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How can ya complain? Part of a set of four DVD's for twenty bucks, and this one is basically a Bo Derek Naked DVD. Many of these glamour girls develop some acting skills at they age (Jessica Lange and Milla, to name a couple), but I don't think Streep will be calling Bo to share any tips on characterization, or possibly to discuss the nuances of pronouncing words with a Polish accent. Of course, in Bo's case, it doesn't really matter, does it? I think she should get some kind of hazardous-duty Oscar just because she spent so much time talking to and touching Jeff Fahey.

And how did they get the late Bob Mitchum into this turkey? He must have really needed the money.

The whole plot is based upon a totally silly idea. Possibly, one identical twin kills his brother and assumes his identity. At the end, nobody knows for sure because of the dreaded "identical DNA" found in twins. I don't know shit about DNA, but give me their dental records and I'll tell you which brother it is, and I'm not even a dentist.

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One Fish, Two Fish
Tuna and I find ourselves doping a lot of the same movies from the "new to DVD" list. But why object? Nothing wrong with a double dose of Faye Dunaway in the classic Polanski film: "Chinatown"

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Today is Audrey Marnay day from the three-eyed mutation. #5 and #6 probably have the clearest see-throughs

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caps and commentary byMongoose

Una Vita Lunga Un Giorno Well, I don't know where the hell they dug up this movie from. It must be pretty rare as most movie info sources have no mention of it. This is a really crappy copy (a copy of a copy) and I wasn't going to cap it, but then I thought "If I don't, who will?" No one. Why do I have this movie in the first place, and why does it deserve to be capped? Because it has supereurogoddess Ewa Aulin topless, that's why! Ewa Aulin in Una Vita Lunga Un Giorno.

My guess is that this was made for Italian TV. But it's only a guess. The movie's in Italian (which I don't understand) and is not subtitled so I have no idea what it's about. It has something to do with cops and gangsters. This is the best collage of the bunch with some nice shots of Ewa's boobs.

More of Ewa's breasts. There seems to be a bunch of Ewa Aulin flicks out there that the IMDb does not know of. I'll keep you posted as I uncover them!

Another pretty lady gets naked. Anna Maria Pescatori takes a shower. Yes, this is a really shitty video but she is very pretty so I capped it. I don't know who she is but I like her face. There was another scene with a brief full frontal shot but I could not salvage the caps.

The House that Vanished This one of the earlier movies of semifamous Spanish director Jose Larraz. Larraz was a comic book artist and fashion photographer in the 50s and early 60s, before he turned to film making. Larraz is another one of those directors who seems to have set his sights high, but his lack of funding always kept him firmly in the sleaze/trash/horror camp in the eyes of contemporary critics. The House That Vanished (aka Scream and Die) was released in 1973 and is about a young woman who accidentally witnesses a murder and thus becomes entangled in a serial killer murder/romance/mystery. This is the victim of the first murder, Barbara Meale. Dark scene.

Larraz is a self confessed Anglophile and filmed most of his early movies in England. There was one truly horrific scene in this one where the quite old Maggie Walker was having wild naked sex with her young nephew. Yeesh. I did not cap that scene. I'm still having nightmares! Here's a younger and prettier Judy Matheson getting killed.

This would be a somewhat strange (to me) scene. Annabella Wood has a pet monkey which wakes her up in the morning. Naked red head with a monkey:

The really special thing about this movie is British actress Andrea Allan I thought she was really cute until she took her top off. Holy crap! What a pair! Two of the finest I have ever seen. Andrea's the young woman who witnessed the murder and wound up dating the serial killer. Here she is taking off her top to go to bed. The scene is a little dark (I've gotta take a break from these horror movies) but worth seeing for her boobs.

Andrea getting out of the bath tub Outstanding breasts.

Andrea having sex with the killer. The scene is kind of dark so I threw in a pretty pic of her face to make it worth checking out.

Two Undercover Angels First let me say that Paramount/Gateway home video can suck my ass! I was going to present these two movies on a triple bill with Danger:Diabolik. I thought they would go together well but when I went to cap my brand new copy of Diabolik I found that it was recorded in SLP! Bastards! Anyway...the triple bill is down to a double bill with two Jess Franco flicks: Two Undercover Angels and Kiss Me Monster. Both of these movies were filmed in 1968 to cash in on Janine Renaud's 15 minutes of fame after appearing (quite naked) in Franco's 1967 movie Succubus (aka Necrominocon or Lorna). These are light hearted spy spoof movies which really did not have enough nudity but are fun to watch anyway. Great lounge club jazz soundtracks also! Unknown actress getting murdered.

Two Undercover Angels was also known as Sadisterotica. Janine Renaud (who was about 38 when she made these two flicks) and Rossana Yanni play Red Lips, a masked detective a la Batman etc. Actually Red Lips was somewhere between the altruistic hero Batman and the popular villian/hero Diabolik. An interesting character twist was that the two ladies would take turns wearing the black garb of Red Lips, thus confusing police as one was a buxom blonde and the other a lithe red head. Witness accounts were very confused but one intrepid Interpol agent figured out the puzzle. The name Red Lips comes from their practice of leaving a calling card with the imprint of a red lipstick kiss at the scene. Another unknown actress dancing topless in a club.

A collage of Janine Renaud and Rossana Yanni. I think Rossana's nip peeks out of her swimsuit but I could be hallucinating. This is the more entertaining of the two movies.

Kiss Me Monster Scoop's note: Mongoose wrote this title as "Kiss Me Monster" rather than "Kiss Me, Monster". I assume he took that from the titles or the box, because he's used the original font in his collages, but it doesn't make sense. Written without the comma, it must be about an Irish guy asking for a blowjob. "Now jest be gittin on yer knees and kiss me monster, lassie"

Kiss Me Monster is the second part of the Red Lips saga. In this one (oops, I forgot to tell you that Two Undercover Angels was about the pair hunting down a sadistic photographer who like to have his wolf boy sidekick choke beautiful women to death while he snaps photos and then turn the photos or the corpse into a work of art that sold for big big bucks), the duo are going after an evil scientist who was attempting to create a race of supermen on a Caribbean island. Btw, I have seen Ms Yanni's first name spelled as Rossana and Rosanna and Janine's last name spelled as Renauld, Reynaud and Reynault. Here is the unknown club dancer from Sadisterotica still dancing topless but now in a club in the Caribbean!

. Franco comes from a family of intellectuals and politicos but grew up to be the black sheep trash film maker. Franco has made somewhere between 200 and 400 or more movies in his career, and most of them have a helluva lot more gore and nudity than these two. Here Janine Reynaud gives us a very quick flash of her breasts. She and Rossana are undercover working in a resort club.

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Fred specializes in "more exposure" from the wholesome types that populate Page Three and PB Newsstand Specials.
  • Claudine Jennings Playboy likes to use Claudine in many of its products, Magazines, Videos even catalogs. She's even been in several of the Playboy-produced late night cable productions. Here she entertains another Playboy favorite Jacqueline Lovell (Sara St. James).

    A few of her credits: Playboy BOL #57 97/10 "5'5"", 115lbs, 34-24-34"; Swank GO 96/06 as Cindy; Swank 95/12 as Cindy; Promotions Co. Video as Cindy C., Masturbation,public nudity; Playboy Sexy Latin Ladies 97/05 Mizuno Puerto Rican, sez here; Playboy Girls of the Net Video 96 a.k.a. Cindy; Penthouse Lipstick Girls Video 97; Oui 97/08 as Dawn, Reprint of Cindy in Genesis; Mayfair Model Dir 97V15N2 Inside Cover foldout; Magic Moments Video "as Claudia (Masturbation video); Hustler 96/11 Cover only; High Society 96/02 as Cindy; Playboy Best of Strip Search 96 Video Dancing in opening and closing credits; Club 96/08 as Cindy; Cheri BO 96#87 as Cindy; Genesis 96/04 as Cindy; Leg Show 96/11 as Cindy with Sara St. James

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  • Snowblind

    What Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey, followed by the gravy bowl match on the wrestling shows? Miss Jacqui, Ivory, Miss Kitty, and a newcomer Ruth Collins in "Doom Asylum" Mo Collins in her undies on "Mad TV" Helen Hunt. She isn't nude, but trust me, you do want to see her in "Trancers" (Santa's forgotten reindeer) Demi Moore in "Indecent Proposal" Geanette, from "Blind Date"

    Speaking of rasslin', Crow is the King of the Ring, and he created some new images of the new Sunny, back in shape again and lookin' good (maybe a little boob work as well?). Butt-lovers, you have to see the third one.

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    Members' bonuses. Zeta

    There isn't any nudity in "Entrapment", just some teases. It's an OK caper film, glitzy and glam, with Connery and Zeta tightrope-walking across the towers in Kuala Lumpur. The movie is nothing special, and has a couple of irritating flaws in the plotting. It's also not a very sharp transfer to DVD. A disappointment. The sexiest scene was the one of CZJ with her fully-clothed butt in the air.

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    Aussie Aussie comes up with some rare stuff!
  • Brittany Powell in "After Dark - Erotic Showcase" (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8)
  • I loved this one, Nicolette Sheridan in "Raw Nerve"(Aussie is working on an .mpg of this one, as well)
  • Pitters
  • Imogen Stubbs in "The Rainbow"
  • Amanda Redman - assorted. We may not know who she is in America, but we have her name painted on the side of a lot of barns, followed by "Chewing Tobacco"
  • Lipstalk " first scan in a year - after an unsuccessful attempt at scanning a year ago when I did 20 assorted scans. If this turns out well, I will release the rest of my scans from this pictorial. As for the new off-court Anna Kournikova collage, I think it speaks for itself..." (Scoop's note: these file sizes are mammoth. 400 and 550k, respectively)
  • the collage
  • the new scan

  • more
  • Several non-nudes of Vanessa Mae from a German talk show
  • Vanessa Mae from a German talk show
  • Vanessa Mae from a German talk show
  • Vanessa Mae from a German talk show
  • Vanessa Mae from a German talk show
  • Sandra Speichert in "Versprich ..", from Slarti
  • Racquel Darrian in "Rolling Thunder" from LynXXX
  • another of Sharon Stone in the new Esquire, from Jeebs
  • The rest of that new Maxim spread of Lara Flynn Boyle, this time from Nexus
  • Lara Flynn Boyle. This one has a clear see-through
  • Lara Flynn Boyle
  • from Celeblover: Beate Kiupel in "Stubbe"
  • from Celeblover: Marion Mitterhammer in "Julia"
  • from Celeblover: Nadine Tschanz in "Wilsberg ...."
  • from Celeblover: Natalia Woerner in "Kinder der Nacht"
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