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Part 1

Marie Liljedahl film clips

samples below

Scoop's note:

A very short career.

This was Marie's last film, but she had barely gotten started in the biz. She retired at 20! I read somewhere that she is still alive and well, living in Stockholm. According to IMDb, she was in Playboy in September 1966, when she would have been only 16.


(Notes on American Pie 7)

The fantasy girls are the "ladies of the evening" in the credits. They are (left to right in the first frame) Shannon Cotnam, Kristy Just, Keana Iwaskow, and Holly Eglington.




Miranda Kerr

Doutzen Kroes

Jezebelle Bond in an episode of The Voyeur

Amy Lindsay in an episode of The Voyeur

Katie Cassidy in Live!

Film Clips