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Havoc (2005)

Havoc is a vision of the differences between the real world of urban Latino gangstas and the bored mainstream teen culture, which emulates gangsta styles in order to impress their peers and fight off their boredom. The dramatic conflict centers around two girls from upper middle class families who become involved with the tattooed roughnecks of the barrios. The story begins with a antagonistic conflict on beach turf, proceeds to a dangerous drug-buying expedition into East L.A., which tempts the girls with the allure of the bad boys, and eventually leads them back into the barrio for the initiation rite into the Latino gang, which is basically an advanced version of spin the bottle. Of course, the consequences are disastrous for many of the people involved.

Many of the story's main storylines end unresolved. The Latino gang leader is marched off in cuffs to face a questionable rape charge, but his ultimate fate is not shown. One of the girls tries to commit suicide and (presumably, but not certainly) fails. The gangs meet one last time, and shots are fired, but that particular scene takes place in a blackout, and the result is left to our imagination.

The film is driven by an intense gangsta soundtrack and a dark, grungy look, with many scenes occurring in alleys and backyards at night, or in dimly-lit clubs and hotel rooms. The gloomy, threatening ambiance is meant to accentuate the sense of danger felt by the "fish out of water" when they leave their comfortable, expensive homes and come face to face with real gangstas. The sub-text of the film is the struggle of young people to achieve a sense of belonging, and the extreme lengths they will go to find a peer group to supply the kind of familial support and acceptance that they don't get at home or from their peers.

The director has previously established a reputation only for documentaries and is new to fictional films, but the team which created Havoc was not without a heavy lifter. It was written by Stephen Gaghan, who won an Oscar and a BAFTA for his script for Soderbergh's Traffic, and was once offered the coveted job of adapting The DaVinci Code. (Gaghan actually finished off the Havoc script after the original author was killed in a private plane accident.) This film, despite the final draft by Gaghan, is nowhere near an award-winning standard. It is basically the 2005 version of those 1950's films where the sweet cheerleaders in bobbysox would ditch their quarterback boyfriends to hang out with some guys with leather jackets and duck-tails. You remember those. The hoods and the jocks would come to blows. Meanwhile, the former girlfriends of the hoods would make life miserable for the cheerleaders who stole their boyfriends. All of those same elements are present here, updated for the new millennium.

I would have told you that the film is annoyingly predictable, especially in light of the expectations generated by the standards of an Oscar-winning author, but one particularly trite device takes the film beyond the status of mere annoyance and places it squarely within the pantheon of flat-out irritation. While all the events unfold, a student filmmaker from the suburban group is making his own documentary film, in which he asks the usual Dr. Phil questions of his contemporaries and gets an assortment of jaded, cavalier, and shallow responses.  I'm not sure if the documentary-within-a-film device is more hackneyed than the evil twin, but even if not, it must surely edge out amnesia, last minute rescues, and evil dwarves for the runner-up spot in the Miss Cinema Cliché pageant. It almost goes without saying that the evil dwarves get the congeniality award.

The biggest news about this film is not what is in it, but what is not. In the past year or so, the prevailing internet meme has been that the uncut version of this film had an Anne Hathaway masturbation scene with some surprisingly explicit close-ups, and a scene where she walks around naked showing everything front and rear. Did these scenes ever exist? I am not in a position to say. Are they on the unrated DVD? Not at all. Everything in the unrated DVD has already been widely circulated on the internet. In terms of nudity, it includes only female breasts and male buttocks. In terms of sexual activity, it portrays and suggests copulation of various types, but that is not unusual for an R-rated film. At one point, a threesome scene seems to include penetration in both of Bijou Phillips's lower orifices, but Bijou's lower body is obscured by another man's head. Nothing is shown explicitly. There is an inordinate amount of drug consumption and foul language, but we've heard all that before. In fact, if this "unrated" cut were to be submitted to the MPAA, it might earn an NC-17, but I would not be surprised at all if it were to receive an R.


Bijou Phillips

Anne Hathaway

Some other chick



Other Crap:

Great headline: "Crowe as mad as hell over temper claims." And if you claim he has a temper, he'll kick yer fokkin' arse!
  • The article also includes this fascinating tidbit: "At the AFI awards he will sing a duet with Marcia Hines. The pair will sing Testify, a song Crowe wrote about the phone-throwing incident."
  • I'd have to say, even without hearing it, that it must be the "Un bel di" of phone-throwing songs.
  • By the way, Russ, if you're reading the blog today, here's an August 2006 event you may want to sign up for early. You're welcome in advance.

Modern Art Is Crap ...

Dennis Leary's video for "Asshole".

Jessica Simpson Blames Split on Mensa Society

Satirists find humor in Nick and Jessica split

Colbert Report: "Oil: Here Today, More Tomorrow"

  • "Pay no attention to the media's fact-based smear campaigns and watch this piece on oil production."

Urban Legends: The top shopping day of the year is ... the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Turns out this is FALSE.
  • (Fireworks explode. Mariachi music starts up. Guns fire in the air. Guys yell "eee-haw.") This is the first time I can remember Snopes having debunked anything that I formerly believed!
  • The correct answer, at least since 1995, is "the last Saturday before Christmas." There is one potential exception. When Christmas itself falls on a Sunday, the last Saturday before it obviously falls on Christmas Eve. That last happened in 1994, when the biggest shopping day was Friday the 23rd.

"The top ten things I, Dave Letterman, am grateful for."

  • "Being named Modern Maturity's 'Sexiest Man Alive'"
  • "People with nothing better to do on a Thanksgiving than to sit in the audience of a third-rate talk show"
  • "CBS keeps paying me even though I stopped trying around 1997"

Did the Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer?

  • "In an age when so many have lost their moral compass, it's comforting to know that people in the old days had their priorities straight."

Jay Leno: Cops Dealing with the Public: "A short piece where police file clips display what the cops have to go through during motor vehicle stops"

This is a pretty cool little musical montage: Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions

Headline o' the day so far: Jungle Day 5: Penis Eating

Mr. Miyagi waxes off ... 'Karate Kid' actor Morita dies, aged 73

  • His acting was memorable, but I think humankind will always remember his uncanny feat of having remained 73 years old for more than 30 years.

"Scientists discover singing iceberg". Oh, wait. That was just Björk.

Production on two new Pirates of the Caribbean films has been halted because of raids by real pirates!!!

Further proof that we live in a post-ironic world. This is NOT from a satire site. It is a real news story:

Former FEMA head Michael Brown to start a consulting business on emergency planning



Movie Reviews:

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"Bikini Chain Gang "

Bikini Chain Gang (2003) is a Fred Olin Ray effort written and directed by him, and produced by his wife. It is a comic spoof of the Women in Prison genre. Beverly Lynne is wrongfully convicted of armed robbery when the "Livng Dead Bandit" sticks up the bar she is waitressing in, and her boss, angry over her refusal to give him head, tells the police she was in on it. The prison has the usual lesbian prisoners and horny Matron. When Lynne is about to be given a new trial, the Livign Dead Bandit visits the matron, wanting Lynne killed. The plan doesn't quite work, and we learn the identity of the bandit, but not before everyone has sex with everyone else.

It is a three B performance from Beverly Lynne, Nicole Sheridan as the matron, and Belinda Gavin, Jassie and Brooke Taylor. IMDb hasn't discovered this one as yet. Fred had tongue firmly in cheek on this one, and never pretended that it was anything more than a lowbrow soft core sex comedy. This one barely meets genre requirements. C-.

Belinda Gavin

Beverly Lynne

Brooke Taylor


Nicole Sheridon


Today from the Ghost...the Holiday Skin-feast continues with just over 100 new 'caps from "Wicked Pleasures".

Adult actress and part time Skinemax babe Wendy Divine aka Maya Divine showing off her robo-hooters while gettin' it on.

Belinda Gavin (a Skinemax and lo-budget flick regular) bares breast plus just a couple of quick glimpses at the other 2 B's while gettin' some.

Long time B-babe Tamara Landry shows off her robo-big'uns as well as a near-miss from the gyno-cam.

Next up, adult film star Syren gives up breast and bush views in her sex scenes.

Bringing it all are Syren and Wendy Divine having some lesbo fun.

Today we travel back with the Time Machine to 1983 to visit "The House on Sorority Row".

Eileen Davidson reveals breasts.

Jodi Draigie also shows tits, but just barely. And that's it in this rather weak slasher-horror genre entry.

On the way home we stopped off to visit "Sonny" and Josie Davis as she displays her really nice knockers. Josie Davis

"Sonny" also has a "Babe in Bondage" scene as a wealthy woman (Janet Shea) pays a gigolo for some rough sex as she is tied topless on her bed.

Mr. Nude Celeb serves up some excellent images of Mena Suvari in her first (and only) topless scene. Here she is in scenes from the multi-Oscar winning movie "American Beauty" (1999).

And while Mr. Nude Celeb is at is Thora Birch showing off her impressive big'uns, also from "American Beauty".

From Señor is "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" star Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in 1989's "Last Exit to Brooklyn".

Pat's comments in yellow...

Throwing It Out Windows - After waiting in line until midnight or paying thousands of dollars online, some buyers of Microsoft's new Xbox 360 game console are complaining that they're malfunctioning. Problems include various error messages appearing, the screen going black, or the unit overheating. Microsoft said such problems are "par for the course" for a new product.

* ...If it's from Microsoft.
* "360" refers to the circles you make as you go to the store, bring it home from the store, take it back to the store...
* They may be overheating from friction because geeks have been rubbing their thumbs against them for 72 hours straight.
* Kids will know what they're getting for Christmas if the box under the tree starts smoking.
* Teenagers looking to have fun over the holidays will just have to commit actual grand theft auto.

Who's Going To Break It To Rosie O'Donnell? - A study by New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found that 1 million New Yorkers are obese, but nearly two-thirds of these obsess New Yorkers don't think they are obese.

* That's because two-thirds of the people surveyed were men.
* They think they just feel huge because their apartments are so tiny.
* This explains why New Yorkers mistakenly think that 200 people can fit on a subway car.