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Sometimes I get hard duty with this vidcappin' crap, but not this time. The Grifters is a fine piece of atmospheric filmmaking, with a top-notch cast. Not that much of a story. You'd think in a movie about con men, they'd have everybody conning everyone else, but the movie concentrated on the characters and the effect of their profession on their ability to lead a "normal" life. In a way, everyone does double-cross everyone else, but not with gimmicky capers, but just because that's the attendant professional hazard of the life they have chosen. They have to trick, lie and steal to survive. Like some predators, they prefer to eat other game, but they'll eat each other if it is necessary to survive.

Annette Bening isn't too hard on the eyes. Her face was absolutely gorgeous - her smile is just scintillating. In her own way, she has just as great a smile as Cameron Diaz, but Bening's is more knowing, more seductive, more amused with herself. Her body actually isn't that great. She actually looks better with her clothes on, because her legs are great, and clothing hides the flaws in some of her other bits. So they kept the nude scenes dark, but she's so pretty and so seductive that you'll never really see the flaws. Before I studied this movie, I wondered why this particular woman was able to bring the ol' lecher into matrimony, but I can understand her appeal now. Annette Bening collages

Annette Bening: just some very poor quality frames - interesting only because I've brightened them, and you may never have seen the details before. Anyway, they're tiny, so they won't waste much of your time. Bening's pubes appear in the first one.

Anjelica Huston: no nudity. Thank God.

This has nothing to do with The Grifters. I found this frame of Denise Richards in a bra in the deleted scenes from Starship Troopers. Yawn. I wouldn't bother, but, hey, it's Denise.

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One Fish, Two Fish
wrote his own commentary today:

"Les Roseaux Sauvages" is a lovely coming-of-age movie. It could never have been made in The US. One of the 4 young people involved in the plot discovers he is gay -- that is not breaking new ground. What is unique, however, is that all of the others accept it, and treat it as natural. Elodie plays the only girl of the foursome. She is bright, independent, highly political and not ready for sex. A less than ideal home life has soured her on the idea of traditional marriage, and she "can't decide whether to make love to everyone or nobody -- they are the same thing."

This is another case of a Foreign film that was simply copied to DVD, not re-mastered for DVD. This seems to be the rule with the foreign title DVDs so far, not the exception. Thus the sub-titles could not be turned off, and there were no alternate language choices. In spite of the sub-titles, I was able to grab enough for 4 images. Something that has been nagging at me since I started watching foreign films is the fact that these European actresses all have an incredible charm that erupts from the screen, even with the language barrier. They have a joy of life, and an incredible human appeal no matter what the role. Very few modern American actresses have the same quality. This was not always the case. Audrey Hepburn had it. Shirley MacLaine had it in her early roles. Sandy Duncan had it. Goldie Hawn has it. I now think I know what "it" is. American actresses do everything they can to capture the camera -- plastic surgery, silicone implants, severe makeup, starvation dieting and carefully controlled acting on set. European actresses integrate their personalities into the role, and then allow the camera to capture them. In the first case, a movie becomes a series of sequential photographs, carefully posed, and devoid of personality or charm. This probably stems from the American woman's compulsion to live up to the Madison Avenue image of the ideal woman. I prefer the European attitude by far. Look at the top right of image 4. This is not a posed expression. It definitely does not show Elodie at her most beautiful, yet it certainly makes her appealing. I suspect that a Hollywood actress would sue the studio if an expression like this made the final cut".

Elodie Bouchez in "Les Roseaux Sauvages" Elodie Bouchez in "Les Roseaux Sauvages" Elodie Bouchez in "Les Roseaux Sauvages" Elodie Bouchez in "Les Roseaux Sauvages"

Scoop's comments: For better or worse, it is unlikely that someone looking like Elodie Bouchez would become a star in Hollywood, except in character roles like the ones played by Janeane Garofalo or Jane Adams. She may have the talent, but her non-standard looks would hold her back. The movie could get made in the USA, but not as a studio film. It would have to be an indie. I think some American actresses manage to achieve what Tuna is talking about. For example, Annette Bening among the older generation, Rose McGowan among the younger.

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    The Honte

    Hi! Here are the first four caps from "Constance". The movie is a pretty straight-forward sex movie, without all that much of a script. Not much time is wasted on anything that isn't related to sex (well, actually, I don't think a single scene isn't about sex, when they are not doing it, is the female storyteller reading letters about the sex). The story is basically about Constance, a young woman (portrayed by Anas) who comes to the house of Lola (Katja Kean) to learn about the joys of sex.

    The first scene (included today) shows Constance getting invited into the house of Lola, where Lola is enjoying one of her love slaves doing what Madonna once referred to as "dining out". The two girls then basically shows just how much fun they can have on their own, teasing the young man. Finally, they take pity on him and share his mandom between themselves. They do however soon get tired of that and continue on their own. The young man is allowed to touch them (and suck on Lola's toe) but is forced to take matters into his own hands to get some relief...

    If you like the collages and run them, I could send you the second scene of the movie. I'll BTW go to Australia on Friday and stay away for about a week, so don't expect me to be all that active during that time. I hope you'll take the opportunity to remind people of my site, while you're at it. See ya' .Mauvaise Honte

    Scoop's note: he is referring to www.honte.net, a bi-weekly newsmagazine. Very good site. He specializes in Scandinavian celebs, but also features a whole range of international topics. many of his back issues are available as well.

    (#1 #2 #3 #4)

    Monday's girl: Abby.(#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

    The Sun also ran this article and these pictures about Rachel Hunter (no nudes)


    EXCLUSIVE From VICTORIA NEWTON in Los Angeles RACHEL HUNTER insists she will never get back together with husband Rod Stewart. But the gorgeous model says she will not divorce the rock legend either. Rachel, who is carving out a career as a Hollywood actress, is enjoying life as a single girl and has started going to parties again. Her nights are lonely, however, because she has not had sex for three months. "It's hysterical that people think Rod and I are back together," she says. "We had nine glorious years together but I've no intention of going back. "It was a huge decision to leave, but you can't have regrets and I don't. Of course, the break-up affected me badly - we were together nine years and that's a long time by anyone's standards. "But I don't think you should ever look back."

    Baring up ... Rachel says it's great to be a single girl again The pair have been living separate lives for almost a year but Rachel is firm that divorce is not an option. "Who wants to get the lawyers involved? Why let them grab all the money?" she says. "Rod and I are just separated indefinitely. I don't know why other people don't carry on like that. We have a good relationship and see no reason to divorce. "I know some people may find that hard to understand but that's the way it is for us." Rachel says she is enjoying her single life. For the first time since her marriage break-up, she has been going out with friends. She says: "Break-ups are painful, as many people know, and I didn't really go out much at all. We've been broken up about a year and I've only just started going out and enjoying myself." But while Rod has been out with one beautiful blonde after another, Rachel confesses she hasn't had sex for ages. "I've been single now for three months," she says with a naughty twinkle in her eye. "Yes, I do miss sex. It's been three months for goodness sake!"

    Latest love ... sex was like a tornado when Rachel dated Michael Rachel admits she sought comfort in the arms of handsome American actor Michael Weatherly after her split from Rod. But they parted three months ago. She says, "Michael is a lovely person who was there for me when I needed someone. "He was a great person to be with and he is completely different from Rod. I don't mean in terms of age and I can't say whether sex is better with an older or a younger man - that wouldn't be fair. "But when you split up from someone who you have been with for so long, you look around for love and support and Michael was a very supportive guy." He was so supportive in fact that Rachel was quoted as saying "sex is like a tornado in my pants" during their relationship. Now she admits to being simply emotionally confused. "I was going through so many emotions - you are in a strange place when you leave a long relationship. It is easy to fall into another one." Rachel's relationship with Michael, who she met on the set of their movie Winding Roads, was very different from her marriage to Rod. For a start, there is just a year in age between them - Rachel is 30, he is 31. When Rachel married Rod in 1990 he was 46 and she was just 21.

    Happier days ... Rod enjoying a kiss from Rachel back in 1995 Rachel accepts that she may have married too young but hotly denies that the 25-year age gap between herself and Rod was to blame for their split. She says: "I don't think age makes any difference - either you've got a connection or you haven't. I think it comes down to the whole thing about chemistry - you either have it or you don't. I have lots of close friends around me and they have helped me through. My sister Jacqui is always here for me and she has been a real support, a rock. "I think I've finally realised I need to be on my own now. I need to just be by myself for a while and I don't need to be in a relationship at the moment. "I've been single for three months now and I'm happy. There's so many other things going on in my life with work that I'm concentrating on that." The news that Rachel was walking out on Rod came as a bolt from the blue for the 54-year-old singer and he begged her to change her mind. But Rachel stuck by her gut feeling, bought a new house near Rod's Beverly Hills home and moved in with their two children, Liam, five, and Renee, eight. Today she is adamant her decision to leave had nothing to do with either partner being unfaithful - and she says it was NOT because she found her husband "fuddy-duddy" and too old. She says: "Anyone can see Rod is not a boring person and that wasn't why I left. I don't think there was any one thing that triggered it off. There was no big fight - Rod and I never really had fights - but I guess it was just immaturity on my part.

    Blue babe ... Rachel opens door to a new life "I needed to grow up and learn - I still had so much to figure out. I think some people deny themselves that and they trudge on and accept things, but I didn't want to do that. "Sometimes I think you just have to wake up and smell the roses, no matter how hard it is." Rod sank into the depths of depression after Rachel left and he was unable to comprehend that the marriage was over. After a few months, however, during which he saw a therapist, he bounced back with a sell-out world tour - and began hitting the town with a string of blondes. He is now a former Wonderbra girl, and took her to the England-Scotland match at Wembley and has whisked her away on dates in Spain and LA. Rachel is happy about their relationship. She says: "I wish Rod the best. I'm not bitter or jealous in any way, I've met her once and I'm sure she's a very nice girl. "Rod and I are separated and he can date who he wants and that's fine with me. He has been dating lots of women but he's going to do what he's going to do and that doesn't bother me. "We are the greatest of friends and we speak all the time. We have two beautiful children who we love very much and there's nothing we care about more - they are our priority."

    The pictures (one picture goes with each paragraph above): (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)

    Scoop- The Sun also ran this about Miss UK, whose topless pics suddenly appeared. I've only seen those presented in today's Sun. Anyone else got the whole set or know what paper/magazine it was in?


    DISTRAUGHT Nicola Willoughby yesterday begged Miss World bosses not to boot her out of the contest over her raunchy photo-shoot. Stunning Miss UK Nicola, 18, fought back tears as she said: "You cannot believe how much I regret doing those pictures. "I am begging the organisers to give me a chance. "I made a terrible mistake and being kicked out would be a heavy price to pay. Miss World is the biggest thing in my life. I so much want to win the title for the UK and to bring the crown back for the Millennium." The row erupted after revealing snaps of Nicola appeared in a newspaper just days before Saturday's 60,000 Miss World final at Olympia in West London. The 32-24-32 stunner went on: "The pictures were taken eight months ago when I was 17. I agreed to model for a photographer but I didn't realise they would be published. "I never for a moment thought they would appear anywhere and I had put them right out of my mind. "I hope the people at Miss World don't kick me out. "I know I shouldn't have posed for those photographs but they weren't dirty and I really, really hope that I'm allowed to represent my country on Saturday." If Lincoln beauty Nicola is ruled out of Miss World, she also faces being stripped of her Miss UK crown and the 30,000 prize she won. Nicola admitted: "I did topless photos and some nude ones as well. I was paid 175. An agency told me it would be good for my career. "At the time I was at college and had no money. My boyfriend had just lost his job and we had nothing at all. "We really were desperate and I just didn't think the pictures would come back to haunt me like this. "But this is the 1990s. I really didn't think going topless raised eyebrows these days. "If they kick me out I feel the country will be missing out as a result of something a 17-year-old girl did very stupidly in a moment of weakness." Her dad David, 50, said: "She was very young when she did the pictures and if you make a mistake it is best to do it when you are young. "Her mum Liz and I love her very much and we are extremely proud of her." Boyfriend Shane Kelly, 24, said: "Nicola has been badly let down. Everyone who knows her just hopes that she will be able to carry on in the competition." Nicola's Miss World odds tumbled to 25-1 with bookies William Hill as news of the photo scandal broke. But she said all the other 93 girls from around the world taking part were supporting her bid to compete. She especially named Miss Wales Clare Daniel, Miss Ireland Emir Doyle and Miss Scotland Stephanie Norrie. Nicola said: "The organiser Julia Morley has been very kind. But she has told me the decision is not hers alone. It is one for the Miss World committee. "I desperately want to be on the stage doing my best for the UK on Saturday." In 1984 Miss America Vanessa Williams dropped out of Miss World after nude pictures appeared. And bosses have already axed Miss Bosnia from this year's competition after photos of her appeared in Playboy magazine. Now Nicola, who does voluntary work at an old folk's home and is training to become a paramedic, fears the same will happen to her. She wept as she added: "I made a mistake and I just hope Miss World can forgive me." A spokeswoman for Channel 5, who are screening the contest in the UK, said: "Nicola has been interviewed as part of an investigation. "The committee will meet on Tuesday morning to make their decision". An estimated 2.2billion people from 150 countries are expected to tune in to Saturday's contest. But the Miss World committee fear that kicking Miss UK out of the competition when it is being held here for the first time in ten years will hit British TV viewing figures. A Miss World source said: "Channel 5 have paid a lot of money for the right to televise the competition. "They feel viewers would not tune in if there was no chance of an English girl taking the crown." The last Miss UK to win Miss World was Sarah-Jane Hutt in 1983."

    The pictures: (#1, #2) Number 2 is a clear topless shot.


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