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Wife to Be Sacrificed



"Ikenie fujin" is a Nikkatsu Roman Porno directed by Masaru Konuma, the fourth such film released in the USA this month. This one stars Naomi Tani as a flower arranging teacher whose husband ran off three years earlier after being accused of child molesting. He returns, kidnaps her, and subjects her to bondage, discipline and degradation, which she ends up responding to positively, after fighting him at first. She escapes once, only to be raped by two hunters. We see that hubby does have genuine concern as he washes and soothes her after the rape. Then hubby finds two lovers who have attempted a double suicide. He captures them and toys with them for a while, all of which leads to the surprise ending.

This film was hugely popular in Japan, presumably due to the fetish content, and its 7.1 is the highest IMDb rating of the four recent releases (Wife to Be Sacrificed, Tattooed Flower Vase, Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession and Erotic Diary of an Office Lady). Of the four, Tattooed Flower Vase is my favorite, but this is an excellent film in its own right, especially if the fetish content is your cup of tea.

I am hoping that we will see more of the Pinku films, especially Roman Pornos and Pinky Violence, coming to American DVDs soon.


Naomi Tani and Terumi Azuma show breasts and buns, and are frequently tied up and tortured with candles, hot wax, whips, enemas, etc.



Naomi Tani


Terumi Azuma










Girl Boss Guerrilla


From the "Pinky Violence Collection," this is a very violent picture starring Miki Sugimoto with her tattooed boob. Miki also winds up as a "Babe in Bondage" being tortured by a group of very nasty men.


Reiko Ike also shows breasts when she is roughed up by one of the bad guys.







Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 8 of 13

Stella Stevens








A History of Violence

Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) is an ordinary man who lives in the quiet town of Millbrook, Indiana with his perfect wife, former cheerleader Edie (Maria Bello), and two perfect kids. One day Tom takes care of a pair of spree-killers and becomes a media sensation and his diner is jammed with people who want to get a glimpse of the hero. But there are also other people who are interested in meeting Tom, people who say they knew him in the past. Soon enough Tom has to take care of his past mistakes and try to keep his family together.


Maria Bello







Thora Birch in Dark Corners

 (no nudity)


Mr Skin takes a few looks at the rare films of Isela Vega, whom you may remember from Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. Most of these are completely new to me.

La India 1975
Drum 1976
Oro Rojo 1978
Las Tentadoras 1980
La Pulqueria 1981

Film clips

Kelly Reilly in Joe's Palace (samples right)

Joanna Page in Love Actually

Daria Halprin (et al) in Zabriskie Point

Although, or perhaps because, it was directed by Antonioni, Zabriskie Point is often listed on "all-time worst" lists.

And with good reason.

Antonioni spent two years filming it, mostly in Death Valley, and his penchant for non-linear filmmaking really got away from him. Antonioni was the type of guy who worked without a script, didn't remember what he shot yesterday, and had no idea what he would shoot tomorrow, so you can imagine the continuity problems involved in stitching together footage shot over two years. One of the director's primary themes was the failure of communication, and you had to admire the dedication he made to reinforcing that point by his own consistent failure to communicate anything coherent, either in the film or in his interviews.

To make matters worse, he hired two performers who had never acted before, and it showed. The male star, high school drop-out Mark Frechette, was hired on the spot when Antonioni's casting scouts found him ranting wildly at a bus stop. "He's twenty and he hates" was their lucid explanation. Frechette was a member of a Manson-like cult. After his brief film career he returned to the things he loved best, like armed robbery. In theory, the bank robbery he committed was supposed to be some kind of political statement against capitalism. Of course, these guys were not exactly criminal masterminds. One of his co-conspirators was killed in the hold-up attempt, and Frechette himself spent the rest of his short life in prison. He was dead before his 28th birthday.

The film's problems continued into post-production. In the process of scoring the film, Antonioni had the rare privilege of being one of the few film directors to get his ass kicked by a musician working on his film, in this case the guitarist Jeff Fahey, who got tired of Antonioni's bullshit and flat-out decked him.

The film was a massive box office dud. Compared to Antonioni's Blow-Up, this film cost six times as much and took in less than 5% as much. It was one of the biggest financial disasters in history up to that point.


Trine Dyrholm in Bungalow High (right)
Franka Potente in Romulus, My Father (right)

Sonia Braga in Gabriela

Winona Ryder in The Ten (right. No nudity.)
I tried to watch The Ten. It is a comedy in ten separate sketches, one about each of the ten commandments. It's totally unwatchable, which probably explains why you never heard of it despite some big names in the cast. Imagine one of those sketches on Saturday Night Live where it becomes apparent in 30 seconds that it just isn't working, but it is scheduled to last four minutes and it's live TV, so there's no way to escape from it. Well, picture the ten worst SNL sketches of all time stitched together with a lame framing device. That's this movie.

The funniest idea the writers came up with was to star Winona Ryder in the segment about "That Shalt Not Steal." In addition to the irony of the concept, this scene is probably the funniest thing in the film.

Mimi Moss in Consignment (right)
Unknown in Consignment (right)
Kelsey Barney in Consignment (right)

Related to the above, here is Kelsey from the Consignment DVD special features


And here she is in Left in Darkness






The Comedy Wire

The Bergdorf Goodman store in New York is offering a $62,000 lipstick by the French cosmetics maker Guerlain.  For that price, you get a meeting with Guerlain's artistic director, who oversees the creation of a personal shade just for you, in a gold tube encrusted with rubies, emeralds and 199 "conflict-free" diamonds.  It costs more than a 2008 Hummer. 

*  It Had Better Help You GIVE Incredible Hummers 

Britain's News of the World reports that a controversial new product
was unveiled at London's Erotica Show.  It's the Rabbit Travel Vibe, a travel vibrator that plugs into car cigarette lighters.  Maker Top Cat put free samples in the VIP bags.  They claim it delivers 12 volts of "pure vibrating ecstasy" and "complete satisfaction on the move."  But that idea infuriated the Royal Auto Club.  A spokeswoman said the sex toy could prove a lethal distraction and urged motorists, "Don't use it while driving."   

*  It's especially dangerous to combine it with a Hummer.