life. In 2018, John was leading a resistance battling a machine called Skynet that had taken over the world and planned to extinguish all humans. It had sent back terminators to make sure he would never exist. While there were a few short glimpses into a dreadful future, basically, all three movies were based in the present.

In Terminator Salvation, the time is 2018, and we follow John as he fights Skynet, and also fights to ensure his own future, because Skynet is looking for the man that John sent back first, Kyle Reese, who as it turned out was John's father, in order to eliminate him, thereby eliminating John.

There is no single Terminator to battle in this one, rather a whole raft of them, in various shapes and sizes, but the movie does fill in some plot holes from the previous three, and while it is my least favorite of the bunch, it still wasn't bad. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Moon Bloodgold




another Johnny Moronic re-do in better quality

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Janine Turner in A Secret Affair

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Caroline Brunner in Alias

Caroline Laurence in La Venus a Lulu

Erika Smith in iMurders (the other woman in this lesbian scene, in lingerie, is Miranda Kwok)

Lynda Weismeier in Evil Town




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