"Young Doctors in Love"

Young Doctors in Love (1982) is a General Hospital spoof in the tradition of Airplane and Naked Gun. Ebert didn't find the subject of hospitals amusing, and awarded 2 stars. IMDb voters have it at 5.0. I thought it was the funniest thing I had seen all year, and was laughing out loud through most of it. It takes place in City Hospital, where a groups f interns have been assigned to a real asshole of a chief surgeon and medical director of the hospital. The main plot centers around a relationship between a brilliant but totally insensitive wannabe Beverly Hills surgeon, Michael McKean, and Sean Young as a daughter of a country doctor who dreams of reviving her fathers mostly charity practice. Naturally, the two end up together.

Major sub-pots include an intern who is holding down two other jobs to pay for school and romances nurse Pamela Reed because she has the key to the drug cabinet, and a Mafia Don and the hitman sent to whack him. The hitman is tortured by medical science the entire film. The Don's son (Hector Elizondo) dresses in drag as a disguise, and has a relationship with another of the male interns. There are many running gags, such as the repeated testing of of the controls for a hospital bed with a patient in it, oversexed candy stripers, and PA announcements.

We have lengthy breast exposure from former Heffer (Jan 1982) Kimberly McArthur and Peggy Trentini. Watch for Demi Moore, Ed Begley Jr, Frank Pesce, Dabney Coleman, Harry Dean Stanton, Michael Richards and a host of cameos from Soap Stars. Sean Young looked great, and pulled off the romantic lead. The standout performance was from Pamela Reed as the "plain" nurse Sprockett, guardian of the drugs.

Perfect comedic timing made virtually every gag work, some of the lines are sidesplittingly funny, and there are five hilarious things going on behind the main action at all times. I will admit that I have a weakness for films of this nature. Judging by the comments at IMDb, I am not the only one. I suppose the key question to ask yourself is whether or not you can find hospitals and medical situations funny. For me, this was an A+, but the proper score is C. Some genre lovers will adore it, others will not care for it.

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  • Kimberly McArthur (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • Peggy Trentini (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


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    Alexander (2004):

    I'm not sure which film holds the record for "most money lost", but this baby is going to give it a good run. With a production budget of $155 million, plus another $60 million in marketing and distro expenses, it is not far behind Titanic in cost, but seems destined to finish with about a $40-$50 million gross. The individual theaters get about half of the gross, so the investors will be left holding the bag for nearly two hundred million dollars! They will make some of that up with DVD sales, cable rights, overseas rights, and rentals, but that will still leave a gaping hole in someone's pocketbook.

    Anyway, Rosario Dawson's nude scene is damned hot. Sadly, the quality of the clip is awful. In fact, this clip could not be much worse (or much greener), but at least it serves to demonstrate what we can look forward to on DVD (or at the theaters, if you're that curious!)


    8 Days a Week (1997):

    Cute, forgotten film.

    Writer/director Mike Davis has a specialty story, and it goes like this: the sincere, articulate, sensitive but insecure guy pursues true love with the incredibly hot girl of his dreams, who is also his soul mate. His idealism is contrasted to the carnal appetites of a best friend who denies the existence of true love and lives only to pursue the perfect orgasm. The dream-girl is very sweet, but she's currently overlooking our nerdy hero to pursue a relationship with a shallow but studly asshole. Our hero is undeterred by the competition, and undistracted by obstacles and temptations. It is true love, after all, so he is completely steadfast in his idealistic pursuit, for nothing can prevent him from winning his true love's hand.

    Throughout his career, Davis has worked that premise from several different angles. In this particular version, Peter, our quixotic hero, spends the entire summer camped on the front lawn of his neighbor, Erica. She has been Peter's best friend since childhood but takes no notice of him since she grew up into a major babe and started to notice football players. Peter didn't plan to take such dramatic action, but he was urged to by a story from his grandfather. It seems that back in Italy their mutual ancestor was not noticed by his own true love, so he decided to stand under her balcony until she came down and loved him back. He did and she did. The scene in 19th century Italy was shown in sepia tone, with the lovers played by the same two actors.

    (If you hadn't noticed, the Italian balcony story is a tribute to the film classic Cinema Paradiso. The author is obviously a major film fan, and sprinkles this story with cute references to several films. You musn't miss Peter's dowdy parents acting out the door-smashing scene from Body Heat.)

    The dream girl does not immediately respond to Peter's attentions. In fact, as you might expect, she finds his stalking to be flattering but also slightly creepy. Were he not a lifelong friend, she'd probably be calling the police. Her parents don't mind at all, however, since they like sweet, comfortable Peter much better than the creepy football player with the hot car. Peter's horny friend informs him quite correctly that no guy has ever been able to woo a hot babe if her parents like him, so he concocts a plan to defy her religious parents and cause Erica to see him in a different light.

    While he baits his hook from her front lawn, he has a chance to observe the comings and goings of everyone in the neighborhood. Since he has too much time to kill, he forms some mistaken impressions of his neighbors' activities, often imputing malicious intent where none is warranted, as if he were a Hitchcock character. Peter's runaway imagination gives the author a chance to make some funny and rich observations about the difference between appearances and reality, but the important thing about this is device is that it allows Peter to learn that people are far more complex and wonderful than they seem on the surface.

    As time goes on, Erica starts to talk to Peter, they bond  ... well, it doesn't matter, does it? You always know how these nerd-pursues-babe stories are going to end (except maybe for The Last American Virgin), so the important thing for you to know is whether the situations, observations, and jokes make it worth getting there.

    In this case, they do.

    I like this film, always have. It shows a lot of genuine wit, a true understanding the uneasy balance between idealism and raging hormones in adolescence, and an embracing compassion for its characters, even some minor ones. Mike Davis writes some intelligent and witty observations which come through in the dialogue and in the hero's voice-overs.

    If you like coming-of-age comedies; if you enjoyed American Pie, "The Wonder Years", and "Pete and Pete"; you had better rent this as soon as you can, because it may be the best of its kind that you have not seen.

    With all the crap that is available on DVD in the States, I'll be damned if I can figure out why this little gem is not. If you live in England or Europe, you can order it from Amazon UK

    • Keri Russell. Is she cute, or what? As far as I know, this represents the sum total of her public nudity. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    • Catherine Hicks. She was once a babe her ownself. She looked just fine here, too, even though in her mid 40s. She was the "Stifler's mom" of the film, and she was a ripe MILF indeed.



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    When Will I Be Loved? (2004)

    Another beautiful clip from Shiloh. He sent in a compressed .avi made from a raw DVD cap. Raw DVD caps are not in a correct A/R - they are always 3:2. I took that and adjusted it to the right aspect ratio for this film. The result is a zipped .wmv that is not very far from DVD quality, so enjoy Neve Campbell showering, again and again. This is one clean girl.



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    Words, pictures, and vids from ICMS

    Silvester Countdown (1997)

    I don't know much about German actress Marie Zielcke, except that she can make a lot of noise. I suggest that you close your windows and turn the volume of your speakers down before you download clip #1, unless you want your neighbors to think you're having a good time of course. Clips 2>5 don't require such treatment although things seem odd here. All clips come from the 1997 film "Silvester Countdown", early in Marie's career.
    Crimson Ghost
    NOTE: We currently have to do all of our movie files in zip format. Instead of viewing them online, save the zip files to your hard drive in the directory of your choice, un-zip and play from there.

    A few assorted video clips from the Ghost today. Zipped .wmvs as usual.

    • Andaluz Russell, topless in a very brief scene from the not-so-great 1989 movie, "The Assassin".

    • Milla Jovovich, briefly baring all as she gets out of the shower in a scene from the Samuel L. Jackson movie, "No Good Deed" aka "The House on Turk Street".

    • Rebecca Perle, another brief topless scene. Here is Perle playing the role of "Student in shower" in a scene from the 1986 Clint Eastwood movie "Heartbreak Ridge".

    • Tracy Camilla Johns shows rear nudity and just a bit of breast exposure in a sex scene from "New Jack City" (1991).

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:


    Here are a few quickies of some personal favorites.

    First up, Elisabeth Shue wearing a see-thru bra in scenes from "The Trigger Effect".

    • Elisabeth Shue (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Then we take one more trip in the ol' time machine back to 1980 for these 'caps of Jamie Lee Curtis in an open blouse (with white bra and cleavage) in "Prom Night".

    • Jamie Lee Curtis (1, 2, 3)

    Jack Snow
    'Caps from German TV and comments by Jack Snow.

    First up, "Terminator 3" babe Kristanna Loken showing partial side breast views in scenes from the first part of "Die Nibelungen" aka "The Ring of the Nibelungs".

    Next...the 1981 German movie "Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull" featured lots more skin, provided by Despina Pajanou and Franziska Walser, who went topless, and Marie Colbin, who showed off some full frontal nudity.

    Last but not least....A bit of skin was shown on a recent episode of "Verschollen". Both Katrin Brockmann and Alexandra Sydow show some side view toplessness.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself"
    Pancho Villa has been called a revolutionary hero. He's also been called a murderer, bandit, and outlaw, but perhaps another label also applied: con man. This 2003 quasi-documentary by HBO purports to tell the (kinda) true story of Villa's alliance with the 1920's silent film industry, an alliance which helped Villa finance his revolution against the leaders of Mexico. It undoubted contains a lot of fiction, but the basic facts are true, because in fact famed Producer D. W. Griffith did indeed stage-manage and produce films of actual battles that Villa and his men participated in.

    As the film makers follow Villa in his battles, events are staged and battles fought during the daytime (when the light is good), in order to allow filming. Villa is glamorized and in return receives money to fight his war.

    Not a bad docu-drama, although draggy in parts. How much of this is true is questionable, because although the making of the film did indeed happen, the film itself has been lost so there isn't much factual evidence around to support the events in the movie.

    This movie was capped on request, for a Alexa Davalos fan. She didn't show much in this, but she still looks great.

    Johnny Moronic
    Jonnny Moronic takes a look at everyone's favorite made-for-cable show about lesbians..."The L Word".

    Today's batch features scenes from episodes 1-3.

    • Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman. Lots of lesbo lovin' in these 'caps. The only breast exposure can be found in link #3. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    • Sarah Cole Burnett, serious pokies.

    • Leisha Hailey and Guinevere Turner, lesbian make-out scenes, but no nudity.

    • Laurel Holloman, topless.

    • Mia Kirshner plenty of toplessness in sex scenes with a dude. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    • Mia Kirshner and Karina Lombardm both topless (mostly Mia) in a lesbian love scene. (1, 2, 3, 4)

    • Katherine Moennig. All 3 B's while swimming nekkid. (1, 2)

    Jessica Simpson
    (1, 2)

    Here are two sneak previews of Simpson as Daisy Duke from the set of the upcoming big screen remake of "The Dukes of Hazzard" starring Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville as the Duke boys, Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg and Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse. Look for it in theaters next summer.

    Paola Senatore
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the Italian actress going topless in scenes from "L'Infermiera di notte" (1979).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    $10,000 MARTINI
    The Bar Bill Leaves You Shaken, Not Stirred - Continuing the Manhattan competition to charge the world's highest prices, the Algonquin Hotel is offering a $10,000 martini. The vodka, vermouth and olives are the same as in a regular martini, but the "ice" is a big diamond from the hotel jeweler. It's called the "Martini On The Rock." The manager admits they haven't sold one yet, but they are hoping wealthy men who are looking for a unique way to propose will order it.

  • Or better yet, a wealthy Saudi man, who'll order up to four.
  • Either that, or a wealthy, desperate alcoholic.
  • Without the diamond, it's only $9,000.
  • Someone will order the $10,000 martini, choke on the diamond, then sue for $10 million.
  • Their Appletini has a $5,000 Apple Computer in it.

    Bond, James Bond...Bitch! - The London Daily Telegraph reports that the producers of the James Bond series are considering Colin Salmon, a tall, deep-voiced actor who has already played M's chief of staff, to be the first black 007. They reportedly want to update the stale franchise with a new direction, and a hard-boiled thriller plot with fewer gadgets and explosions and a black James Bond would show they're really serious about it.

  • They could even give James Bond a new name, like, say, "Shaft".
  • Or they could just pay a good screenwriter.
  • Instead of getting a gadget-filled BMW from Q, he'd go to the guys from "Pimp My Ride."
  • Move over vodka martini...make room for a 40 of Old English!