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"Four on the Floor" (1995)

Four on the Floor is the title film on the latest DVD release from the popular Showtime couples porn series, Red Shoe Diaries. It is clearly the best on this DVD. A woman, happily married, saw a porno while in college that has haunted her. In the film, two couples who had been close friends for a long time suddenly found themselves all in bed together. One night, after her and her husband have been out drinking and dancing with their best friends, they have a minor car crash in the rain on the way home, and take refuse in some odd building. They find some blankets, and get out of their wet things.

Rachel tells them a "bedtime story" -- the one in her porno movie, and the four of them end up having sex together. The thing that makes this one a little special is that they end up having sex in a very believable way, and, although they never repeat the experience, it strengthens rather than weakens the friendship. We have full frontal and breasts from Rachel Palmieri and breasts from Dominique Abel. This DVD is a terrible transfer. It is dark, grainy and undersaturated. The special features don't amount to much, and it has the usual artsy-fartsy (to borrow a phrase from Risky Business) photography, camera effects and lighting.

  • Thumbnails

  • Dominique Abel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Rachel Palmeri (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    Today's films (new releases)

    Love and Sex: fundamentally a Sandra Bullock movie with Famke Janssen as Sandra's replacement. If you like Sandra Bullock movies, it's a pretty good one, about as good as a top sitcom episode. The box said "brief nudity", but I guess I blinked and missed it.

    Boy Wonderz: avoid this like the plague. Unreleased movie hoping to cash in on the popularity of boy groups. Awful, awful, awful. (No review, male nudity only)

    Dirty Pictures: often thoughtful if broadly stroked Showtime docudrama examination of the infamous Cincinnati trial of the museum curator who brought in the Mapplethorpe exhibit. There is a semi-fictional storyline cut in with real footage of commentary by George Bush, Barney Frank, Bill Buckley, Salman Rushdie, etc. Good cast headed by James Woods, and I enjoyed watching it, but it's really a polemic rather than an entertainment. No nudity in the movie itself, but plenty in the artwork, and they do show just about every single picture from the exhibit, including the ones that caused the obscenity arrest. (The non-controversial heterosexual ones are shown below)

    Attention Shoppers. Straight-to-vid about a low-tier TV actor who travels to Houston to open a new K-Mart, a trip which proves humiliating. Small and sensitive comedy, with some touching moments, but not really worth a look. His wife (Cara Buono) was seen in transparent panties.


    The Polish Prince features European music videos today. They like 'em a little stronger there, and they like nudity in their videos. TomCat told me that the French singer Mylene Farmer combines very beautiful music with beautiful videos and nudity. These all contain some nudity, but not all are the singer/artist. In the case of former Johhny Depp flame Vanessa Paradis, I don't know either way. It doesn't look like her, but she's in costume, and I just can't tell from the captures. Let me know if you know.

  • Mapplethorpe exhibit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Cara Buono, "Attention Shoppers"
  • Anonymous Models (1, 2)
  • Mylene Farmer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Vanessa Paradis (1, 2, 3)
  • Syria (1, 2)
  • Brainscan
    Sofia Vergara
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    I knew it was out there, the 2000 calendar with 12, count em 12, images of Sofia Vergara in various states of barely-dressed. Yet no one in this part of the globe seemed to carry it or know who did... until Friday. Lookey what I found. Scanned 'em all and will post the best and (because it's been a whole month or two since I last posted scans of this babe) I am sending along a couple more pics of the lovely Colombian model/ former hostess of Mexican variety show. Sofia Vergara, indeed. 'Round these parts she is known as Sofia Viagra!
    Sarah Michelle Gellar
    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Great 'caps, lame movie. Like many of you I had to see this turkey when it came out just because I wanted to see the slutty side of Buffy. Since the movie was basically another version of "Dangerous Liaisons" it probably could have been a decent flick if one cast member had been replaced....that of course is the eternally pouting, no-talent, pretty boy Ryan Phillippe. Personally I think he's a either a member of the Shatner Hair Club for men, or he's the first actor to be sponsored by Chia. If not, than he's a serious contender for "worst hair in Hollywood".

    Moving on....

  • #1 has Buffy being groped, plus frames of her boobs trying to break free of the clothes that bind them.
  • #2 Just head shots.
  • #3 Buffy and Selma Blair making out. Some of the best 'caps I've ever seen from this part of the movie. The drool is a nice touch.
  • #4 Buffy and Chia boy in deleted scenes featuring some never before seen bra exposure.

  • Kate Nelligan
    (1, 2)
    Breast, and a little bum exposure in scenes from 1981's "Eye of the Needle".
    Angie Everhart All nude B&W with breast exposure.

    Sonia Braga Topless B&W pose.

    Darryl Hannah Doing her very best Colonel Klink impression.

    Karen Elson Very nice topless exposure, and one of the three pics in this batch that are in color.

    Erin O'Connor Nude, but there's still not a lot to see!

    Jenny Shimuzu B&W with a nip slip.

    Paula Ospina Frontal nudity.

    Renee Zellweger Not showing a thing. For her fans only.

    Sophie Marceau We all know that she's not afraid to show off the goods, but here she is doing the ol' arms over boobs trick! Must be a scan from an American magazine.

    Demi More
    (1, 2)
    Playing a mean air guitar in #1, and flexing her GI Jane muscles in #2.

    Helena Christensen
    (1, 2)
    #1...stunning. A fabulous scan with nice breast exposure. #2...a little weird, but it's Helena, so you really can't say no. But if it's not what you're looking for, then just go back and look at #1 again.

    Nina Heimlich and Marieke Delange
    (1, 2)
    The other two color images in today's batch. #1 has both ladies topless, #2 features frontal nudity.
    Margit Symo Old School screen nudity! Going all the way back to 1940! Here are topless scenes from the German movie "Der Postmeister".

    Christiane Krüger Going topless in these scenes from 1969's "De Sade".

    Andrea Sawatzki Showing of her very ample bosom in a movie referred to as the German "American Pie"..."Harte Jungs".
    German Stuff
    The first 6 all all by Celeblover

    Deborah Kaufmann Very nice breast exposure from "Der Laden".

    Eva Habermann Starting with headshots..moving on to lingerie...then on to arm over boobs...then at last, the goodies! Vidcaps from "Rotlicht - In der Höhle des Löwen"

    Eva Herzig Nice topless exposure in 'caps from "Nestroy".

    Marie-Lou Sellem A little dark, but still visible exposure in scenes from "Jenny Berlin - Ende der Angst"

    Meriam Abbas Brief exposure from "Nestroy".

    Sabrina Rattey Cleavage and down shirt views from "Der Laden".

    The next 5 are all from Trainer (I think).

    Alexandra Wilcke Scenes from "Rotlicht - In der Höhle des Löwen"

    Eva Habermann Another look at her topless scene from "Rotlicht - In der Höhle des Löwen".

    Muriel Baumeister Very nice bubble bath nudity in scenes from "Ich liebe den Mann meiner Tochter"

    Nele Müller-Stöfen
    (1, 2)
    Breast exposure from "Tatort - Rendezvous".

    And bringing up the rear...

    Alida Breast exposure plus a lot of thong action from the German Big Brother.
    and ...
    Britney Spears Brand new Britney cleavage 'caps! 'Capped from Sky 1's Live at the London Arena concert that aired a couple of nights ago. Special thanks to Skease.

    Lindy Booth Excellent cleavage 'caps by Freakie from Tia Carrere's syndicated show, "Relic Hunter". Lindy plays Tia's assistant.

    Sarah Lassez Breast exposure from the "Fatal Attraction" rip-off, "Malicious".

    Kate Groombridge
    (1, 2, 3)
    3 nice scans of the UK babe by Tiger. Of particular interest is the nipple exposure in each scan.

    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Thanks to a viewer for the info and comments:
    "just Julia" is actually Julia Ann, former Penthouse Pet and 1/2 of Blondage with Janine Lindmulder. She's done a number of upscale porn movies and is trying to move into mainstream. Here are a couple of her tamer pics.
    Some Commentary by Flatcat
    Couldn't resist after reading yesterday's brief discussion - here are some random thoughts I've had about this whole election thing:

    * I've been interested in politics since I was a tot (I could tell you everyone running for president in 1968, when I was seven), and I haven't had this much political fun since the Berlin Wall fell.

    * I really doubt that anything much positive is going to emerge from this. Already the voices calling 'fraud' have escalated. Once it is settled, it doesn't matter whether we have the mtv attention span. Our fine, upstanding elected officials in the Congress are going to see to it that we don't forget.

    * I really wish everyone involved in this would shut up for two or three days and read the two-volume set from the Library of America called "The Debate on the Constitution". I've been doing so. Verrrry interesting.

    * I think it would be great if we emulated the Brits - since neither won a resounding victory, and many votes for can be construed as votes 'against the other guy', maybe we should declare them both bozos, take the two weeks until the electors have to meet and allow the parties to field two different sets of candidates. Two weeks, that's it.

    * I also think maybe we should reconsider the notions of national unity and national consensus. Living here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, I felt fortunate because I didn't have to confront the 'do I vote my conscience or do I hold my nose' debate that probably so many other people did. We didn't see the candidates hardly after the primaries - Campaign 2000 blew by these parts. This got me thinking about the gymnastics that candidates have to go through to attract the votes, since elections aren't about issues but about 'happy-talk' and what each candidate can do for each individual voter. This in turn led me to wonder what on earth binds the typical Massachusetts liberal Democrat (i.e. voter), who wants government to blow his nose for him, but only after an environmental feasibility study on the impact of soiled tissue on global warming, to a southern religious enthusiast who believes in people following the well-meaning but contradictory instructions in Scripture through government enforcement. What do I, a resident of the Northeast, have in common with the people who live in Salt Lake City? Or in Texas? Or Ohio? Besides the networks and the FunHouse, I mean. Last night's election in Canada involved fewer voters than California, Florida and New York combined. And there are 47 other states. Maybe we as a nation should consider splitting ourselves up into appropriate sized, independent countries. Let Bush be President of Texas. Gore can be President of the South (although he lost there, didn't he?). Hillary Rodham can be President of New York. Ted Kennedy can be President of New England. We all sign a NATO-like treaty, we all sign a Common Market agreement, and we can stop wringing our hands about national consensus. Let the militias be the standing armies in Texas and Montana. Our national legislatures would be more responsive to the individual needs of the region, rather than logrolling and horsetrading Big Digs for nuclear waste dumps.

    * I don't know if you fellas saw the election special at, but there's a really amusing article about Bill Clinton appointing himself President-for-Life. That, and the article about the arrival of peacekeeping troops from Yugoslavia and their opinions about our elections, are definitely worth a look.


    The Funnies
    Hehe...keep in mind that this one is a joke. (at least for now).

    Gore To Sue Any American Who Failed To Vote For Him

    WASHINGTON--Vice President Al Gore's lawyers said Thursday he will initiate a class action lawsuit in Federal District Court against any American who voted for anyone besides himself.

    Chris Lehane stated that "Al will not concede defeat in this presidential election, even if he loses." Lehane stressed that the Vice President believed that anyone who voted for Governor Bush was delusional or traitorous, and in the former case could not be held responsible for their actions.

    "It's clear that the Republicans will stop at nothing to win this election, including using votes received on November the 7th. What this lawsuit seeks to do, is to sue anyone who voted for Bush on the premise that such a vote denies the right of everyone else to have Al Gore as their president."

    Asked if that meant that Gore would not concede even if he lags in votes after certification, Gore campaign spokeswoman Jenny Backus said that was correct, and went on to say;

    "We want a full, fair and accurate count, and we will only be satisfied when the will of the people is interpreted to mean that Al Gore is president. The only way left to do that is to file the class action suit,"

    From Number 6
    Democrat Rules of Golf

  • Democrats get to keep shooting until one gets par or an acceptable score.
  • Democrats are allowed to keep score by hand, Republicans are not allowed to keep score at all, the Democrats will appoint someone to keep score for them.
  • If a Republican shoots par or under par on a hole, a Democratic appointee will sue in Court to a Democratic appointed Judge that the score is invalid.
  • Holes for Democrats will be 3 ft. in diameter (to allow less confusion); Republicans will use the regulation size holes.
  • If a shot is missed by a Democrat it will be counted if the Democrat intended it to go in, and can certify this by written statement to Rev. Jessie Jackson.
  • Scores by Democrats can be changed after the round, if they can prove one of the following:
    * Trees were improperly placed on the course
    * Wind speed was too strong
    * Water was placed on the course in a way that confused the Democrat on club selection

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