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The big news of the day, of course, is Jessica Chastain's Salome dance in Salome / Wilde Salome, Al Pacino's surreal presentation of Oscar Wilde's Salome and his own efforts to produce the play. The project has been unreleased and just about unmentioned since its debut at Venice in 2011, but everyone knew that Chastain nailed the dance, so we've been waiting to see the proof.

Also a major deal today is Stacy Martin's unsimulated sex in the director's cut of Nymphomaniac (Vol I) in 1080hd

Beth Broderick in Bad Actress (2011)

Charlotte Gainsbourg in The Intruder (1999)

Cynda Williams in Fallen Angels, s2e9

Kate McNeil in Monkey Shines (1988) in 720p

Alexandra Paul in American Flyers (1985)