"Blood Mania"

Blood Mania (1970) is supposedly a horror thriller. The plot itself is nearly enough to make a trashy thriller. A doctor is treating his boss, who is now bedridden. The boss's strange oldest daughter is out to nail the doctor. The doctor has a girlfriend, and a blackmailer, who has been keeping the secret of the doctor's little abortion clinic in med school. The strange daughter kills the father with amyl nitrate so she can inherit his fortune, bail out the doctor, and live happily ever after.

When the will is read, the money all goes to a younger sister, and things start getting really strange. Maria de Aragon, as the strange daughter, shows breasts about every five minutes. Reagan Wilson as the girlfriend shows breasts and buns, before she screws the blackmailer then disappears from the story never to return. Vicki Peters, as the good sister, shows breasts and buns.

Efilmcritic said the following, "If it seems weird to focus mainly on a film's nudity, it's important to remember that the Skin is the ONLY thing worth seeing in this movie. Were the nudity removed, Blood Mania would retain the entertainment value of a used tea bag."

IMDb readers have this at 2.3 of 10. The film suffers from some of the worst acting I have ever seen, poor direction and editing, and awful camera work. I did get a belly laugh watching de Aragon trying to work up a head of steam for her big dramatic moment. This is enough to make you wonder who decides what films will get the DVD treatment. This is either a low C- as a bad movie, or an E, as it is pretty much inept, and fails as both a thriller and as horror.

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  • Maria De Aragon (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)
  • Reagan Wilson (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
  • Vicki Peters (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Raw Nerve (1999)

    Tuna and I  reviewed this film some time ago. (It's actually not too bad for a STV cop flick.) I took another look at it because Nicollete Sheridan has now become an "it girl", starring in Desperate Housewives and the famous NFL commercial.

    • Nicolette Sheridan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


    Fate (2003)

    Read this review at the Movie House, because the three pictures are the only interesting thing about the film..

    The three stars are Lee Majors, Philip Michael Thomas, and Michael Pare.

    I'm guessing Corbin Bernsen was busy.



    Gypsy 83 (2001)

    The typical coming-of-age film goes like this:

    (Some outsiders) fear being stuck in (typical rust belt or bible belt town) forever, trapped among (jocks, in-crowders, cheerleaders) who don't recognize their inner beauty. They take their only refuge in each other, and in maintaining a sarcastic posture toward everyone in their world. Since they can't remain high-school outsiders for life, they use (football, music, brains) to escape their dreary life. Whew! They really need a road trip. They set out for (New York, California) on a journey of self-discovery with some fellow outsiders, chasing some (idealistic dream). They meet many colorful people along the way, including role models as well as people who laugh at them and use them. They lose their virginity in literal and figurative ways. After considerable hardship, they (become a star, overcome personal fears, get accepted at Harvard), and find an adult world in which they belong. They look forward to a new life outside of (typical rust belt or bible belt town), somehow wiser for their travails.

    The tone of the film will be some mixture of self-pity, sophomoric humor, and sentimentality, mixed to the taste of the director.

    This film follows the formula completely. In the underlined areas, please insert: "Goths", "Sandusky", "in-crowders", "music", "Stevie Nicks impersonating contest", and "overcome personal fears" (with a hint of "become a star"). In the tone department, it is heavy on self-pity, spiced with sentimentality. Not much humor.

    Sara Rue, star of TV's "Less than Perfect" plays the Grand Goth Gypsy, whose obsession with Stevie Nicks is the second most dominating factor in her psyche, second only to the emptiness left when her mother abandoned her to "become a star." Although overweight, 25 years old, and paralyzed by stage fright, she is still harboring her adolescent dreams of a singing career of her own. She makes her peregrinations to find the true Stevie scene and to seek word of her mom. She is companied by her gay goth friend, and together they pass uncomfortably through Middle America on their way to the Big Apple and The Night of 1000 Stevies (which is a real annual event). Along the way, Gypsy manages to be exploited sexually by an Amish guy, which certainly sounds like I made it up to make fun of the film, but is in fact exactly what happened!

    Although not an especially good film, neither is Gypsy 83 a very bad one. It has its charms but, unlike more mainstream coming-of-age sagas, its appeal is limited to a fairly small audience. This story reinforces my belief that no matter how obscure your sub-culture, somebody will eventually make a film that really seems to capture your awakening from adolescence. If you lived in Red State America and were part of the Goth scene, or if you had a sexual orientation that didn't fit into the mainstream small town values of the place where you grew up, than you may find this film affecting.

    Unfortunately for those who invested in this film, that target audience is so small that the film was made in 2001, was released in one theater, then took three years to move to DVD. The high score at IMDb is probably an indication that the only people who have seen the movie are those who were predisposed to like it and made an effort to seek it out. 80% of the voters have scored it a seven or higher! If it were seen by a larger and more heterogeneous group, it would probably be in the mid 5s.

    • Sara Rue. Jiminy! Now THAT is a set of hooters. (1, 2)



    Yesterday's Mystery Woman:


    You've probably already been inundated with e-mails on this subject, but the "mystery woman" from Tuesday's query is Fawna MacLaren, and the movie is LOVER'S LEAP. Here's her IMDB entry:

    B. is correct that she's a babe, and her bathtub masturbation scene is a classic among bathtub masturbations scenes (a specialized subgenre if ever there was one....).


    Scoop's note: you can find some caps from that film in the Encyclopedia.



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    La Femme Publique (1984)

    For two years there, 83-84, Valerie Kaprisky was the queen of screen nudity. In that brief period, she stripped for Breathless, La Femme Publique and Year of the Jellyfish, three nudity classics  She was beautiful, had a tremendous figure, was 21-22 years old, and stayed naked. That was pretty much the end of it for her. She resolved not to get naked any more, and she kept her word. The lower body stayed covered, and her breasts would appear on screen only once in the 20 years since those three films, that being Mouvements du Desir in 1994, when she was about 32.


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    Words, pictures, and vids from ICMS

    Sessomatto (1973)

    Hello Scoopy !

    Time for bit of silly nudity or nude silliness if you wish in another one of those goofy 1970's Italian comedies. Laura Antonelli, who has a huge volume in the Encyclopedia although nothing from this movie, exposes breasts and buns in "Sessomatto" (1973) and I think some of these 5 clips might even trigger off a smile 31 years later.  

    That's it for today.

    Yours faithfully,


    Crimson Ghost
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    Today from the vids of Skinemax regular Nikki Fritz baring all in a scene from an episode of the late night cable series "Bedtime Stories".

    In clip #1 she strips. In clips 2 and 3 she covers herself in suds and masturbates.

    • Nikki Fritz zipped .wmvs (1, 2, 3)

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Today we take the time machine all the way back to 1933. And what do we find there? Probably the most famous "Damsel in Distress" scene of all time, Fay Wray all tied up in "King Kong". No nudity of course and yes it's in black & white (for you younger folks out there, they used to make them that way).

    • Fay Wray (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    On our way back to the present we stopped off in 1943 (still in black & white) and found another famous "Damsel in Distress". Here is Jane Russell in the classic "The Outlaw". Jane of course went on to become one of the all-time sex symbols in Hollywood.

    • Jane Russell (1, 2, 3)

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Secret Things"
    Only the French could make a movie that graphically shows two women masturbating, shows those same women masturbating one another, shows tons of other sexually charged scenes of various explicitness, yet contains enough of a good story that it not be considered outright porn.

    2002's Secret Things tells of a erotic dancer who is fired from the bar she works at for arguing with the boss. When a bartender tries to defend her, she is also fired. As the women talk and try to console one another, they become friends and move in together as roommates. As they both search for new jobs, they both land jobs at the same company, and decide to further their careers by sleeping their way to the top, without actually getting emotionally involved with their victims.

    Things proceed nicely, but eventually, they become slaves of their own success as the young and ruthless CEO finds their weakness and turns them into victims.

    Looking past the blatant sex, this is an excellent and well-done drama with some very good character studies. It's also sexy as hell.

    Johnny Moronic
    Johnny Moronic takes a look at the UK mini-series "Tipping the Velvet" (2002).

    • Keeley Hawes, briefly baring her breasts.

    • Rachael Stirling is topless in several scenes. Plus we also see a bit of bum in links 3 and 4. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    • Rachael Stirling and Keeley Hawes both topless in a lesbian love scene. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Rhona Mitra
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    The "Boston Legal" co-star baring her very nice robo-boobs in a scene from the Paul Verhoeven movie, Hollow Man" (2000).

    Kirsten Dunst
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    The "Spider-Man" star caught in the rain while running around New York City. The good news for us...her dress gets wet and clings to her body, she's not wearing a bra, and we see some pokies.

    Tara Reid An interesting compare and contrast moment. Above we have Dunst, caught in the rain and looking cute and having fun. Here we have Reid caught by the paparazzi and looking like the new 'white trash Britney'. On the plus side, her boob is almost falling out.

    Nikki Cox I'm sure we will see a lot of Cox this week! On Monday night's episode of "Las Vegas" she showed a lot of skin, including some partial breast views in a bubble bath scene with co-star Josh Duhamel. Thanks to Twitchy for these HDTV 'caps.

    Kari Wuhrer The long time Fun House and B-movie favorite showing off her no-longer fake breasts plus her always great bum in scenes from "King of the Ants" (2003).

    Elisha Cuthbert
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    SnowBlind 'caps of the über-cute "24" star in scenes from "The Girl Next Door". In #1 we have thong and partial side/rear breast views. In #2 she's soaking wet. In #4 she strips down to her bra and slaps her bum while on all fours. In #5 we have see-thru thong views and some sexy cleavage.

    From the Mail Bag
    Subject: mystery babe in Monday's Fun House
    The mystery gal...redhead with impressive superstructure... is former Hefmate Fawna MacLaren (Jan 1989) and the movie title is Lover's Leap. Fawna did a couple more films and the usual video Hefmate thing, so my fellow Funhouse reader is in luck.

    About Fawna MacLaren in Lover's Leap: the equipment there was after-market. What you see in the Hefmag and the Hefmag videos is the original stuff.


    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Time To Start Doing Voiceover Work - Jamie Lee Curtis told that she is retiring from movies to spend more time with her family. She said that's more important to her now, and besides, "I'm a 46-year-old fat woman." She said, "I know that the film business is incredibly cruel as you get older. My age is an important factor. I am not aging well. I don't want to see my face growing old on camera."

  • Duh! That's why nobody in Hollywood LETS their face grow old!
  • She saw the writing on the wall when Angelina Jolie was cast as Colin Farrell's mother in "Alexander."
  • She'll be happy to hear that once she's just a regular 46-year-old woman, nobody will notice her at all.

    He's On Ashcroft's Naughty List - Santa is a victim of the war on terrorism. The annual "Jingle Bell Jump," in which Santa parachutes into Anaheim near Disneyland, has been canceled due to new federal laws restricting the use of airspace. Promoter Ryan Williams is trying to get an exception made next year by circulating petitions and signs reading, "Let Santa Land in 2005."

  • It'll take him another year just to get his bag of toys through the metal detector.
  • Santa is a foreigner with a long white beard who flies into America with a big bag that nobody's allowed to inspect...He's lucky he's not in Guantanamo already!
  • They also grounded his reindeer...The only red-nosed things allowed to fly now are drunken airline pilots.

    Want Olives With That? - It turns out roadside fast-food reststops are nothing new. Archaeologists digging in Neuss, Germany, have unearthed the ruins of a 2000-year-old Roman reststop, complete with a forecourt, an area to give horses water and hay, a chariot repair shop and a restaurant that was the Roman equivalent of McDonald's. They might not have had burgers, but they sold preserved meats, wine and olives to passing travelers. The archaeologists named it "Big Maximus."

  • Say, didn't the Romans also invent the ARCH?!
  • The Romans sold preserved meats, and McDonald's sells meat loaded with preservatives.
  • Just like today's travelers, all they could afford was fast food after they paid to get their chariots repaired.
  • Also like today's reststops, the bathroom hadn't been cleaned in 2,000 years.