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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Sigrid Thornton film clips

samples below


Scoop's notes:

I notice that Sigrid rarely works with her cousin Billy Bob.




New material

The women of Pigalle:

Mata Gabin in Plan Cul

Cecile Cassel in Sous un Autre Jour




Scoop's note:

Some time ago I inadvertently overwrote some of Defoe's clips by giving two files the same name, so this post fixes that. Here are all three clips of Dorylia Calmel in Enquetes Reservees







(Notes on yesterday's page, re: Scoop's post of American Pie 7)

The Canadian Fantasy Girl on the far right is obviously Holly Eglington.

The nude girl making out on bed is
Taryn Maria Johnston.

If you can get me the screen caps of the ending credits I may be be able to ID the other girls. (They should be in order of appearance)



(Scoop's note: I did mail the ending credits up to the nearest mountie post in Canuckistan, and Sgt Preston promised that they will deliver that package to the Spazmeister by dog sled, so he may be able to develop some more IDs before spring. That's assuming the passes are clear.)



A great day for the paparazzi. First, Emma Watson flashes some nipple in a bikini

Then the paps also got tennis champ Serena Williams and her enormous chest.

The rest of Keeley Hazell's PETA shoot

Linda O'Neil in an episode of Hot Springs Hotel




Film Clips

Jessica Lange in King Kong. I believe that this is the best quality clip I have seen of this scene. Just a quick flash of breast, but very sexy in an odd way, although the technology and special effects now look terribly dated.

Elisa Servier in Le Chaud Lapin

A rare look at some Fran Drescher boobie in Cadillac Man

Michelle McLaren in Bruno. (samples below)



Anke Schwiekowski in an episode of Maedchen, Maedchen (sample right)

Diana Amft in an episode of Maedchen, Maedchen (sample right)

Nadja Petri in an episode of Maedchen, Maedchen (sample right)

Berit Totschnig in Neanderthal  (sample right)

Eva Mannschott in Neanderthal  (sample right)

Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return. We previously believed that there was no nudity in this role, but Blu-Ray showed us the error of our ways. (samples right)

Genevieve O'Reilly in Spooks  (sample right)

Tamara Rohloff in Freundschaft mit Herz (samples right)