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A Guide for the Married Man


The magnificent Inger Stevens in a 1080p film clip

She would be dead a couple of years later, an apparent suicide at age 35



Jasper is a low budget thriller set in Melbourne (gotta love those rainy Melbourne streets) that follows retiring private detective Jasper Clay (writer/director Nathan Hill) who gets a call just as he is about to leave the detective business for good. It is from Courtney (Sandy Greenwood), a prostitute who asks him to find her son who has been taken from her. Then, she is kidnapped by two men while Jasper is knocked out. When he wakes, he asks around and finds that Courtney has been involved with Danvers, a man who seems to have his fingers in a lot of pies, including prostitution. While trying to find Danvers and Courtney, Jasper is seemingly seduced by every woman he comes across, which in a way helps him find both Danvers and Courtney.

 I like to champion low budget films, but I just can't do so with Jasper. The film is so unambitious, basically going from one girl to another, all of whom just instantly want to sleep with Jasper, some without even talking to him. Jasper ain't exactly 'King Dick', so not a jot of it seems possible. Best example is Courtney, two minutes after pouring her heart out about her missing kid throws Jasper into the bedroom to have sex with him. Yeah, don't worry about that kid you love, just fuck some guy you barely know. I can forgive terrible acting, low production values etc. but when a film just feels like someone trying to get with as many women as possible without any motivation, it just gets boring. But in another light, 'Good Night' for making a film and getting hot women to slobber over you. Especially Sandy Greenwood, recently seen in Killer Elite (might've overdone the collages of her...).

Sandy Greenwood film clip (collages below)


This week's clips from Defoe:

May Duthiel in an episode of Groland

an unknown actress in an episode of Groland

Julie Sokolowski in Hadwewich (2009)


Film Clips

Beverly D'Angelo in Vacation (1983) in 720p


Malinda Baker in Lawless (2012)

Jessica Chastain in Lawless

Sadie Katz in Nipples and Palm Trees (2012)

Anita Rimjob (!!) in Nipples and Palm Trees

Keeley Hazell from a 2006 photoshoot

Anne Bergstedt Jordanova in Boardwalk Empire, s3e6

Kathryn Barnhardt in Boardwalk Empire, s3e6

Natalie Pemberton in Underbelly, s1e3

Juliette Binoche in Jet Lag

Lena Amende in Der Kluegere zieht aus

Nicolette Krebitz in Unter dir die Stadt

Paz Vega in Sex and Lucia