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"Blackheart" (1998)

Blackheart (1998) features Maria Conchita Alonso as a total bitch of a swindler who uses and abuses her partner Richard Grieco to seduce then swindle men. Afterwards, she has sex with Grieco on her terms. One night, she ends up killing the mark, and Greico has had enough. While helping her ditch the body in a lake, he knocks her over the head, and puts her in the car before he drives it into the water.

The mark who was killed is a PI, who is looking for Fiona Loewi to tell her she has inherited over $10,000,000.00. Grieco decides to fleece her, but ends up in love. Alonso has a lengthy topless sex scene in decent light. The film plays like a made for TV thriller, but managed to hold my interest and build some suspense. IMDB readers say 5.2/10. The critics have yet to speak. The DVD transfer is 4/3, but decent quality and bare bones. C.

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  • Maria Conchita Alonso (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    "Cosas que dejé en La Habana" (1997)

    Cosas que dejé en La Habana (1997) or, things I left in Havana is the story of three Cuban sisters, and a Cuban family, who come to Spain. The family hopes to sneak into the United States, and the three sisters are just hoping for a better life. The sisters move in with their aunt, who puts them to work in her sweat shop. One of the sisters, Violeta Rodríguez, gets the lead in a play about Cuba, and has a torrid affair with another Cuban. We see her breasts in a dark scene.

    This DVD is the exception to the fantastic Spanish films we have been seeing lately, and has about every image quality problem you can imagine. As for the plot, I think a lot of it relies on subtle differences in the Spanish language, and can't be translated into the mandatory subtitles. The few IMDB voters have it at 6.2/10. Had the transfer been better, it may have been more tolerable. C-.

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  • Violeta Rodriguez (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    NEW RELEASE: The Pornographer is a no-budget indy that takes a realistic look at a slice-of-life in the porn biz through the eyes of a lonely guy who virtually becomes a pornographer by accident.

    There are new thumbnailed encyclopedia volumes dedicated to Helena Bonham Carter, Jenny Agutter,  and Anna Levine Thom(p)son. Connect to the encyclopedia from the main members' links page

    Levine has had a strange career. As a high school senior, she posed topless for Scavullo, and the resulting image was an impressive pre-Raphaelite vision in curls and oversized eyes, a kind of fresher-looking hybrid of Carol Kane and Laraine Newman

    Then she floated through Hollywood for about twenty years with no nudity and essentially no work - a complete fringe player, with roles like "third woman  in bar", "waitress", "person in elevator", "girl in 3f", etc. This got her into some great movies in the 80's, although you wouldn't remember her in them.

    Finally, around 1995, she started taking off her shirt at the same time they started giving her lines. She was approaching 40 at the time, but she had a special look that is hard to create artificially. She looks like she fought life and lost. If you saw her, you'd think she was a junkie or a worn-out 'tute or an alcoholic, and yet she maintains a certain femininity underneath the exterior, which conveys an impression of a woman who is not a hard street character, but rather a lost and faded beauty. Her way-too-thin frame and massive chest, coupled with her unique "look"  managed to get her plenty of roles shootin' up and drinkin'. Current rumor has it that she's the Jerry Lewis of the new millennium - a cult star in France, despite her obscurity in the USA. The IMDb reports that she's on her way to France to begin a new career there.

    The following volumes were updated: Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow

    Honte's Swedish and International page is updated yet again.

    Graphic Response
  • Ann Magnuson shows a single breast in "The Caveman's Valentine", one of most the under-appreciated movies, we've reviewed.

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Scorpion's Skinemax part 2
    Just in case one weekly dose of silicone and pseudo sex wasn't enough, Scorpion stings again....

    Gabriella Hall
    (1, 2)

    Topless in 'caps from a "Bedtime Stories" episode. Is it me, or has Gabriella kinda let herself go lately. Granted, in these 'caps she looks good, so no argument here. However, if you've seen some of her other recent work, it looks like she hasn't been spending much time at the gym these days. For an actress that counts on her bod to make money (since lord knows we don't watch for her acting skills) that's not a very smart move.

    Gina Ryder
    (1, 2)

    Plenty of skin and pseudo sex from the "Bedtime Stories" episode, "Like a Virgin".

    People always wonder if the actors are really doing the deed in these softcore movies. Most of the time the answer is a big fat "no". However, there are a few times when you just can't tell. I haven't seen this episode yet, but based on some of Gina's other films (like "A Cum Sucking Whore named Adriana Sage", "Blowjob Fantasies 3", and "Face Fucked 3" to name a few) I will say that in her case, the answer could be a big fat "yes".

    Kim Dawson
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Still more scenes from "Bedtime Stories". All four of these show Kim in a sex scene, but somehow she manages to only show her breasts.

    Dawson and Ryder
    (1, 2)

    The two team up for some rather tame lesbo lovin'.

    Lisa Throw
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Nice robo-hooters (pierced in some of images), a bit of bum, and of course, gettin' it on in several scenes from two late night cable series, "Bedtime Stories" and "Nightcap".

    More goodies from the Vault of Obscurity..

    From up, a movie from New Zealand called "Among the Cinders" (1983).

  • Rebecca Gibney very nice topless and rear nudity in her earliest IMDb film credit. She's best known down under for "Halifax f.p" (1, 2)

  • Various toplessness

    Next up..."Illegal Entry: Formula for Fear" (1993)

  • Barbara Niven, despite being in this movie, she has since gone on to add some fairly respectable credits to her filmography. But most importantly, she's topless in this one.

  • Carol Hoyt, breasts and bum in a bubble bath scene.

  • Leigh Stevens, showing off a really bad boob job.

  • 2 Unknowns going topless

    And finally...who could forget the summer classic "Beach Balls" (1988), or these 2 topless unknowns.

  • Schmutzfink
    Romane Bohringer The French actress goes topless, and shows a bit of rear nudity in scenes from "Vigo" (1998).

    Valérie Kaprisky Topless in a several scenes from "Mouvements du désir" (1994).

    Sandrine Kiberlain One more French actress bares her breasts. Sandrine can be seen topless in bed and in the shower in the movie "Le Septième ciel" (1997).

    Judy Jean Kwon Topless vidcaps by Dann in scenes from the extremely odd movie "The Item". Click here to read Scoop's review of the Citizen Kane of psychic naugahyde slug movies.

    Xenia Seeberg Great work by ZonononZor. Not just an excellent collage, but he also managed to capture a nip slip on "Lexx"!

    Kerry Fox
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Another round of excellent images by Freakie from the movie "Intimacy" (2000).

  • Links 1 and 2 show more from the BJ scene
  • Link #3 is nipple only
  • Links 4 and 5...frontal nudity.

  • Thallia
    (1, 2, 3)

    The French TV babe showing just a hint of nipple in the French FHM. Thanks to DaRed for the scans.

    The Funnies
    Your Family May Be Dysfunctional If
  • Your vacations are planned through AA instead of AAA.
  • Your mother and your preteen sister are always fighting over the last beer.
  • In the middle of family reunion, FBI cuts power to ranch.
  • Bikers next door always complaining about the noise.
  • Family discussions usually begin with "Put the gun down."
  • Instead of saying Grace at dinner, dad reads a passage from Penthouse Forum.
  • Thanksgiving dinner consists of Wild Turkey instead of roast turkey.
  • New bill to ban assault weapons specifically mentions your family.

  • Celeb News
  • As always, thanks to Pat Reeder from The Comedy Wire. His comments appear in yellow.

    From E! Online. Further proof that nobody ever went broke underestimating the good taste of the American people. Or as Tom Lehrer said, "The reason folk songs are so atrocious is because they are written by..."the PEOPLE!" Or in the immortal words of Popeye, "The people's cherce! What could be worse?"

    The People Choose..."Bob Patterson"?!?
    by Mark Armstrong

    And you thought the Florida presidential election was a frightening experiment in democracy. Well, hold onto your hanging chads and take a peek at the nominees for the 28th annual People's Choice Awards: Jason Alexander is nominated for his dead and buried ABC sitcom Bob Patterson. Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson are once again up for Favorite Movie Actor--even though neither of them appeared in a film this year. And Pearl Harbor and The Fast and the Furious are both nominated for (gasp!) Favorite Motion Picture. Where's the Supreme Court when you really need 'em?

    Per tradition, this year's populist awards fest features another head-scratching round perennial favorites in the world of TV, music and movies. A nationwide Gallup poll once again picked Julia Roberts, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Friends as some of America's faves, while Jennifer Lopez scored big with both of her careers--nabbing nominations for Favorite Female Music Performer and for Motion Picture Actress. And, in a matchup we guarantee you will not see on Oscar night, Pearl Harbor, The Fast and the Furious and Shrek will compete for Favorite Motion Picture.

    Other notables: Alexander is nominated alongside Scott Bakula (Enterprise) and Damon Wayans (My Wife and Kids) for Favorite Male Performer in a new TV series. Ellen DeGeneres (The Ellen Show), Kim Delaney (Philly), Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan) and Reba McEntire (Reba) will vie for favorite female in a new series. And in a new "reality" category, Survivor: Australian Outback is nominated alongside The Real World and Temptation Island.

    The major TV categories remain unchanged from past years. Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and Frasier are all up for TV comedy (again), while ER, Law & Order and The West Wing lead the Favorite Drama déjà vu. Yawn.

    Favorite Male TV Performer is once again a race among Drew Carey, Kelsey Grammer and Ray Romano. But for Favorite Female Television Performer, Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman has been replaced this year by Oprah Winfrey (for her role as, um, Oprah Winfrey). The category also includes Jennifer Aniston and Calista Flockhart. Music nominees include shockers like 'N Sync, the Backstreet Boys and Garth Brooks.

    A Gallup poll will also determine the winners, and the top vote-getters in all 18 categories will be announced January 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. The ceremony will be held in Pasadena and hosted for the second year by King of Queens star Kevin James.

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