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The Secret in Their Eyes



This drama about an unsolved crime was filmed in Buenos Aires and is the most recent winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Other honors:

  • It is rated in the IMDb Top 250.
  • It was nominated for 17 academy awards by the Argentinean film academy, and won 13, including all the major ones.
  • It was also nominated for nine Goyas (Spanish academy awards), including Best Picture, and it won two of those, including best Spanish-language foreign film.

Carla Quevedo film clips (samples below)






Rene Bond in "Sleazy 70s Stags"

Uschi Digard in "Sleazy 70s Stags"

Candy Samples in "Sleazy 70s Stags"

Milla Jovovich in the original Resident Evil in HQ (2002)



Film Clips

Michelle Fairley in Comics (1993; sample below)

Marie Trintignant in A Summer Night in Town in 720p (1990; sample below)

Isabelle Carre double feature: Cliente (2008, age 35) and Se Souvenir des Belles Choses (2001, age 28)

Lori Jo Hendrix triple feature: A Sensuous Summer (1991, age 20), Heavenly Hooters (1997, age 26), and Stolen Hearts (also 1997)

Gabrielle Lazure in La Belle captive (1983)

Deborah "Blondie" Harry in Videodrome in 720p (1983)

Charlie Spradling in Mirror Mirror (1990)

Jessica Pare, many years ago, in Stardom. (2000) She was 18. These days she's about to marry Don Draper in Mad Men, or at least that was the year-end cliffhanger. Although she's nearly 30 now, she still looks about the same. As she demonstrated in Hot Tub Time Machine, her chest is still primo.