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A preview of tomorrow's salute to the films of 1988-90

Bird on a Wire

The delectable Goldie Hawn briefly flashes a nipple in a dark scene in Bird on a Wire (1990).

Cadillac Man

As far as I know, Cadillac Man (1990) has Fran Drescher's only screen nudity where there is a brief nipple flash.

Lori Petty is in her underwear.

Fool and His Money

Fool and His Money aka Religion, Inc. (1989) has Sandra Bullock in her underwear

and there are some nice bikini-clad models.

Who Shot Patakango?

Some rare nudity by Sandra Bullock in Who Shot Patakango? (1989) where she shows a bit of builder's crack. Unfortunately, it could be anybody.

'I have included a movie showing Sandra's knickers-on sex scene.






Notes and collages

Paget Brewster in "Two and a Half Men"

Drop Dead Gorgeous


Johnny's comments:

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a mockumentary about a model named Cynthia (Ivy Levan) who has just been signed to a massive contract. While on a shoot, she dies and all involved begin to panic. Not about someone dying but about what are they going to do with the campaign. So, those involved including the shoot - the designer, her agent, the photographers, various hangers-on and the documentary crew following Cynthia - hatch a plan to continue to use her in the campaign, even though she's dead. They only need her mother's permission and that's the easy part. The hard part is keeping her fresh so that the campaign can be completed. And you never know, it might just work.

Pretty much Weekend at Bernie's set in the modelling world, but with even less ethics (it is the modelling industry after all), I really don't know about this film. It isn't really all that funny and everyone is so utterly repulsive that it's hard to get into. I think this film lost me when two women make out pretty much over the freshly dead body and I sailed through the rest of the film not really giving a shit. I tried is the best I can say..

Ivy Levan film clips (collages below)