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The Nude Vampire


La Vampire Nue was Jean Rollin's second film, and his first in color.

It has no vampires. Not that much nudity, either, except from background players.

The opening music is a discordant violin solo, about what you would expect from a deaf 3 year old with no training. As the action begins, a young man becomes enamored of a girl in the streets, then sees her shot. He later finds the same girl, very much alive, at a club owned by his father. At the same time, he discovers a suicide cult willing to sacrifice their lives to feed the young woman blood to keep her alive. They also keep her out of the daylight, believing that she is a vampire, and that light would kill her. We soon learn that there is a warring faction after her, that the young man's father hopes to discover the secret of everlasting life by studying her, and that dad is not necessarily one of the good guys.

The film has some of what we would later come to know as Rollin trademarks, including two musty old chateaus, symbols, weird masks, twin females, etc.  The transfer is good, and the disk includes another Rollin short, trailers, and a short slide show. What little dialogue there is consists of dubbed English.

Rollin completists will want this, but likely nobody else.

IMDb readers say 5.5 with 126 votes.

Caroline Cartier, as the supposed vampire, shows breast see-throughs in a trademark Rollin sheer gown. The Castel Twins show breasts. An unknown black woman does full frontal and rear, and several unknowns show breasts.


Caroline Cartier



Castel twins












Seven Blood-Stained Orchids



Another Time Machine Trip today for a thriller. The ladies are all victims of the killer.


Breasts from Gabriella Giorgelli. playing a hooker who is the first victim.



Tiny peeks of tit from Marina Malfatti.



Rosella Falk with a flash of nipple.







Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 13 of 13

Stella Stevens

Tomorrow: Eva Mendes in Ghost Rider - one day only!







Sex and Death 101

Some of the other material besides Winona's topless scene:


Jessica Kiper


Sophie Monk 


Nastassia Malthe and Pollyanna McIntosh


Winona Ryder








Next Door

Anna Bache-Wiig

Julia Schacht








Dirty Harry


Dirty Harry (1971) is the first of five in the Dirty Harry series.

There is full frontal nudity by Debralee Scott, who played a corpse

and Lisa Foraker is topless.

Another lady also shows bush. Somehow, I have her name recorded as Kathleen O'Malley, who is an uncredited name on the IMDB, but I don't know why I think that is her name.

There is also nakedness by a couple of naked dancers.



Magnum Force


Magnum Force (1973) also has some nakedness.

Suzanne Somers is wearing a blue bikini until she takes the top off.  (Film clip)

Adele Yoshioka shows a bit of bush I think, it's a bit dark.

Margaret Avery shows a bit of sex appeal in her role as the whore who has a date with a can of Drano.

There is also another unidentified lady who is topless.



The Enforcer


The third in the Dirty Harry series, The Enforcer (1976) has some long legs by a sexy Joceyln Jones

and some brief bush by some porn actresses during a shootus interruptus.



Sudden Impact


Sudden Impact (1983) was the next in the series.

We see a darkly-lit topless Lisa London

and pokies by Sondra Locke.



Maroc 7


Going back to 1967, we have Maroc 7.

No nudity but we have some nice looking ladies in Elsa Martinelli,

Alexandra Stewart

and Cyd Charisse.



The Next Best Thing


There is some brief see-through nudity by Madonna in The Next Best Thing (2000).





Lots of side boobage by Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful (2001) but the most we get to see is some nipple tape.

There is also some cleavage by Taryn Manning.



What a wonderful place


From Israel, we have What a Wonderful Place aka Eize Makom Nifla (2005).

We see a topless, and appropriately named, actress Olga Titov.



The Perfect Nanny


At the beginning of The Perfect Nanny (2000) we see an identified topless actress.




The Inspectors 2 - A Shred of Evidence.


No nudity in The Inspectors 2 - A Shred of Evidence (2000) but Gabrielle Miller is down to her underwear just before her murder.



The Triangle


Again, no nudity in The Triangle (2001) but some very nice caps of Polly Shannon

and Olivia d'Abo.



An American Affair


Keeping it in the family (distantly), we have Maryam d'Abo in An American Affair (1997). In the version I saw she showed no nudity but I think there are more revealing caps around.

Jayne Heitmeyer is topless but it is obviously a body double.



Naked Players


Naked Players (2006) is the name of this soft core movie and it sums up its contents. Nakedness shown by

Angela Davies





and August.