Three more cam clips of Anne Hathaway in Love and other Drugs. They are better than yesterday's in that they are upright, but otherwise they're just as bad,



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Fight Club


Helena Bonham Carter (mostly CGI; samples below)




I felt like a change so I have headed to Scandinavia - Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Arguably, Finland is part of it all so I have added a couple from there as well.

From Denmark:


Some brief breast exposure by Sofie Gråbøl in Accused aka Anklaget (2005).


Angels in Fast Motion

Plenty of nudity in Angels in Fast Motion aka Nordkraft (2005).

Barbara Hesselager,

Pernille Vallentin Brandt

and Signe Egholm Olsen show their breasts.

Signe Vaupel

and an unknown stripper show their bums.



Sonja Richter shows the lot in Cecilie (2007) and I've included a  couple of movies showing her action.



A golden oldie and a silent movie is Häxan (1922). There is brief nipple and bum exposure by a woman I couldn't identify.


Minor Mishaps

Maria Würgler Rich shows her breasts in a mirror in Minor Mishaps aka Små ulykker (2002)


Rule No 1

Some more breast exposure in Rule No 1 aka Regel nr. 1 (2003), this time by Susanne Juhász.


Villa paranoia

No nudity in Villa paranoia (2004), just small pokies by Sonja Richter.

From Norway:

Gone with the Woman

Marian Saastad Ottesen is topless in Gone with the Woman aka Tatt av kvinnen (2007) but manages to keep the goodies hidden.



Viktoria Winge is topless in Reprise (2006)

and Rebekka Karijord fills out a bikini very nicely.


The Bothersome Man

Some brief nipple showing by Petronella Barker in The Bothersome Man aka Den brysomme mannen (2006)


Troubled Water

Trine Dyrholm is wearing a see-through bra in Troubled Water aka DeUsynlige (2008).

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is topless but you can't see anything.

From Sweden:


Helena Bergström is topless in Deadline aka Sprängaren (2001).



The nudity in Miffo (2003) comes from a topless Livia Millhagen.

Eva Dahlman is down to her underwear.


Miss Sweden

No nudity in Miss Sweden aka Fröken Sverige (2004) but Alexandra Dahlström is in her underwear.


What the Swedish Butler Saw

There are lots of naked women in the Swedish/British production What the Swedish Butler Saw aka Champagnegalopp (1975).

They include Malou Cartwright,

Sue Longhurst,



Vivi Rau

and many not identified.


From Finland:

Black Ice

Some more naked women in Black Ice aka Musta jää (2007).

They are Outi Mäenpää

and Ria Kataja.

Sara Paavolainen is down to her underwear.


The Winter War

The Winter War aka Talvisota (1989) is about Finland's war with the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Pirkko Hämäläinen gets naked.

and ...

Screwballs II - Loose Screws


Spaz has identified some additional images of Annie McAuley

and Cindy Fidler in Loose Screws

so I have included some more collages that go with my last contribution.




Jennifer Aniston in Mexico on Thanksgiving (bikini only, slight pokies)

Turkey-flavored enchiladas?

Una Healy of The Saturdays topless (some new, some upgrades)



Film Clips

Irina Potapenko in Mexico (2010) (sample below). Talk about hot off the presses! This premiered last night on German TV.

Hande Kodja in Captain Ahab 2007 (720p; sample below).