Zack and Miri Make a Porno


I reviewed this in the November 18th edition. At that time, the clips were from a cam, but these are good quality. Silent Bob did a good job on this. One of his better movies, and no cheat on the nudity.

Porn star Katie Morgan

Lena Cheney revealing some of her undisclosed locations.

stripper montage



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









The Long Kiss Goodnight


Scoop's note: I've always liked this easy-goin' thriller about an amnesiac, despite it's hackneyed premise. It has earned director Renny Harlin's second-highest rating at IMDb. (After Die Hard 2.) Geena Davis and Sam'l L bring a lot of energy and fun to the film.

This is one case where the Blu-Ray level of definition (1920x1080) gives us a much better look at Geena's naked body. The nudity is subtle, but very attractive. Film clip here. Sample below.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's clip: Amelie Glenn in Section de Recherche






Notes and collages

Aubrey O'Day oblivious to the see-through effect of flashbulbs on her black blouse.








Amber Smith ... Raw!

Approximately a gazillion film clips from this tribute to the latter-day Rita Hayworth lookalike.

Here is part 2 of three.








Film clips from Craig the Movie (2008) Samples
Alice Haaber
Claire Brown
Sara Louise Christiansen







Candid Sex


Amber Newman. Collages below.









Moguls (2005) is about a couple of first-time porn movie makers. Unfortunately, the nudity is very limited and is mainly some thong action. However, there are some lovely half-dressed ladies showing a lot of cleavage.

These are Glenne Headly,

Judy Greer,

Valerie Perrine,

Melinda Dahl

and Fiona Hunter.

Don King: Only in America

There are a few topless women in Don King: Only in America (1997) but they aren't identified.

The Holcroft Covenant

It is the same again in The Holcroft Covenant (1985) where a number of women are topless but are not identifiable.



No real visible nudity in Trixie (2000) but Emily Watson

 and Lesley Ann Warren

are shown only partially dressed.


No visible nudity in Deranged aka The Rose Technique (2002).

Sage Kirkpatrick is topless but lying down

 and there is a nice upskirt by Kari Wuhrer.


Whisper (2007) is a horror film. Sarah Wayne Callies is completely naked but manages to keep everything hidden.

Missing in Action


Missing in Action (1984) is a Chuck Norris spectacular.

 Some unidentified bar girls are shown topless

and Lenore Kasdorf briefly flashes her nipple.


The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve


No nudity in The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve (2004), just some pokies by Stefanie von Pfetten.


The Cost of Living


The Cost of Living aka Le Coût de la Vie (2003) is a French movie.

Isild Le Besco bares her chest

Geraldine Pailhas shows some see-through nipples

 and Agathe Dronne is wearing a see-through shirt.


Under the Sand

Under the Sand aka Sous le sable (2000) is another French film, one with plenty of nudity.

Charlotte Rampling is topless

 and Maya Gaugler is completely naked.



Conversations with My Gardener

The final French movie is Conversations with My Gardener aka Dialogue avec mon jardinier (2007).

Alexia Barlier briefly flashes her breast.



From Japan we have Sakuran (2006). Most of the topless nudity comes from some unidentified geishas taking a bath.

 Miho Kanno shows a bit of backside

Anna Tsuchiya is topless but facing the wrong way

and Yoshino Kimura is also topless but a hand is in the way.


Hotel Erotica - The Hookup

This episode from the soft-core series Hotel Erotica is called The Hookup (2003).

The naked ladies are Holly Hollywood


 and Jenna West.


Married with Children

Season 9 of Married with Children is now out on DVD and the ladies featured in it were lovely, especially Christina Applegate who was in her prime. This the first of two parts.

Episode 1 - Shoeway to Heaven

Christina Applegate - lovely

Tawny Kitaen - also lovely

Episode 2 - Driving Mr Boondy

Christina Applegate - fills out two bikinis

Nicol Nagel - a bit of cleavage

Episode 3 - Kelly Breaks Out

Christina Applegate - pokies

Episode 4 - Naughty but Niece

Christina Applegate - pokies

Juliet Tablak - pokies

Kirsten Holmquist - a whole lot of leg

Heather Paige Kent - more leg

Unknown - a couple of bikini babes

Episode 5 - Business Sucks

Christina Applegate - some leg

Unknown - a bit of leg

Episode 6 - Business Still Sucks

Christina Applegate - pokies

Episode 7 - Dial B for Virgin

Christina Applegate - looking lovely

Monica Creel - lovely

Episode 8 - Sleepless in Chicago

Christina Applegate - lovely

Juliet Tablak - very sexy

Episode 9 - No Pot to Pease In

Christina Applegate - pokies

Amber van Lent and Rochelle Swanson - sexy

Episode 10 - Dud Bowl

Christina Applegate - a lot of leg

Episode 11 - A Man for No Season

Christina Applegate - sexy

Episode 12 - I Want My Psycho Dad, Part 1

Christina Applegate - sexy

Episode 13 - I Want My Psycho Dad, Part 2

Christina Applegate - sexy








Britney Spears showed a bit of her bum at the Bambi Awards - and her buns are now worth looking at again!


Film Clips

A very brief underwater topless scene from Scarlett Johansson in He's Just Not That Into You. OK, it's basically a rip-off, but is Scarlett, dammit!

Kira Reed in Cheerleader Ninjas, which should never be confused with Ninja Cheerleaders, a new movie which stars Mr Sulu and Eddie the Cruiser! (So you know it's top-shelf material. How did they miss Corbin Bernsen?) Captures below.