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Cloak & Shag Her


Cloak & Shag Her is a softcore spy spoof. Shooting was actually completed in 2002, but when it was loaded on the AVID for editing, the editor could not make enough sense out of it to begin working. Turns out it had been loaded backwards. It was shelved for 5 years, and then dusted off and cut together with a little stock footage and some simple effects. The film is finally due for release on January 29th, 2008 in a special two disk edition. The package includes a CD soundtrack, commentary from the writer/director, producer and photographer, a "behind the scenes short," and more.

It stars Julian Wells as the spy. She and her sidekick are sent to the future to combat Dr. Mean (Darian Caine) who, with the help of her clone Bitters (CJ DiMarsico) and Nurse Notsonice (AJ Khan),  is out to make sure yuppies will rule, and that there will be no chance of a revival of the flower children. The running time consists of jokes and girl/girl sex or, to word it another way, everything important in life, and at least 104% of your minimum daily entertainment requirements.

This is a chance to see these women, some of whom are no longer performing in front of the camera, back in their primes, in previously unseen footage. All of the women in the cast have natural breasts, and nobody takes the film too seriously. As many of the principals said in the feature length commentary, it is bad, but in a good way. The costumes and psychedelic designs will take you back to the 60s, and you don't have to invest too many brain cells to follow this one.

Recommended to fans of the actresses and lovably bad movies.

Not listed on IMDb.

AJ Khan, Darian Caine, Julian Wells and CJ DiMarsico all show everything. Ruby LaRocca, as April Flowers' assistant, shows breasts, as does an unknown in an insert.



AJ Khan


Darian Caine


Julian Wells


CJ DiMarsico


Ruby LaRocca











Blood Sisters



This one is a little light on the nudity.

Amy Brentano reveals her more than ample breasts.


Gretchen Kingsley shows off her "Tiny Tots".







Speaking of "Tiny Tots", here's a little bonus of Alicia Lagano








Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 12 of 13

Stella Stevens








Candy Stripers

Some Candy Stripers in a small town in US are taken over by aliens. They are addicted to everything sweet, and to males as well, but not in a good way. An injured basketball player and his friends notice something is going on in the hospital and try to escape. But a quarantine in the hospital makes that impossible and they have to find a way to stop .... (dramatic baritone voice) ... the evil Candy Stripers.


Deanna Brooks

Nicole Radburn

Serria Tawan








Planet Terror

Alicia Rachel Marek and ? from the fake trailer for Machete



Marley Shelton


Stacey Ferguson



Rose McGowan








Epic Movie

This 2007 comedy spoofs all the recent blockbusters, and if you're into goofy parodies, satire, and general silliness, you'll like it, but to me it was simply dumb.

Four orphans that you'll recognize from different movies are tricked into a nutty chocolate factory, and they escape from the clutches of an evil Willy Wonka only to stumble into more adventures in the land of Gnarnia.

You'll see plenty of characters that you'll instantly recognize, from X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and many more, so if this kind of spoof is your cup of tea, enjoy.

Scoop's note: I don't really know much about Audra Lynn, but this definitely has to go in the annual nominees for best nude scene!

Audra Lynn Carmen Electra Heather Storm






Elle MacPherson: recent beach candids

Isabelle Carre in Eros Therapie

Rhona Mitra in Hollow Man in HD. I love the one of her on her back.


And an HD cap of Kim Dickens in Hollow Man

Rie Rasmussen in Angel. She was briefly famous for making out with Becca Romijn in Femme Fatale


Film Clips

Two films from Trine Michelsen, 12 years apart. 1987's Spettri and 1999's Antenneforeningen

Two from Blue Movie Blackmail: Verna Harvey and Stephanie Beacham. This 1973 movie has more aliases than Michael Vick's hotel receipts: ... aka Si può essere più bastardi dell'ispettore Cliff? ... aka
... aka Mafia Junction ... aka Super Bitch

Nastassja Kinski, way back in 1974 or 1975 in Falsche Bewegung. This was her first appearance on screen and she was credited as "Nastassja Nakszynski."


Carly Schroeder in Eye of the Dolphin (bikini only ... sample right)

Emma Booth in Clubland (samples right)






The Comedy Wire

Danny Bonaduce wants to show the world his genitals.  The former "Partridge Family" star was embarrassed recently when a nude photo of him circulated on the Internet, showing his unimpressively small manhood.  Bonaduce wants to prove that the photo was misleading by appearing in a nude photo spread in Penthouse.  VH1 is said to be unhappy with his plans, since he's already signed to work with kids on their upcoming reality show, "I Know My Kid's A Star."

*  Because what parent wouldn't want his kid to grow up to be just like Danny Bonaduce? 

E-Poll Market Research surveyed American children to ask them
who should be on Santa's Naughty and Nice lists.  Young kids picked Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) as the nicest, while teenagers put Angelina Jolie atop the "Nice" list.  The "Naughty" list was headed by Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, who beat out Lindsay Lohan, the Grinch and Darth Vader.

*  Paris Hilton topped the kids' "Naughty" list and the teenage boys' "Niiiiiiiice" list. 

Entertainment Weekly did a really unusual list: the 50 Smartest People in Hollywood.  #1 was "Knocked Up" writer/director Judd Apatow, followed by Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.  The highest-ranked actor was Will Smith at #5.  Most were executives, directors, producers or agents, but George Clooney was #13, Will Ferrell #17, Ben Stiller #20, Johnny Depp #21, Jodie Foster #30, Angelina Jolie #33 and Ben Affleck #50. 

*  Who was #49, Lassie?

*  This was originally called "The 100 Smartest People in Hollywood," but when Ben Affleck came in at #50, they gave up.#51 would've been that CGI chipmunk from "Enchanted." 

*  This should be called "The 50 Celebrities Who Were Smart Enough to Hire Great PR Agents."

*  Being named the smartest person in Hollywood is a real honor. It's like being named the most honest person in Washington, DC. 

Pamela Anderson is 40, and she's already nearing retirement.  Anderson said she gets movie and TV offers all the time, but she's lazy and turns them down.  She now figures, "Five more years of (T&A), and I'll go back to Canada.  I've got some land.  It'll be time."

*  She'll be the only retiree whose friends don't run when she offers to show her home movies. 

British teacher Gillian Gibbons, who was facing up to 40 lashes in Sudan for letting her kids name the class teddy bear "Mohammed," was convicted on a lesser charge, sentenced to 15 days in jail and

* I'm sure having to leave Sudan is the worst punishment of all.

On this day in 1977, in one of the oddest duets in music history, David Bowie sang "Little Drummer Boy" with Bing Crosby on Crosby's
Christmas TV special.

*  Bing's only thought was, "My, Dorothy Lamour's wearing WAY too much makeup!"