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Johnny's comments:

Lovelace is a biopic about notorious porn star Linda Lovelace (Amanda Seyfried), who became famous for her starring role in the most well-known porn movie, Deep Throat. Beginning with Linda as a shy 21 year-old who is spotted dancing at a roller skating rink by Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard), a man who apparently runs a restaurant, but it becomes clear that he is really a low level shyster. As Chuck introduces Linda to a whole new world of sexual inhibition, he attempts to get her into the porn industry. Although a terrible actress and not quite measuring up to the standards in regards to her figure, it seems Linda has one special skill that is noticed by film-makers Butchie Peraino (Bobby Cannavale) and Gerry Damiano (Hank Azaria). So, Linda becomes a star after the release of Deep Throat. But, there is an underlying dark side in the relationship between Linda and Chuck that is never seen in the bright lights of showbiz.

Lovelace is a distinctly underwhelming retelling of the life of Linda Lovelace that only seems to scratch the surface of what Linda went through. In fact, the movie is split into two halves where the apparent myth is shown first, followed by a retelling of key moments as they apparently happened. Even this seems only cursory and I get the feeling Chuck Traynor was much worse than he is portrayed in this movie. And if this is really Linda's life, it's actually pretty uninteresting, she seems to have had one moment in the sun, which is only highlighted here, then moved on after leaving Chuck, hardly compelling enough for a 90 minute movie that feels like it's padding as is. I keep hearing that Linda Lovelace's story was a horrible one and I'm sure it was, but Lovelace is a lousy way to show it. Wasn't there going to be another Lovelace biopic starring Lindsay Lohan attempted to be made at the same time? Wonder how that would've gone ...

At least we get some good nudity from Amanda Seyfried. I quite like her even in those forgettable genre movies that she makes. In Lovelace, she's pretty well cast and does alright with not a lot to work with. It's not her fault the movie isn't interesting enough.

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