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#3 USC keeps its hopes alive.
  • In order to have any chance at all, they had to defeat Notre Dame, and not just to beat them, but to pound the crap out of them, because #2 Michigan had already drubbed the Irish 47-21. The Trojans were up to the challenge, trouncing Notre Dame by an almost identical score (44-24). That doesn't mean they will make it to #2, but the point is that they aren't eliminated


By turning down the role of Gandalf and the contract that came with it, Sean Connery threw away as much as $400 million!


"The final result of the contested 2004 Edgewood mayoral election came down to a game of chance— the draw of a high card."


The Best Cartoon on Iraqi TV (SNL TV Funhouse Parody)


Get ready for heartbreak: 'Revenge Of The Nerds' Remake Ceases Production


"The town that breeds suicide bombers"


Headline of the Day: "Drunken Swedish moose drowns after fermented apple binge"


A restaurant in Arizona proudly admits to trying to finish off its customers and has introduced the 'quadruple bypass burger'.


Twin Peaks, WA

  • "I've been captivated by the world of Twin Peaks since 1989. In recent years, I've traveled to Washington and photographed as many of the original filming locations as I've been able to find. I'm happy now to share my images with you."


You have to love British TV - here's an extremely graphic special on the science of sex


What To Do In A Zombie Attack


All-Time Top Ten Video Game Weapons


How about squirrel for Thanksgiving?

  • ... Damn, I'm sorry I didn't see this in time. Maybe NEXT Thanksgiving. They not only taste great, but you can get them for free out of your rain gutters!



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Harlan County War (2000)

Harlan County War (2000) is a Showtime production based on a particularly contentious coal miner's union organizing strike held in Harlan County, Kentucky. The miners certainly had legitimate grievances, including very low wages, poor living conditions in company shacks, high food prices in the company store, no medical insurance for their black lung disease, and unsafe working conditions. When the workers voted for a strike, the company still refused to honor a contract. They brought in scab workers, bought judges to keep the workers from picketing, and even resorted to taking their homes, beating and jailing them, and shooting at them. Eventually, the wives on the picket line carried the day, and the workers won their agreement.

Holly Hunter played a mother of two who had never been out of Harlan County, married to a miner who had nearly been killed in a cave-in, and daughter of a miner dying of black lung disease. While the film is based on real events, Holly Hunter is not a historical character but an amalgam of the courageous women who fought, and Stellan Skarsgard as the resident union organizer was also not a real person. This historical fiction piece received some bad press from the maker of a documentary about the same events, complaining about the added characters and a similar title. Personally, I thought Holly Hunter's character was a perfect focus for the film, and it didn't try to make it seem like she won the battle single-handed. She commented in a short interview that she was mindful that the reason the miners were successful was that they and their families stuck together and fought for what they wanted.

Holly Hunter received several nominations for this role, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. I am predisposed to like this sort of film, based on historically accurate working class struggles, and thoroughly enjoyed this one. If this is also your type of film, it doesn't get much better than this.


IMDb readers say 6.2.

Scoop's note: My review expressed the same sentiments, and awarded the same score.



Holly Hunter shows breasts in a sex scene with her husband.










Another doubleheader today.

First we return to 1975 and "Night of the Seagulls" for caps of  another "Babe in Bondage," Maria Vidal, who is topless and meets a not-so-nice ending.

For our movie clip we have another "Babe in Bondage", this time it's Rebekah Kochan in "When a Killer Calls." Kind of dark and grainy, but she is exposed and fondled in this gruesome scene. (Zipped .wmv) You can find caps back in the archive on June 15 of this year.







 Naked Wild On


In Australia, E! have been running a series called Naked Wild On,  which is just an excuse to rerun some old Wild On clips featuring very naked women.

  • First off, we have porn star Serenity (although the IMDB says she has retired). (Zipped .avi)
  • Next we have Crystal Knight and Flower  Edwards swimming naked in the Caribbean.  (Zipped .avi)
  • Finally, we have Lauren Hays  and Lexus Locklear both naked hosting a late-night soft-core TV show.   (Zipped .avi)

Duke especially seems to be enjoying himself.



Hotel Erotica : Blue Plate Special


Speaking of Lauren Hays, she is the main actress in the Hotel Erotica series, a sort of Fantasy Island meets Love Boat meets Hedonism III. This episode is called Blue Plate Special (2002). Plenty of nakedness by:

Lauren Hays


Toby Bedford


Kylie Wyote (aka Belinda Gavin)


Emily Webster


and Lauren Lutker.


The Cutting Edge 2 : Going for the Gold


At the other end of the scale, there's no nudity in The Cutting Edge 2 : Going for the Gold (2006), just some lovely young ladies in the form of

Christine Lakin


Faune Chambers


Kim Kindrick


and Christy Carlson Romano.



I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


One of Jennifer Love Hewitt's sexiest scenes was in I Still Know What  You Did Last Summer (1998), when she is wearing a bikini in a tanning machine. The more you view the scene the more you see how stupid it all is (haven't they heard of turning the machine off!), but JLH was in her prime and always looks beautiful.  (Zipped .avi)




The Funeral


Amber Smith is topless in The Funeral (1996).





Jan Greveson plays a prostitute in Everything (2004) and we see most  of her solidly-built body.  (Zipped .avi)


Lindy Sellars is briefly shown topless.



Zero Kelvin


Zero Kelvin aka Kjćrlighetens kjřtere (1995) is a Norwegian film and Camilla Martens is seen topless.  (Zipped .avi)




Elvis Has Left the Building


No nudity in Elvis Has Left the Building (2004).

There are pokies by Annie Potts.


A touch of glamour from Beran Holt


 and Kim Basinger






Some lovely nudity in Samsara (2001) by Christy Chung  (Zipped .avi)


and Neelesha BaVora.  (Zipped .avi)



Harry's Daughters


There's a brief breast flash by Amanda Ooms in the Swedish film Harry's Daughters aka Harrys döttrar (2005).



20 centímetros


20 centímetros (2005) is the length of Monica Cervara's appendage  that you can see in the third collage. It's obviously a prosthetic so I'm not sure exactly how much you can actually see that is  natural.   (Zipped .avi)

Lola Duenas flashes her tits in the local supermarket.








Notes and collages

The Celebrity Shower series continues


Marsha Mason in The Image be upfront this isn't an official shower scene : she made herself naked to join her man in the shower....then he dissed her

---in any case Ms. Mason has a great body so here it is...

---I'll always think of her as the single mother in "The Goodbye Girl:" a really good film... (adapted from her husband Neil Simon's play as I recall.)




Maud Adams in Tattoo


...if you feel Maud Adams to be attractive (I do), then watch this film because she's naked a LOT in this thriller about a tattoo artist who "takes a fancy" to her...








Salma Hayek at a press conference for Ugly Betty


Tia Carrere. Such a beauty, but always too well covered!

The Last Time I Had Sex by Mary Monahan

Turns out that the full-screen version of The Break-Up is the full-frame kind. That means more of Jennifer Aniston's butt!