One more film clip (zipped .avi) of Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby. Not that much nudity, but a great clip. She nails her job interview.



Some caps of Samantha Noble in See No Evil. I decided to skip a review of this film because there's nothing much interesting to note. It brings nothing new to the "insane slasher guy" genre. Wrestler Kane is the evil slasher, and he only has two lines, so he will probably not be considered for Hamlet in the near future, or even for Freddy Kruger.



Here are LC's film clips from Backstage. (Sample captures below)



Can Madonna save Malawi?


Internet Archive Helps Secure Exemption To The Digital Millennium Copyright Act


Russia Agrees To Shut Down


Who can forget Hymietown? Remembering Michael Richard's mentor, Jessie Jackson


Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are GQ's newlyweds of the year


Video: Christmas Time for the Jews - Smigel SNL


George Lucas Presents: Singin' in the Rain (Special Edition)


Letterman's "Top Ten Shows On The New Gay Television Channel"


Letterman's "Top Ten Slogans For The New Male Birth Control Pill"

  • "The Never-Knocker-Upper"
  • "Recommended By 4 Out of 5 Doctors Who Cheat On Their Wives"
  • "Charlie Sheen Tested, Charlie Sheen Approved"


Letterman's Top Ten signs your family is nuts


Three clips from Wristcutters, a dark comedy about suicide


The Top 10 Hottest Animated Disney Women


First-time author wins Bad Sex in Fiction honor ... writer's description of ‘bulging trousers’ sealed his victory"


New Orleans' population is still only 41 percent of its pre-Katrina size"


Ten Years of "Friends" summarized in 90 seconds


BUSH REJECTS TIMES TABLE AS TOO CONFUSING, hopes to learn addition first


Shoplifter Tried to Hide Guitar in Pants


"Wearing Superman pajamas and covered with his Batman blanket, comic book illustrator Dave Cockrum died Sunday."


Lindsay Lohan says she's a ho because she watched too much Sex and the City

  • 'Sex and the City' changed everything for me because those girls would sleep with so many people."
  • Whoa. And I watched too many episodes of Mr. Peepers. No wonder I'm a douchebag.


SAD: Canadian wrestling legend (and perennial Other Crap favorite) "Rowdy" Roddy Piper diagnosed with lymphoma

  • Those of you who read O.C. regularly know that Hell Comes to Frogtown and They Live! are two of my favorite grade-B movies. - The Early Report for November 28


Bush Unveils Ambitious Sudoku Plans for Remainder of Term ... Aims to Complete Up to Twenty Puzzles a Day, President Tells NATO Leaders


"Snoop Dogg was arrested on drugs and firearms charges in LA last night after appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."


Man, the Chinese are kicking our asses at everything now, even headline-writing: "Man wants penis cut off"


Hilarious stuff: Bollywood special effects!


The trailer from Tears Of The Black Tiger

  • A highly stylised Thai movie that has been winning fans at film festivals across the globe. It combines the retro style of 60s Thai movies with graphic violence and the look of a western pop video.


The trailer from Dynamite Warrior, a Thai-style western

  • Produced by Prachya Pinkaew ("Ong Back: The Thai Warrior") and featuring death-defying stunts from acclaimed coordinator Panna Rittikrai ("Ong Bak," "Born to Fight"), "Dynamite Warrior" stars Dan Chupong of "Born to Fight" as Zieng, "The Rocket Thief," a young man riddled with grief and bent on revenge after witnessing his parents' murder by a callous and malicious killer. The only information Zieng has as to the killer's identity is the tattoo-covered man who is part of an organized group of cattle rustlers. Zieng makes it his mission to stop all cattle rustlers and in the process return each head of cattle back to its rightful owner.


The trailer and five clips from 10 Items or Less

  • Representing a bold departure for both Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman and director Brad Silberling, "10 Items or Less" is an intimately-scaled, two-character comedy in which Freeman plays a major movie star whose pickiness with his projects accounts for a lengthy absence from the screen. While considering a role as a supermarket manager, he decides to do some field research at a small ethnic market on the very outskirts of Los Angeles. Finding himself stranded with no cell phone or transportation, he meets Paz Vega, the feisty cashier who mans the store's express register. When she offers to drive him back to "civilization," this initially mismatched pair discovers common ground, with the star realizing that his love for people is what drew him to acting in the first place, and the cashier gaining the confidence to interview – or as he terms it, to "audition" – for a job that could change her life.


A second trailer for The Dead Girl

  • "The Dead Girl" centers on the dark mystery surrounding a young woman's death, which is gradually revealed when the lives of seemingly uninvolved people intersect.


The Colbert Report, Tuesday, November 28


The Daily Show, Tuesday, November 28


Interesting Gallup analysis: Religion Most Important to Blacks, Women, and Older Americans, least important to the prosperous, the educated, the young, and Asian-Americans in general.


More pictures of Britney Airing Out Her Goods


In Case You Need More ... a video of Britney, Lohan, and Paris out on the town


Uh-oh. "Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism."


They're kidding. I hope. MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations

  • "The MPAA is lobbying congress to push through a new bill that would make unauthorized home theaters illegal. "


Britney Spears kicks it up a notch with a full-blown gynocam.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Devil Times Five (1974)

A rich asshole named Papa Doc is having a mandatory winter holiday at his Lake Arrowhead resort home for his sycophantic employees and equally obnoxious family. His wife is notoriously easy, his employee's wife is a lush, and his daughter is pushing her husband to win a job with daddy. Meanwhile, a bus full of kids, all convicted murderers from a mental hospital, crashes. They kill the driver, and take off, arriving at the same Arrowhead resort. The partying adults, feeling sorry for the kids, let them in. Big mistake. The kids are cute, precocious and lethal.

The best murder of the bunch was when the kids dumped piranhas into the bath with Carolyn Steller. The fact that it was done by Steller's real-life daughter (playing one of the little monsters) makes it all the more fun. In the actual process of filming the scene, dead piranhas were dropped into the tub, but still managed to cut her leg badly enough for her to be hospitalized!

The original idea was to capitalize on Ten Little Indians, and have people dying one at a time, withholding the identity of the killers. After principal shooting wrapped, a faction convinced the executive producer that it couldn't be cut into a good movie, so it was drastically rewritten, and several days worth of additional material were shot. It's difficult to imagine that the original idea could have been that much worse.  The film is filled with annoyances. Let's start with the best death, Piranhas in the bath. Why didn't she just stand up and step out of the tub and onto the kids? Then there is the fact that the murders are shown in slow motion with annoying children's music box music. Finally there is the fact that the most likable character in the entire film is a dimwit, and the first killed.

The film is also known as People Toys, The Horrible House on the Hill, and Tantrums. Based on the number of IMDb votes, it may be the only film which has had more names than viewers.

The new DVD does includes interview with many of the cast and crew, but all in all the world is not enriched by the DVD release of this film.


A very small number of IMDb readers say 4.4, but it will probably end up in that same vicinity if more votes come in.



We have breast exposure from Carolyn Steller ...



... and Joan McCall. McCall is better known as a soap opera screenwriter with credits like Days of Our Lives, Another World and Santa Barbara.









Call Me, The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss (2004)

Jamie-Lynn DiScala
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Lisa Marie Caruk
Natassia Malthe



Thumbsucker (2005)

Kelli Garner
Sarah Bing



Desde que amanece apetece (2005)

Kira Miro




It's back to "The Candy Snatchers" and this time we have Susan Sennett as the "Babe in Bondage" victim of a trio of

kidnappers.  Caps and (three zipped .wmv) clips of Susan all tied up and then some exposed boobage as one of the bad guys tries to rape her.









Notes and collages

The Celebrity Shower series continues with the Pam Grier sub-genre


Pam Grier in "Friday Foster"



... Pam spent a lot of time in the shower in the exploitational films of her heyday ... here is the first collage



Pam Grier in "Black Mama, White Mama"



... being spied on by a female guard while showering



More "clean" Pam tomorrow.







Mary Christina Brown - Night of the Dead (2006)

Dierdre Lyons -  Night of the Dead (2006)

Frances O'Connor - Book of Love (2004)

Frances O'Connor - The Wedding Party (1997)

The now-famous Britney Spears coochie - new dress, but still refreshingly panty-free

Nicole Sheridan. Nicole surely has a helluva body for a mature woman! For any woman.



Pat's comments in yellow...

"I Like Pastrami And Hate Schvartzes" - Michael Richards can't catch a
break: an earlier tape of him making some seemingly anti-Semitic remarks in a comedy monologue was dismissed by his crisis-management advisor Howard Rubenstein, who said he was just playing a character and wouldn't attack Jews because he's Jewish himself.  So reporters dug around and found that his parents weren't Jewish and he'd never converted.  Rubenstein said Richards told him that two Jewish mentors raised him, so "technically," he thinks of himself as Jewish.  Then the A.P. interviewed prominent rabbis, who said that just adopting Jewish customs or "feeling Jewish" doesn't make you Jewish. 

*  Still, it couldn't hurt...

Woolworth's in Britain is so anxious to cash in on another royal
wedding, they've already designed a range of commemorative wedding items for Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton, who aren't even engaged.  Bunting, spoons, cell phones, candies, cups, gilt-edged plates and more, all with the couple's faces, are waiting to be made and rushed to stores the second Will pops the question, if he does.  A Woolworth's spokesman said retailers lost out on over $5 million (US) worth of sales because Prince Charles married Camilla too fast to get souvenirs into stores and they don't want it happening again.

*  Oh yes, Charles and Camilla...THAT was a whirlwind romance!

An Indiana University study of teenage players of violent video games
found that the parts of their brains linked to emotional arousal and
lowered self-control remained active for up to 30 minutes after they
stopped playing

* Wow!  Now, THAT'S value for your money!

It was announced that in 2008, a museum devoted to the music, clothing and history of ABBA will open in Stockholm.  In a statement, the band said, "We think this will be a fun and swinging museum to visit"

* Borat is already in line