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The American Academy places non-English-language movies in a ghetto apart from trhe Best Picture nomination. This is a shame, because some real treasures get lost when they get the "best foreign language film" award, since American audiences pay no attention to that award. I can think of no good reason why the Dutch-language "Antonia" (known in English as "Antonia's Line") could not have been nominated for best picture, and perhaps it should even have won. It's a great film, filled with the genuine human spirit, interesting characters, great music, great photography, humor, and a dash of poetry. It's kind of a chick-flick, but I don't mind that. Some chick-flicks are good movies and this is a great one - probably a better one, for example, than "Sleepless in Seattle", because far more profound. It also includes a lot of nudity, although the women are not glamour girls, but women that look like genuine women.

Els Dottermans

Wimie Wilhelm

Elsie de Brauw

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One Fish, Two Fish
Tuna had no comments today, about Vivian Wu in "The Pillow Book", so I'll add a few thoughts. Peter Greenaway is probably my favorite and my least favorite filmmaker. I think that's good, because nobody else arouses in me that kind of passion for films. In the century that mankind has been churning out these entertainments, there is very little new under the yellow sun, but Greenaway is fresh and creative, totally non-commercial, and an absolute one-of a kind original, for good or ill. And he manages to get virtually everyone naked.

"Drowning by Numbers" is one of my all-time favorite quirky movies, with an oddball sense of humor, a perverse amorality, and Joely Richardson nude. (You have to get through the first five minutes, which may be the most boring ever filmed, but it's worth it). "Prospero's Books" is technically magnificent, and a movie of great visual and aural splendor, but just pretentious and arty as all get out. I liked it at times, but my mind wandered when I watched it, and Elya practically killed me for making her watch it.

"The Pillow Book" may be the Greenaway film with the most consistent aesthetic. It is about beauty, and violence, and eroticism, and I don't know what all. Fundamentally, it's about a woman who can only get physically excited when her body is used for calligraphy. Sound pretentious? Maybe. I think it got every possible review from one to four stars. In the IMDb, one third of all reviewers gave it a 10/10, and that's a higher percentage of perfect scores than "Raiders of the Lost Ark". On the other hand, a lot of people gave it a 1. It probably sets the all-time record for most male nudity in a non-porn film (including Obi-Wan's light saber), but there actually isn't that much from the ladies.

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Today is part two of Audrey Marnay from the three-eyed mutation. There are not any especially good see-throughs in this batch

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I don't know anything about this movie or this actress. I gather that it is another soft-core "erotic entertaimnment". Anyway, it's called "Joy in San Francisco", and all the collages are Zara Whites, and there are bazillions of them.

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The Sun also had some previews of the FHM calendar in Friday's edition. Only McAndrew shows any naughty bits, and that is also modest exposure. Nell McAndrew Lisa Faulkner Lisa Snowdon Melainda Messenger Clair Richards

WhyScans also traced down more of the FHM calendar pics. No nudity unless noted. a babe from The Honeyz a babe from The Honeyz a babe from The Honeyz Louise Nurding Louise Nurding Louise Nurding and Claire Richards Claire Richards Claire Richards Melinda Messenger Messenger and Annelise Braakensiek Braakensiek Lisa Snowdon Lisa Snowdon Lisa Snowdon. Modest nudity. Lisa Faulkner Lisa Faulkner. Eating a carrot. Dannii Minogue Beverley Turner Beverley Turner Kate Groombridge


Fred specializes in "more exposure" from the wholesome types that populate Page Three and PB Newsstand Specials.

Today it is Samantha Laurent. Fred's comments: "Popular Playboy Model Samantha Laurent is a monument to plastic surgery. Unlike Tori Spelling, who still looks a little like her father in drag despite the best surgery money can buy, plastic surgery transformed Samantha into a model that was competing for Playboy NSS Model of the Year in 1997. Before her Playboy days Samantha was known as Samantha Shamal in Private Porn circles. Here are some before and after pics of the fair Samantha." The first five are hard-r. The last three are porn.

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You probably believe

1) That there hasn't been a decent musical in the last 40 years.

2) That there hasn't been a decent Woody Allen movie in the past 20 years.

You are wrong on both counts. Just a couple of years ago, Woody Allen made a musical called "Everyone Says I Love You". It's funny and touching, it's filmed in NY, Paris, and Venice. It's a terrific musical, heartfelt and sincere, featuring classic songs rather than original music. The Woodman didn't hire professional singers, either. He used actors and let them sing their own songs, because he knows that the essence of a song is its meaning, and actors are good at conveying the emotions involved. Of the people who sang, Goldie Hawn sings and dances at a professional level Edward Norton and Alan Alda are competent singers with so much charm that they can miss a note or two and still carry a song beautifully. Is there anything Norton cannot do? Well, in fairness, he isn't much of a dancer, but I think he did OK.

Woody Allen and Tim Roth can't really sing, but they sang well enough that they didn't spoil the song.

Julia Roberts can't sing, and isn't all that great at the emotional side either, but she didn't seem half bad in context.

Drew Barrymore had big breasts. (She was the only one dubbed )

Here it is.

Before I sign off, let me say that this movie contains maybe the best dance number I've ever seen. Better than Kelly singin' in the rain, better than O'Connor flipping off the wall, better than Carrey and Cameron Diaz in The Mask ....etc. And you know who does the dance? Woody Allen and Goldie Hawn and a lot of special effects. I never thought I'd say that the best dance I ever saw involved Woody Allen, but this scene is really something. To be fair, Woody just manages not to screw up the look of the scene, but Goldie and the special effects are dy-no-mite. There are two or three other dance numbers that poke gentle fun at Hollywood Musicals, and they are all entertaining. At a Funeral, all the corpses start singing and dancing. In a hospital, people dance with their IV's in hand, in full body casts, etc. This one is brilliantly choreographed because it is in the narrow confines of a real hospital corridor, yet includes dozens of singing doctors, patients and others interweaving through the halls.

Great movie that came and went without anybody really noticing it. Amazing that Woody can still make a good movie like this, but also churns out drivel like "Celebrity".

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