Naked News

The 11-25-16 episode featured:

Carli Bei doing Hollywood XPress

An audition from Sadie


Conor Leslie was topless in Graves (s1e7)


An unknown in the November 26th edition


Natalie Madueno in episode 20

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Cougar Hunting

2011, 1920x1080

Melissa Wyler

Oh Oh Cheri


Camille Rutherford and Helene Babu

Defoe's TV clip can be found in the "Breaking News" section

Superman Returns


Kate Bosworth shows a bit of cleavage



Johnny's comments:

Vampyres is a Spanish remake (but in English language) of the 1974 British erotic vampire movie where a couple of female vampires Fran (Marta Flich) and her lover Miriam (Almudena León) take in travellers and have their way with them, then kill them in blood orgies. New arrival in town Ted (Christian Stamm) becomes Fran's new play thing and prisoner in the underground dungeon, while a group of backpackers including Harriet (Verónica Bacorn) set up camp and will come under the spell of the vampire lovers. But not all will die... Practically nothing to the plot, basically someone arrives in town, they meet the vampire lovers and then the blood orgy and onto the next one. So, if you're looking for something meaty, well this ain't it, but if you're looking for lots of lesbians sex and nudity and vampire violence, well, Vampyres delivers. Otherwise, it's a pretty forgettable movie...

Marta Filch film clips (collages below)

Almudena Leon film clips (collages below)

Almudena Leon and Marta Filch film clips (samples below)

Alina Nastase film clips (samples below)

Victoria Abril, Eleonora Rudakova and Sarah Suco in Josephine s'arrondit (2016) in 1080hd




Maeve Jinkings and Samya de Lavor in Boi Neon (2015) in 1080hd

Marisol Ribeiro, Priscilla Sol and Thaila Ayala in Apneia (2015)

Aisling Bodkin in Death Of A Superhero (2011) in 1080hd