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Kathy Bates 1080hd film clip


Heroes was a sci fi series made for four seasons from 2006 to 2009. It is about a group of people, the 'heroes', who find that they each have a superhuman ability. How the heroes cope with and use their abilities is at the essence of the show.

For the FH, there is no visible nudity, although Ali Larter gets close.

Season 1

Chapter One 'Genesis' (2006)

Ali Larter - underwear

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back' (2006)

Ali Larter - underwear

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (2006)

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Chapter Four 'Collision' (2006)

Ali Larter - underwear

Hayden Panettiere - nice

Chapter Five 'Hiros' (2006)

Ali Larter - sexy

Hayden Panettiere - nice

Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' (2006)

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' (2007)

Missi Pyle - cleavage

Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone' (2007)

Ali Larter - underwear

Season 2

Chapter Three 'Kindred' (2007)

Rachel Kimsey - sexy

Season 4 - some 'funny' episode/chapter numbers with this lot.

Chapter One 'Orientation' (2009)

Dawn Olivieri - sexy

Madeline Zima - nice

Chapter Two 'Jump, Push, Fall' (2009)

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Madeline Zima - sexy

Chapter Three 'Acceptance' (2009)

Ali Larter - underwear

Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness' (2009)

Hayden Panettiere - sexy, and that kiss

Madeline Zima - nice, and that kiss

Chapter Eight 'Shadowboxing' (2009)

Hayden Panettiere - sexy

Madeline Zima - nice

Chapter Nine 'Brother's Keeper' (2009)

Ali Larter - underwear

Hayden Panettiere - cleavage

Deux silences

(2011; aka Another Silence)
Quebec/Argentina co-production.

Marie-Josee Croze: pokies, cleavage, fully-clothed sex.

Ailin Salas: pokies, partial breast possibly by breastfeeding double.

Martina Juncadella: sexy.

Abrir puertas y ventanas

(2001; aka Back to Stay aka Trois soeurs)

Argentine film about 3 sisters starring Ailin Salas, Martina Juncadella and Maria Canale. To be released to DVD in France next February.


die series
Canadian cable series with a lot of nudity but airing only in Germany.And if and when it airs in Canada the nudity will be removed like what happened to the World Without End miniseries on Showcase.Schadenfreude.
Ivana Stojanovic: bare assed getting flogged.

Ieva Lucs: cleavage as dominatrix flogging Ivana.

Leela Savasta: cleavage in brassiere.

Samantha Farrow: topless.

Emily Coutts: topless.

Marina Tseva: topless.

"Primeval: New World"

episode: "Undone" (s1e05)
So the laboratory is equipped with a shower stall for shared showers but where's the water bed for having nookie afterwards?
Jodi Balfour: partial boob.

MuchMusic's "Love Court"

episode "Eric & Talia""
Another blind date episode for this game show. The male contestant must have paid good money to be on the show.
Talia Russo: bikini in body paint getting her J-Lo sized butt felt up
... then getting pearl necklace from the Incredible Hulk.

Natalie Gauvreau: cleavage in bikini as bodypaint coach.

"Fox After Breakfast"

Laurie Hibberd: Canadian expat showing a lot of leg and some upskirts

Candy Marie Bascoe

Last year bikini model and pole dance instructor Candy Marie Bascoe along with some other models walked topless on Toronto streets to raise awareness for breast cancer but any published topless photos were taken from behind or they covered up. Since then more revealing photos surfaced but it turns out they were all wearing nipple pasties.Candy Marie Bascoe is the most stacked woman standing next to Deal Or No Deal gameshow host Howie Mandel. That's Howie Does It.

"My First Hollywood Audition"

(youtube video)

Canadian actress Lindsay Ames re-enacted a typical casting couch session.

"Lost Legion"

(2013 tv series; trailer)
13-part series about Ancient Rome currently being made by czechsploitation director Lloyd Simandl who's upgrading his studio for high-def cameras. However some of the scenes in the trailer are from his previous work Caligula's Spawn.

Speaking of Czechsploitation.

Dominika Jandlova: czechsploitation actress is full frontal.


Film Clips

Shannyn Sossamon in The Day (2012), this time in 1080p

Maria Valverde in Tres metros sobre el cielo (2010) in 720p


Leslie Mann in This is 40! (2012) I reckon it is really her chest this time.

Marie-Ange Casta (Laetitia's sister) in Punk (2012)

Salma Hayek at a film festival last week

Sasha Grey from her naughtier days

Demi Moore in Penthouse Spain, March 1981. Until now, I was not aware of this spread. Some of these are the same as the well-known pics in Oui in January 1981, but some others are new to me. Demi appeared under the pseudonym Vivianne Pollentier.