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Some people picked "Happiness" in their lists of the top 10 movies of 1998. I don't agree, but I haven't liked many Balck Comedies since Dr Strangelove. It always seems to me that they are just depraved and self-indulgent, and not really funny at all. Here's an example of the dialogue in this movie.
  • 11 year old boy to pedophile dad: "Dad, did you have sex with my friends"
  • Dad (after a pause): yes
  • Son: if you got a chance, would you fuck me?
  • Dad: no, I'd masturbate instead. Pretty wacky stuff, eh? A real laugh riot. The movie is a serious commentary on the facades we create to convince ourselves that we are happy, and the impossibility of finding happiness. It is powerful, I have to admit. It cause deep emotion responses in you when you are watching it, but ... I don't know. Maybe I'm just an old-fart humorless Republican conservative, but this just seemed kind of dark and depraved, and sometimes just as obsessive and sick as the characters it was lampooning. I did kind of enjoy the subplot about the relationship between an obscene phone caller and one woman he calls. Her self-esteem is so low that she actually dials him back with caller ID, and wants him to come over and humiliate her, and it turns out that he's basically just a nice guy with some serious problems. She tells him "you're not my type" because she wants the smut-talking obscene guy from the phone, while the reality is that he is a gentle soul who can barely muster the courage to hold her hand. Anyway, here's Jane Adams.
  • Jane Adams
  • a
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    One Fish, Two Fish
    Tuna's comments: "Today, we have L'Innocente (The Innocent). It is a daunting 2 hours and 5 minutes with sub-titles, only 4 minutes of nudity and only about 15 minutes of plot. The nudity, however, is Italian superstar Laura Antonelli in her prime. It was the last film by director Luchino Visconti, and has a surprising (for a Foreign film) 7.1 rating on IMDB. I have never seen caps of this one before"

    (#1, #2, #3, #4)

    Today is part three of Audrey Marnay from the three-eyed mutation.

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  • Suzanna Hamilton in "1984"
  • more of Hamilton
  • Tracy Tweed in "Sunset Heat"
  • Valeria Golino in "Dernier ete a Tanger"
  • NOT new, but here's Johanna ter Steege in "Tot Ziens" (She was the "Immortal Beloved")

  • Friday's girl: Sophie - #1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

    The Sun also had some pictures of Holly Hambrook. She's the 18 year old who stars in Robbie Williams' new video, "She's the One". Not nude, but she's quite attractive.( #1, #2)

    PLUS Fred specializes in "more exposure" from the wholesome types that populate Page Three and PB Newsstand Specials. Today it is Amber Newman, entertaining herself.

    FR FR does his version of Meredith Baxter in "My Breast". These are much larger and sharper than any previous caps I've seen from this movie. Nice job, FR.

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    Mr Skin

    "Scoop, Here are some collages from the obscure 1984 horror movie "Zombie Island Massacre". The only reason to watch this movie (and I have to admit, it is a good one!) is to see the three nude scenes of ex-Abscam Congressional spouse Rita Jenrette. Enjoy. Skincerely,Mr. Skin" Collages. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) Here's the film clip. Requires Real Video

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    I guess these pictures aren't new. I seen 'em before, but there were some sweet new versions in a new magazine I saw in a dentist's office, so I decided to swipe the magazine. I guess you think I'm some kind of amoral for stealing from a dentist's office, but it's OK, because I wasn't there for an appointment. I was robbing the office at the time, and I figured if we took all his money and gold he really wouldn't care much if we took the mofo'n magazine. Thank God for those Jamaican rasta mofos. Used to be that dentists didn't keep any gold around because everyone want white caps, but them rasta mofos like that shiny she-it in they mouth, so dentists got to meet the demand.

    Only problem with stealing a copy of Vanity Fair, mofo stink up your hands like white sugar perfume, and then yo' woman think you been steppin out with a white woman. I say "bitch, I wasn't with no ivory, I was shootin smack with Ice Man and robbin a dentist's office", but she say "you just sayin that so I won't be mad". But then I show her some gold rasta teeth and she cool.

    This Janis Joplin, who sing Bobby McGee OK for a dead white woman, but I always get fooled by this Kris Kristofferson that wrote the song. This mofo look like and sing like a racist cracka, and he talk like some brain-dead banjo boy in Deliverance, but it turn out he know a lot of big words, and he some kinda Rhodes Scholar, and got some kinda Warren Beatty politics. So if I strung out, he probably find me and buy me breakfast, but we gotta kick his ass anyway, cuz he some cracka-lookin mofo. Man should look like what he is.

    This Patti Smith. I think she some kinda punk rocker from the 70's or something. Photograph taken by that Mapplethorpe cracka, that dead white boy who take pictures of crackas peein in each other's mouths and shit. Don't know any brothas that like to take pictures of this shit, but if you like to look at it, I guess it's OK. I'll even come down 'n pee in your mouth if you water my lawn, and if you don't make me listen to any Patti Smith music.

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  • four more of the new Herzigova nudes, various artists
  • Herzigova
  • Herzigova
  • Herzigova
  • from Blackshine, mostly portraits of Liv Tyler in "Silent Fall". Liv is just as cute as can be (in fact, with CZK semi-retired, Liv may have the world's most photogenic face, eh?) and Blackshine is one of the best vidcappers in the world, but she's fully dressed
  • one more of Liv
  • Here's a topless of Eva Santaloria, the up-and-coming Catalan actress featured by Little Chicken last week.
  • Dixie Jane Beck in "Scoring"
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