Enter the Void


Here's Paz de la Huerta's gyno visit in HD


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The Malibu Bikini Shop


An 80s skin classic in 1920x1080!

Barbara Horan film clips (samples below)


Bobbi Pavis film clips (samples below)

Jeana Loring film clips (samples below)






Lexx is a Canadian and German sci-fi co-production. The main actress is Xenia Seeberg, dressed in a sexy, skimpy outfit most of the time. The series had definitely jumped the shark by now.

Series 4 Episode 1 - Little Blue Planet

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 2 - Texx Lexx

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 3 - P4X

Beth Mahaney - topless

Lydia Klenck - topless

Xenia Seeberg - a bit of nipple

Series 4 Episode 4 - Stan Down

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Series 4 Episode 5 - Xevivor

Tara Doyle - a bit of cleavage

Xenia Seeberg - topless in a shower (recycled footage I think)

Unknown - nice

Series 4 Episode 6 - The rock

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 7 - Walpurgis Night

Andrea Green - sexy

Angie Hill - sexy

Rachel Mooney - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - topless in bath

Series 4 Episode 8 - Vlad

Andrea Green - sexy

Angie Hill - sexy

Rachel Mooney - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 9 - Fluff Daddy

Louise Wischermann - sexy

Patricia Zentilli - half dressed

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Unknown in the Extras - some upskirt!

Series 4 Episode 10 - Magic Baby

Xenia Seeberg - sexy



The Darkroom


Medium budget horror with the usual casting problems from what director Mike Hurst said during the director's commentary. The first choice for the role of the waitress was Jenna Fischer of The Office but she objected to doing a nude scene. But the actress who was cast didn't show up for the nude shoot so he had to find someone else (actresses getting cold feet like this is why nude shoots are usually shot first).  So if he was smart he could have had Jenna Fisher in the first place without the nudity.

Lucy Lawless: boobs nearly falling out her dress as the mother. Before Spartacus this was considered gyno-cam.

Erin Foster: bra and panties tied up. The original script called for her being nude but the director thought the tone would have been too high. It's *exploitation* gawdammit!

Julian Berlin: sexy as waitress only.

Cristin Michele: topless. She was cast at the last minute because she drops her top just like clockwork

Melissa Marsala: sexy.

unknown: sexy bar patron

some of the above chicks in other roles...

Cristin Michele: topless as zombie chick in a previous movie "House of the Dead 2" also directed by Mike Hurst.

Julian Berlin: sexy only in the skinless slasher "Scarred" not directed by Mike Hurst.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "The Mourning After" (s1e10)

Sabrina Campbell: brief breasts as disco slut.

"Being Erica"

episode: "The Tribe Has Spoken" (s3e10)

Lindsay Ames: side boob in opening sex scene.

"Power Play"

episode: "Temptation" (s2e05)

Lori Alter: usual tight sweater, then in slutty cheerleader costume

"Blue Bloods"

episode: "Chinatown" (s1e08)

New cop series starring Tom Selleck. Despite the late time slot this series is quite family orientated so no dead hookers falling on top of cars.

Dylan Moore: very sexy but her last appearance in the series.




Daria Werbowy

Marloes Horst


Film Clips

Erica Leershen in Lonely Joe (sample below)

Vahina Giocante in Mon Pere Francis le Belge (sample below)

Cindy Pena in Grave Vengeance (samples below)

Sheryl Lee in Vampires

Samantha Jacobs and Samantha Facchi in Blood Night

Asia Argento in The Keeper and Les Morsures de l'Aube

Jessie Ward in Rest Stop: Don't Look Back

Natalie Portman in Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Francoise Robertson in Twists of Terror