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Just a silly, semi-censored clip of Whitney Cummings peeing (from Chelsea Lately)

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"House of Lies"

season two, 1920x1080

episode nine

Dawn Olivieri

Nia Long

"Almost Human"

episode: "Skin" (s1e02)

Second episode and there's more sexbots than Bender's bachelor party in a Futurama episode.

Darla Taylor: bra and panties.

Ella Thomas: bra and panties.

sexbots: bra and panties.

BONUS: (these women played some of the sexbots)

Mercy Saidi: discreet topless modeling photo.

Daniela Dib: pokies with heaving bosom.

"Lost Girl"


Ali Liebert & Zoie Palmer: nude lesbian scene but nothing shown.



Kendra Anderson: partial boob and buns falling out of her nightgown



episode: "Poison" (s1e08)

Agam Darshi: skivvies in opening sex scene.

Samantha Helt: getting gangbanged.

Laura Rowley: sexy as bartender.

Alli Vickers: bra and panties.


Lara Rowley: lingerie modeling photo.

Alli Vickers: : discreet topless modeling photo.

Samantha Helt: saucy instagram pics.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Hook, Line and Sinker"  (s5e07)

In this episode, Shannon Tweed returns with her real life daughter Sophie Simmons, the product of KISS Gene Simmons' loins.

Lola Tash: very sexy.

Rachel Skarsten: showing off a bit of cleavage.

Shannon Tweed: still sexy after all these years.

Sophie Simmons: sexy.



Jacqueline MacDonald: nude showering scene but showing nothing.

"Unite 9"

(le s2e11)

Catherine Proulx-Lemay: bra in lesbian scene, partial boob in the shower.

Myriam Cote: bra in lesbian scene.


(la english series)

English adaption of the French Quebec series to air on the Canadian Bravo network next year. Also to star Laurence Leboeuf in a role that feutured nudity in the French series.

Cynthia Lambion: sexy in modeling photo.  She's an extra in the series.


(TV series; trailer)

Series about female werewolf (Laura Vandervoort) to begin in the New Year.
Laura Vandervoort: in various states of undress.


"Doctor Who"

episode: "The Day of the Doctor" 
50th anniversary episode. In another 3 years there'll be one for Star Trek nerds.

Joanna Page: showing off her bountiful bosom as Queen Elizabeth I.

Metalheads: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil

(2008 video)

Another cheap and nasty exploitation flick by Bill Zebub.

Emily Thomas: buns and cleavage in bra and thong.

Kathy Rice: nude.

Jackie Stevens: nude.

Heidi Crawford: nude.


Kathy Rice: nude in blooper reel.

Jackie Stevens: explicit nude modelling photo.

The Last Letter


Christine Cattani: distant topless, brief nipple up close.

Ferron: boob and butt in shower.


(2004 short)

Mikela J. Mikael: topless.

T Is for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

(2011 short)

Lindsay Lyon: lingerie in sex scene.


(2003 short)

Christine Knight: sexy as hooker.

Trailer Park Boys III: Don't Legalize It


To be released next 4/20.

Krystle Luther: sexy modeling photo. She play's Julian's girlfriend.

Rob Ford Sex Video


Does not exist but regular newspapers have been using bogus news releases as an excuse to feature censored photographs of nude porn actresses.

The only such video is a Nailin' Pailin-type porn parody.

Rob Ford Sex Video: starring Rob Ford lookalike Peter Oh'Toole.

Brandy Aniston: she says she'd like to star with the Toronto Mayor in a porn video.


Olivia Scriven: some saucy instagram photos. She’s in a recent episode of Cracked.

Pacific Banana


Johnny's comments:

Starting to get back into the old Australian movies and can't believe I've sat on this one for as long as I have.

Pacific Banana is a 1980 bawdy sex comedy about Martin (Graeme Blundell), a pilot who has demoted after the owner's wife makes a play for him. He gets sent to co-pilot for the dodgy Banana Airlines with lothario pilot Paul (Robin Stewart from Bless This House). Also, thanks to the aforementioned incident and another one with her daughter, Martin has become impotent, which is about to become a major inconvenience. Martin has further problems with the youngest daughter Julia (Helen Hemingway from Patrick) who has fallen for Martin and keeps stowing away when he flies. Also on the flights are Paul's two women, Mandy and Sally (Alyson Best from Harlequin, bizarrely now out on Bluray and well known 70s model Deborah Gray), who are the stewardesses and are long suffering in love with Paul, who sleeps around all the time. Martin's impotency problem must be solved and Candy Bubbles (British model Luan Peters), who runs a local girls club has decided, with the help of her girls, to cure Martin of his problem. It's not going to be easy, but they're going to keep trying until he's cured. But, there's one girl who will solve his impotency are she's currently the bane of his existence... From notorious producer/director John D. Lamond (Nightmares, Fantasm, Felicity, Breakfast in Paris) and written by the writer of Alvin Purple, Pacific Banana was apparently supposed to be a Carry On... style movie, but Lamond was having none of that and directed a movie that's far more interested in seeing naked women than getting a laugh. Oh, sure there's plenty of gags, but they are, for the most part, recycled from other bawdy productions and have become incredibly cringeworthy and possibly already were when the movie was released. The addition of a salacious, know-it-all narrator doesn't help and there's a pie fight scene that would have young children rolling their eyes in embarrassment. Yes, Pacific Banana is a very poor movie, but I can't say it's not a watchable movie because as it plays very light and is jam packed with pretty girls and at 80 minutes it is an easy watch that was probably perfect for the drive-ins back in the day. Both lead women Alyson Best and Deborah Gray seem to have a lot of fun and are under no illusions as to what the movie is trying to achieve. Graeme Blundell is basically replaying Alvin Purple and Robin Stewart is well cast. If you want a good movie, Pacific Banana ain't it. If you want to see naked women romping around and plenty of cheap limp dick jokes, this might be for you.

Alyson Best and Deborah Gray (collages below)



Helen Hemingway (collages below)

Luan Peters (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

Judith Rosmair in Alles kein Problem: Explosiv (2013) in 720p

Anniek Pheifer in Bellicher: Cel (2012) in 1080p

Radina Kardjilova in Tilt (2011)