Third party videos:

  • There's no nudity in this, but just for fun Tuna sent over a film clip from the Citizen Kane of musical comedy horror pornos, The Ghost in a Teeny Bikini.  (Zipped .avi) It's the song - read the Movie House Commentary before downloading (and to get all the words).

  • Sweet! Keira Knightley's brief tit-flash in The Hole (Movie House Commentary) - in High Definition (Zipped .avi), Sample cap below. (Ni-i-i-iice.)



Am I still in college, coach?
  • Vince Young engineers a comeback, after entering the fourth quarter down 21-0 to the Giants!!

Man, those Ravens can play some D. They sacked Roethlisberger NINE times, picked off two interceptions, and recovered one Steeler fumble in a 27-0 victory.

"What if an advertising firm had to sell a 2000-yr-old urban legend to the public?"

The Most Famous Photographs


Weekend Box Office Results for November 24–26, 2006

  • Overall, the results were about as expected, and also about the same as last year's Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The new releases all did a bit worse than expected, and the carry-overs all did a bit better! (It was a mediocre crop of new releases.)
  • The only real bomb among the new releases was Tenacious D, toward which moviegoers exhibited total indifference.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





The Degradation of Emanuelle (1977)

Emanuelle - perché violenza alle donne? is one of the Joe D'Amato black Emanuelle series staring Laura Gemser. It is close to impossible to find. I screened a Russian DVD of this Italian film with dubbed English.

This is one of the classier of the series, and even has a plot of sorts. Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is assigned to cover a sex guru who supposedly teaches the perfect orgasm. What she finds instead is a total ripoff of women, and a guru who suffers from premature ejaculation. Next, she teams with reporter Karin Schubert to break a white slavery ring that starts off in China and takes them to Italy. Finally, Emmanuelle returns to the US, where she catches a Senator and his buddies abusing a beauty queen on the docks.

The genre is Emanuelle sequels, or even soft-cores in general. and this is above average, mostly attributable to the quality and quantity of nudity.


IMDb readers say 4.9 based on only 80 votes.



Laura Gemser does full frontal ...



... as does Karin Schubert ...




... and someone credited as Elisabetta Terribile as the beauty queen. Some claim she is actually Kristine DeBell, others say no. Personally, I don't think so, although there is some resemblance. However, Terribile is only credited for this film, and there is no record of her anywhere else on the Internet.



Brigitte Petronio shows breasts and bush in an early scene.



 Many unknowns show body parts in various soft- and hard-core scenes.











Today we have porn star Jenna Jameson in Howard Stern's "Private Parts".

Caps and three .wmv clips (zipped together) of Jenna in all her full frontal glory frolicking with Howard.








Here's Meg Foster from a woman-in-peril film, Hidden Fears. No nudity but some good views of Meg.


Meg Foster








Notes and collages

The Celebrity Shower series continues


Stella Stevens in Monster in the Closet



.....a very cute lady with a great body; when I think of her I conjure back to a Matt Helm film she was in...




Margaux Hemingway in Lipstick



...Marguax looks great in this unpleasant film about a rape; her younger sister Mariel co-stars....








Britney Spears has now been training with Paris and Lohan for a week and is ready to flash some bald beaver in public.


Sonia Braga is in a double bill today. First Gabriela ...

 ... then Sonia Braga in Lady on the Bus


Jennifer Podemski in Bliss