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Two more women from Sunday's episode of Masters of Sex (s1e9)

Helene Yorke

Olivia Alaina May

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"The Borgias"

season three, 1920x1080

episode two

Holly Grainger


(season two)

Lena Dunham collages

Sweet Vengeance


Sweet Vengeance is a revenge drama set in America's Wild West. Sarah and Miguel Ramírez (January Jones and Eduardo Noriega) are a married couple just trying to get by on their small piece of land, but they keep running into problems. The bank keeps taking money from them while their neighbour, the psychotic Prophet Josiah (Jason Isaacs) seems to be killing their livestock. After Miguel confronts Prophet Josiah about his livestock, Prophet Josiah does not take kindly to this and kills Miguel and buries him elsewhere, making it look like Miguel has run off. Prophet Josiah comforts Sarah in his own special way and that is when she decides to get revenge. Meanwhile, a new Sheriff (Ed Harris), a rather eccentric man with a keen eye for detail, literally waltzes into town looking for the killer of two brothers with Prophet Josiah being the prime suspect. When the killing starts, nobody is safe, no matter how good they are with a gun.

While Sweet Vengeance is a stock standard revenge drama, what makes it slightly different is the eccentric characters. Both Ed Harris and Jason Issacs are quite good in their roles, and that distinction is about the only thing going for Sweet Vengeance. Apart from that, you've seen this plot all before.

January Jones

collages below

Jiji Hise and Jenny Gabrielle

sample below

I Didn't Come Here To Die


Johnny's notes:

I Didn't Come Here To Die is a black comedy/horror thriller about a group of trainee camp counsellor who are charged with cleaning up the area for the next camp for a few weeks. Lead by Sophia (Emmy Robbin), it doesn't take long before the group get bored and the strict 'no alcohol' policy is abandoned. That's where the problems start with Miranda (Madi Goff) getting poked in the eye by a low branch with Sophia having to take her to the hospital. The rest of the group continue cleaning up the area, but things go wrong and spin wildly out of control fast and with no way back to civilisation, it's going to be a long wait for Sophia to get back with the car. Not a bad little low budget black comedy horror movie that does it's job neatly even if the movie pushes a supernatural angle that isn't needed. One scene with a chainsaw is a delight and quite ugly at the same time. Worth a look if you into horror movies with a comic twist.

Emmy Robbin

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TV/Film Clips

Petra Scharbach and Hula in Provocazione (1988)

Moana Pozzi, also in Provocazione
Teresa Ann Savoy in Le faro da padre (1974). This is a good find by Zorg. I knew this existed, but had never seen any clips from it before. You probably remember her from two Tinto Brass films, Caligula and Salon Kitty, but this role was her screen debut. She retired from acting in 2000, after making La Fabbrica del Vapore, the first Italian digital movie. After a long career in Italian films and TV, the 58-year-old English actress now resides permanently in private life in Italy with her husband and two children.


L'il Kim: areolae and camel toe

Reymond Amsalem in The Attack (2013)

Erin Cummins

one of those old-time Demi Moore pics from her naughty print era of small breasts and nonscaping

and some celebrity bottoms:

Alyssa Sutherland in episode nine of Vikings

Daryl Hannah in Splash

Emily Browning in Summer in February

Julia Sandberg Hansson in Junkie

Mary-Louise Parker in Part Five of Angels in America

Michelle Barthel in Spieltrieb

Saskia Reeves in Cliose My Eyes

Valentina Di Paola in Cha-cha-cha