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Midnight Heat



Midnight Heat (1996), also known as "Blackout" and "A.K.A" is an B-level actioner starring the former football phenom known as The Boz, real name Brian Bosworth. The film opens as he is leaving his job as an extremely muscle-bound but nonetheless mild-mannered bank manager, and is hit. He awakes with memory loss. He doesn't recognize his gorgeous wife or their palatial home, but keeps having nightmares about a darker existence having to do with prison, white supremacist tattoos, and violence. When his wife is killed and an attempt is made on his life, he has enough clues to send him to L.A. There he teams up with a spunky cocktail waitress to solve the mystery and wipe out a huge nasty gang, as only a  mild-mannered bank manager can.

The acting could have been better, and the film really could have used a lot more nudity. The story is not bad, if a little obvious in that I think most will guess the ending long before the credits roll.

On the other hand, the flick is rarely seen and the action is fast-paced, hence of interest to some and an easy watch for those who are curious.

It is only available on DVD from in a region-free fullscreen transfer.

Midnight Heat


Azalea Davila, in a flashback, shows breasts.












Buried Alive



The Time Machine is parked today so we can look at one of this year's horror movies.

Lindsay Scott has the only nudity of note, showing breasts getting it on with her boyfriend and a topless romp through the woods.


Erin Lokitz with a brief naked shot from the rear.







Notes and collages


Mathilda May


The numbering is explained by the fact that this group represents a few more Rok wanted to add to his previous efforts on this flick.







Occhi di Cristallo

A serial killer is terrorizing the city, slaughtering with no mercy and no small amount of creativity. Hot on the trail is Inspector Giacomo Amaldi (Luigi Lo Cascio), who quickly notices a pattern to the killings: each time, a different body part is removed and replaced with the equivalent part of a mannequin. The body count is increasing, however, and the killer's identity remains a mystery. The investigation takes an interesting turn when it appears that a colleague with a brain tumor just might know the all the answers to the questions Amaldi is looking for.


Lucia Jimenez


Borislava Kostadinova









Debrah Farantino

Nicole Kidman







Deadly Skies

 (2005) (TV)


Holly Eglington (Naked News) and Terri Anne Welyki (Hollow Man II) have a topless lesbian sex scene in thisotherwise forgettable brokeback sci-fi movie.

Holly and Teri Anne



"The L Word" -  Season 5


Carrie Colak: nipply in wet t-shirt.
Chelsea Hobbs: nice bikini.
Ulla Friis: buns in thong.
Caroline Cave: brassiere making out with Mia.



The Pedestrian



Dull foot fetish movie but Wendy Anderson shows her buns.



"Terminal City"




Award winning miniseries about breast cancer where Maria Del Mar finally goes topless.
Stellina Rusich also has a nude scene as an older woman who seduces her teenage son.




"C.A. - Conseil d'administration"



French Canadian television series with a lot of sex and nudity.

In episode "Le trip a trois" Julie-Anne Cote plays a very naughty cheerleader.



Living Death


No nudity but Kelsey Matherson shows what a nice rack she has while on the rack (and a nice upskirt too).



Harrison Bergeron

(1995) (TV)

Andrea Martin of SCTV fame down to her bra and panties in this sci-fi comedy from a Vonnegut story.



Ham & Cheese


Jennifer Baxter shows cleavage in brassiere while


Ellen-Ray Hennessy shows her buns during orgy.








No fun here, but this 2006 docu-drama provides an interesting look at serial killer husband and wife Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka (Laura Prepon), who in the early 1990's kidnapped, tortured, sexually molested, and murdered several young women in Canada. As was later discovered, prior to his marriage, Bernardo was also a serial rapist who was known as the Scarborough Rapist.

The movie delves into the relationship of the pair, and explores Homolka's claims that she was physically abused by her husband both before and after their marriage, and was actually another of his victims. It also presents the prosecution's view that she was an active and willing participant in the murders. She got a greatly reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against her husband.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre aspects of this case is that Homolka participated in the death of her younger sister, who died of an overdose after being loaded with pet tranquilizer so that Bernardo could "have a virgin". Although the plan had only been to knock her out so that Bernardo could have his way with her, they gave her so much that she never woke up.

This is a fascinating movie, and as tasteful as possible given the subject. I considered it a very worthwhile look at the dark side of people.


Laura Prepon






AJ Khan in SSI
Angelina Havusinner in SSI
Frankie Babe in SSI
Lexi Martinez in SSI
McKenzie Matthews in SSI
Natalie Heck in SSI
Rachel Travers in SSI
Robyn Hunter in SSI
Suzie Best in SSI
Amanda Ryan in Sparkle
Jacqylyn Moet in Tales from the Crypt
Marg Helgenberger in Tales from the Crypt
Mariel Hemingway in Tales from the Crypt
Michelle Johnson in Tales from the Crypt
Roya Megnot in Tales from the Crypt
Tina Bockrath in Tales from the Crypt
Vanity in Tales from the Crypt
Anette Maynard in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Eva Shubert in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Hajni Brown in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Magdalena Ryman in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Nicole Gyony in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Susanna Makay in Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy
Avolon and Pussy Cat in Hardrock
Christine in Hardrock
Unknown in Catacombs
Strippers in Irina Palms
Unknown in Infamous
Lucie Laurier in Nitro
Marie Helene Gendreau in Les Trois Petits Cochons






Edwige Fenech in The Policewoman Goes to NY, yet another in the cheesy series. Hey, who cares when you get to look at Edwige?

Jenny Agutter in Sweet William, a rarely-seen tidbit from the Agutter filmography. Check out a very young Sam Waterston. The clips are VHS quality. (No DVD available, to my knowledge.)

Here are Mr. Skin's caps from that film:

And here are his efforts from China 9, Liberty 37, another obscure Agutter offering:


Here's Jaime Murray's latest topless scene on Dexter (episode 10)

Sample right >>>>

Speaking of Agutter, here's a glam look at her clone, Michelle Trachtenberg, whose work I've liked since she was a little kid playing the neighbor on Pete and Pete. She grew up very nicely.

(Take a look at pictures of a young Agutter, and you'll see what I mean about the cloning.)

Weird fact for the day: Trachtenberg speaks fluent Russian.

Assorted pictures of a young Heather Mills McCartney doing various naughty things.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Vladimir Putin's party won an overwhelming victory in Russia, but there are already charges of election fraud and calls for investigations.  Some people claim they were forced to vote, or ordered to vote absentee at their school or workplace where they might lose their jobs or scholarships if they didn't vote for Putin.  Some said Putin voters were promised drawings to win TVs and refrigerators.  Some claimed that nobody at their polls was preventing people from voting two or three times.  There was even a report of someone getting a ballot that was already filled out.

*  Florida voters think that sounds incredibly convenient. 

*  Putin held a vote on whether there'd be an investigation, and 114 percent of the population voted "no." 

Here's a new cure for erectile dysfunction: pomegranate juice.  The juice is higher than tea or wine in antioxidants that raise levels of
nitric oxide.  That relaxes blood vessel walls, allowing more blood flow to the penis, similar to the way Viagra works.  In a UCLA study, men age 21 to 70 with sexual problems drank a glass of pomegranate juice every day for a month, and nearly half reported that it became easier for them to "rise to the occasion." 

*  Except the 70-year-olds, who had to keep rising to go pee. 

*  Of course, that was the half who were using it to wash down their Viagra pills. 

Another environmental menace: bagpipes.  Scots are being asked
to fund the planting of more African trees used for bagpipe wood because the intensive harvesting is wiping them out.

*  And what a tragedy it would be if the bagpipe tree went extinct!

Siegfried & Roy quit their Las Vegas magic show in 2003 after Roy Horn was nearly killed onstage by a tiger, but they are now hinting that they might return.  But Horn told the Vegas Review-Journal, "A good magician never lets the cat out of the bag."

*  This will help ease the chronic shortage of overproduced magic shows in Las Vegas. 

An official in Thailand accused some Parliamentary candidates of trying to buy the votes of elderly men by passing out free Viagra.

* They were just trying to get the polls up.


Stocks of Beluga caviar are so low that the price has shot up 50 percent in the last month, to $570 (US) an ounce, and suppliers are warning that it may rise more or even run out by Christmas.

* Drat!  Now what will I leave in the kids' stockings?