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I never have quite figured out why Sean Young keeps getting work. She is a limited performer, she is reputed to be impossible to work with, she is a 40 year old woman still playing emotional teenagers, and although she is lovely, she is not THAT lovely. So what is the deal? Does she keep some dark secret of somebody very important, like Rob Reiner's inflatable penis in "EdTV"? Beats ne. This movie seems to have been written for a 20 year old, but Sean was 37-38 when she played the part. Granted she looks younger, but ...... ???????

Anyway, it is a cliched and pointless movie about a woman who wants to sample love's offerings before deciding. Then when she decides, the guy gets run over by a truck, or she woke up and it was all a dream, or something like that. I've already forgotten, and I just watched it yesterday. I think he was killed in a drive-by shooting. The strange thing is that after sampling every man in the world, she finally decides on some goofy-lookin' inelegant moronic druggie dufus with a muddled sexual identity and bisexual druggie friends. The guy makes Kramer look as handsome as Pierce Brosnan, as keen as Basil Rathbone, as elegant as David Niven. Oh, you get the point. Plus, the guy makes Hunter Thompson seem comprehensible in comparison.

The movie jumps from pointless vignette to pointless vignette. Only John Heard brings any sympathy and charm to his character. Several of the minor characters seem to serve no purpose at all - they are introduced and then dropped. This is just a really poor movie. The actress Karen Black wrote the script. Let's hope she was just practicing, or drunk, or something.

The good news? Nudity, and plenty of it. Rent it and make liberal use of that fast-forward button. They are all Sean Young. She still has a perfect butt.

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One Fish, Two Fish
wrote his own commentary today:

Nude for Satan, part 2. Iolanda Mascitti has all of the fun in this film. She gets whipped, stabbed with an ugly knife, has a lesbian fantasy scene, and shows off in a hundred other ways. She only has this credit in IMDB, but I suspect she has done other work under different names. Perhaps one of the readers will recognize her. This DVD transfer was better than the usual standard for Foreign films. Sub-titles were optional, there were both original Italian and dubbed English sound tracks, and they made some effort to clean the dropouts from the old original film. I wish they would adopt this as the rule for Foreign DVD conversions.

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Scoop's comments: I suppose it must be hard to stay dressed for satan. I mean if you go out with the lord of friggin darkness, you really don't expect to escape your first date with a gentle good-night kiss now, do you? It must be a lot like dating Mike Tyson. Or Bill Clinton.

Blinky's search focuses today on Chandra North again. The last one was my favorite.

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Helcrom is back with some more cinematic masterpieces. I wonder if Thomas Edison had The Sexecutioner in mind when he started to assemble his first moving pictures. A little known fact is that Ol' Tom himself was known as The Sexecutioner when he was around the ladies. You can really learn a lot here, none of it true.

Gillian Anderson in The X-Files (non-nude) Rosanna Arquette tub scene in "Trading Favors" Vanessa Blair in "I'm Watching You" Jamaica Charley in "The Sexecutioner". Emily Dale in "The Sexecutioner" Carole Davis in "The Rapture" Diane Lane in "Vital Signs" !!!!!! Dawn Lori in "I'm Watching You" Jacqueline Lovell in "I'm Watching You" Stephanie Menuez in "The Rapture" Mimi Rogers in "The Rapture" Elisabeth Shue in "Cousin Bette" more Elisabeth Shue Kari Wuhrer in "Beyond Desire"

Tuesday's girl: Jo.(#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

The Sun also ran a "Page Three Gold" a babe of yesteryear. This is Linda Lusardi

Another pic of Nicola Willoughby, who is still being allowed to represent the UK in Miss World. The Sun says it's due to them running yesterday's story and everyone feeling sorry for her. It's total bullshit. The Sun are usually the ones exposing such pictures, but on the odd occasions they don't get there first, they bound in like a white knight saying how unjust it is, what the other papers have done. And so still get a story. Note although they thought it was terrible having her pics dug up like that, it didn't stop them showing her nude on a full page 3 yesterday and a small nude version today.

Finally, a Jodie gallery

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PLUS Fred specializes in "outing" the harder action from the wholesome girls of Page Three and Playboy Newsstand Specials. Here are today's comments:

"This is Page Three and playboy model Abigail Toyne, but not as she has been seen in either Playboy or Page Three."

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The Archivist also does some similar research. Here's his thoughts for the day.

"I got home earlier than expected tonight and had time to find and scan a selected few images from pictorials of both Judi Jaeger and Karen White. There are 4 of Judi and 3 of Karen (the Karen pics are larger so I scanned fewer of them and found selecting which Judi ones to include harder). The Judi ones come from Club (US) Holiday Issue 1995 and the Karen ones from Hawk October 1997 issue. Judi is called Judy, but Karen and her partner are called Cynthia and Angie! You'll have to take my word for it that pic 2 shows Karen's pussy and not the other girl's - it hinges on the moles and the type of panties! I've seen the other girl elsewhere, but I don't know anything specific about her. Judi has bigger, more pendulous breasts relative to her size than Karen and her areolae are also considerably bigger. On reviewing Fred's pics, particularly the last one, I think you'll agree that they show Judi and Claire, rather than Karen and Claire." Judi (#1, #2, #3, #4) Karen (#1, #2, #3)

Aussie This is probably the find of the day. Footage of Maria Bello in "Permanent Midnight". Many of these frames were not in the American release or the Region 1 DVD. The


More on those Aussie soccer girls who posed naked. A team pose from Yard Dog, and a couple of individual girls scanned by Rossol out of a newspaper in Finland! Man, those Finns are really on top of this stuff. They beat Woodward and Bernstein when it comes to naked soccer girls.

da team Amy Taylor Bridgette Starr

Jimmy the Saint

His Holiness returns with some more rare Euro-treats.

Isabelle Renauld in "The Prefect Love" Kimber Riddle in "Guy", Veronica Ferres in "Die Braut"

  • Two excellent collages from FR. Deborah Cox in "Nobody's Supposed To"
  • Cox
  • ABYS presents Sharon Stone in "The Specialist".
  • more Stone
  • a re-edit of one of Blinky's Chandra North pics. Excellent reworking.
  • Leslie Easterbrook in "Police Academy 4" (Don Juan)