Purely by coincidence, it ended up a Susan Sarandon day here at the FH!


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Bull Durham


Scoop's notes:

A movie generally loved by guys, whether they love baseball or not. Arguably the greatest baseball movie, although chicks prefer The Natural, Bull Durham encompasses and embraces all the things we love about sports: competition, honor, fellowship, groupies, and lots of laughter. If I were in charge of the IMDB Top 250, this one would probably make the cut. Not in the top fifty, but in there somewhere.

IMDb ranks it 6th among the baseball films.

Rank Title Rating Votes
1 61* (2001) (TV) 7.8 6694
2 Field of Dreams (1989) 7.6 36978
3 Sandlot, The (1993) 7.4 14545
4 The Natural (1984) 7.4 14662
5 Eight Men Out (1988) 7.2 7271
6 Bad News Bears, The (1976) 7.0 6361
6 Bull Durham (1988) 7.0 15748


I would rank it first, although I like the others. (I have not seen The Sandlot.) It has more of an insider feel, and weaves together real baseball with real life better than the others. Plus it has a sense of humor and Susan Sarandon nekkid.

My ranking of the best fake baseball swings:

1. Tom Jane. Guy must be a helluva actor and a helluva athlete, because he never played the game before learning to mimic the great Mantle himself.

2. Costner and Redford. Those guys looked like they could play. Redford actually did play college ball, if I remember right.

Best fake pitchers:

Pitching is harder to fake. Because of the strained, unnatural overhand motion and the all-or-nothing hip thrust, it's something that strains even the guys who do it for a living, and it's virtually impossible for anyone else to do.  I've seen a ton of baseball movies, and was only impressed by one actor playing a pitcher: Charlie Sheen, who looked like he could really bring it iff'n he had to. If you're a macho actor, don't take a pitching role, because almost all actors look inauthentic and some look like total girlie men when they try to pitch. (David Straithairn, Ronald Reagan, Ray Milland ... etc)

Enough talk. Let's get to the tits:

Susan Sarandon film clips. These are 1920x1080, which is as big as it gets in this crazy world.








This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's entry: Christine Citti in Pekin Central







Hot Club California

Angela Davies









enter the DragonScan

Battle Queen

Julie Strain








It's finally time for season two of the Aussie series about sex workers.

Film clip Sample collage
Boyana Novakovic
Madeleine West






Notes and collages


Jodie Foster

Scoop's notes:

One of her greatest roles, and an underrated film at 6.2 at IMDb. Could be MUCH higher. Jodie earned her fourth Oscar nomination for this film. She had won two of the previous three, and was 2 for 2 as a leading actress, but she lost this one to Jessica Lange in Blue Sky. I don't remember what I thought at the time, but in retrospect I believe it should have been Jodie's award.








Nell McAndrew. The thumbnail is deceptive. There is nudity. It's camouflaged by body paint.

Sarandon again, at 59, still sexy for an old biddy.


Film Clips

First up, the "energetic sex" trilogy:

Next, a tribute to Russian star Mariya Shalayeva

Euroflick legend Sydne Rome in Creezy (Although she has spent almost all of her adult life in Italy, she's actually an American, born and raised in Ohio.)