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Other Crap:

Vatican Clarifies Position On Reach-Arounds

Microsoft is selling Xbox 360 far below cost.

  • The total production cost is $525 for the console and all items packaged with it. It is selling for $399. Microsoft does not expect its entertainment division to make a profit on Xbox until 2007.

The free online 'Star Trek' spoof is now the most-seen Finnish film of all time! Yup, nearly a dozen people have seen it!

  • I'm not sure how they define "most-viewed," but I think the most-viewed Finnish movie must be one of the ones they did on MST3k. The Star Trek spoof has been seen by 3 million people according to the article, and those goofy fairy tale movies must have been seen by far more than that on American TV. Maybe TV viewing doesn't count in their calculations, or maybe they disqualified those flicks because they were Russo-Finnish co-productions.

Who's Afraid of Google? Everyone.

The Cowboys show they are for real, but lose a squeaker to the Broncos in OT. The 'boys had more first downs 23-13, and held the ball longer, 36 minutes to 24. Unfortunately, that thar' shit don't count in the standings.

"Middle East tops Christmas holiday list "

  • "City sidewalks ... bloody sidewalks ... "

URL says it all:

"the festive season traditionally leads to a 25 percent hike in photocopier service calls due to incidents such as the classic backside-copying prank."

Daily Box Office - Wednesday, November 23, 2005

  • This is a sneak-peek into the weekend, because the new releases open on Wednesday this week.
  • In a field overcrowded with new releases, Rent emerged as the only real winner, with an average of $2000 per screen - about double the average for Walk the Line.
  • Forecasters predicted that Walk the Line would hold the #2 spot, while Rent was not expected to finish higher than #4.
  • One clear loser emerged. Ice Harvest, the comedy/thriller with Cusack and Billy Bob, opened in the #12 slot. It was expected to be around #7 or #8, and to take in about double what it has actually grossed. It is on pace for about a two million dollar weekend, give or take. It finished even below In The Mix, which is still hanging in there in its bid to get NO positive reviews.
  • (If you are wondering, the only major releases with no positive reviews this year are Dirty Deeds and King's Ransom)

Arbitrator rules against T.O.

  • "The players' association responded by saying it intended to dismiss Bloch" (the arbitrator)
  • Yeah, fire the arbitrator for making an extremely obvious decision. That'll atone for the fact that you went to arbitration with no case!!

Does eating turkey make people especially drowsy?

Isn't 10 Downing Street, the home of the British PM, kind of a dump?

  • "who lives at 8 and 12 Downing? Are they the kind of folks who improve the property values, or do they talk trash and play the stereo all night?"

Professional bowling isn't all hard work and concentration. There's also the wacky hijinks.

"It's the biggest cock I've ever seen!"


'Alias,' the Turkey That Didn't Get a Thanksgiving Pardon

Darth Jacko? "Michael Jackson has a big, deep voice"

Jewish group demands Michael Jackson apology. And they want it in his James Earl Jones voice, not that sissy Liberace shit!

  • They want him to make an insincere public apology for candid private comments which expressed his real feelings?
  • "Gee, I'm really sorry people heard my comments."
  • Oh, wait, I have it! Here's the spin: "I'm really sorry I felt those things about Jewish people in 2003. That was then. I'm a new man now. Since then, I have come to an understanding that the Jewish people have many incredible after-theater delis and some excellent entertainers, like Sammy Davis Jr."

Damn, I love British headlines! "Robbie to appear in panto in Stoke-on-Trent." Have fun, make up your own!

  • "Ringo does vaudo in Nether Wallop"
  • "Becks puts stingo in Pratt's Bottom"

Britain's Tony Blair is a big fan of Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan. His favorite movie: Rush Hour.

  • Whew, it's a relief to know that when his prime ministerin' days are over, he can fall back on movie criticism.
  • Ironically, the most popular movie in Hong Kong is "Love Actually." Wait, that's not ironic. But that fact that I called it ironic was, in fact, ironic. Damned post-modernism.

The Daily Show looks into "interro-gate," and the American policy on torture.

Jessica Simpson, Lachey Officially Separating!



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Bikini Airways (2003):

Bikini Airways is a Fred Olin Ray effort. Regina Russell inherits a failing one-airplane airline from an eccentric uncle, and is faced with a large debt and no business. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is creating a photographic brochure for three women who do bachelor parties. The boyfriend suggests that using the three women to attract customers to their ticket counter would be a great way to get some business. The girls consent, but must leave early to do a bachelor party for a rich oil typhoon -- no tycoon, silly. Their bikini-clad mongering doesn't work, and their oil tycoon calls to cancel because he is called to Miami at the last moment. Russell comes up with the perfect answer. The tycoon is to fly in their airplane with his party guests, and the girls will do the bachelor party on the plane. Before they reach Miami, everyone is in the mile high club. As a running gag, the bride to be, Wendi Divine, supposedly a virgin, is having sex with a different guy each time the groom calls.

Nudity includes full frontal and rear nudity from Regina Russell, Wendi Divine, Kylie Biscayne and Loni Lynn, and breasts and buns from Julie Snow. IMDb has this at 3.0, not an unusual score at IMDb for this type of film, but misleading. By genre standards, it is passable. The photography is fine, they don't let the plot get in the way of the nudity and it is amusing in spots. This is a C. It is exactly what you expect in a Fred Olin Ray couples erotica comedy.


Regina Russell

Wendi Divine

Kylie Biscayne

Loni Lynn


Julie Snow







One or two pics from the movie "Behind Bedroom Doors," featuring  Chelsea Bleu, Nicole Sheridan, Monique Alexander and Julia Kruis.

Chelsea Blue and Monique Alexander

Chelsea Blue and Nicole Sheridan

Chelsea Blue

Julia Kruis

Monique Alexander

Nicole Sheridan




Today we're going to uncover two more actresses who have their own volume in the Encyclopedia.
From France we have Isabelle Pasco (1, 2) in the little known Sabato italiano (1992). Although it looks like she's completely naked, you can mostly only see her breasts, partly because someone was saving on the electricity bill. Here's two clips with Izzy's best bits.
From a country that doesn't even exist anymore, the German Democratic Republic, comes Andrea Ldke (1, 2). She shows all in 1986's Wie die Alten sungen... while having a private conversation with her granddad in the bathroom. I hope it is needless to say that gramps keeps his pants on and has no inappropriate behavior with his granddaughter. Please check it out in these two clips.
Since this news doesn't seem very well known yet, I would like to mention that David Beckham may be interested in obtaining a copy of the January issue of Dutch Playboy magazine. Remember that a while ago his marriage was nearly over because of his allegedly naughty stuff with Rebecca Loos, the daughter of a Dutch diplomat? Well, Rebecca decided to show all in the issue of Playboy (Netherlands) which goes on sale December 8, according to So we have an interesting pose by Loos (oo in Dutch sounds like o in "so" or "pose", not like in "to loose", in case anyone is interested).



Hope everybody survived Thanksgiving.
Today we took the Time Machine back to 1992 for a Andy Sidaris flick "Hard Hunted", usually his movies have gobs of nudity. Maybe it's just me but I don't think this one has as heavy a dose.  Just topless for all the girls. Still enough to warrant some caps ...
Here's Cynthia Brimhall in the sack.

My favorite sex therapist Eva Cadell  - awesome cleavage, then topless in the pool.

Carolyn Liu topless.

Becky Mullen in her bikini.

Mika Quintard outdoor shower scene.

And Sidaris regular Dona Speir topless on the beach.

We wrap it up with a "Babe in Bondage" of sorts. Rachael Leigh Cook  in handcuffs in "29 Palms", no nudity.

BTW, if anyone is interested there's a whole bunch of "Babes in Bondage" at my free xxxgroups site



Happy Day After Thanksgiving.  Here is hoping that all of you have a world of things for which you can be
thankful.  Nekkid babes for one.  Lots of nekkid babes.  Time to take a nap.


Mathilda May


Mathilda May


Nikki Schieler


Nell McAndrew


Angela Molina

Obscure Object ...

Athena Massey

Slow Train

Avalon Anders

Die Watching

Avalon Anders

Die Watching

Carol Connors

Candy ... Hollywood

Eva Jenickova

Diary ... Sex Addict

Jane Tsentas


Joey House

Diary ... Sex Addict

Kennedy Johnston

Teenage Cavegirl

Leigh Taylor-Young

The Big Bounce

Linda O'Neill

Night Never Happened

Lydie Denier

Wild Orchid

  Marie Fors

Baby Tramp

Marie Fors

Baby Tramp

Marie Fors

Girl Meets Girl

Melanie Good

Die Watching

Melanie Griffith

Night Moves

Michelle Bauer

Hollywood Chainsaw

Michelle Bauer

Hollywood Chainsaw

Michelle Bauer

Hollywood Chainsaw

Nicole Oliver


Penelope Cruz

Abre Los Ojos

Rena Riffel

The Pornographer

Roxanne Brewer


Sharon Schirra

Challenge ...Tiger

Suzanne Ager

Witch Academy

Tetchie Agbayani

Rikki and Pete


Everybody's Famous

Uschi Digart


Zita Gorog

8MM 2


Lori Heuring in 8MM 2  
Lori Heuring in 8MM 2, this time joined by Zita Gorog for some threesome action.
Crystal Lowe in Children of the Corn 7.

They have made seven of these????

Pat's comments in yellow...

"D-I-V-O-R-S-E" -
  After months of denying rumors of marital problems, Nick
Lachey and Jessica Simpson issued a joint written statement, announcing
they have officially separated.  It read, "After three years of marriage,
and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways." 

*  Jessica put three years of careful thought into spelling the word
*  They also announced their new MTV reality show: "The Newly-Splits." 
*  Nick may never find a hotter wife, but there's no way he'll find a
dumber one, unless he marries Ashlee Simpson. 
*  It's a good thing they didn't have children, for the sake of both the
child and the gene pool.


A Womb With A View -
Tom Cruise told Barbara Walters that he bought a
sonogram machine, which can cost up to $200,000, just so he can stare at
his and Katie Holmes' baby as it grows in the womb.  But he claimed he
still doesn't know what sex the baby is.  Walters asked, "So what do you
see?"  Cruise replied, "A little baby."  

*  ...Made from the frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard.
*  Not even a sonogram can determine its sexuality?  Yep, it's Tom Cruise's
baby, all right. 
*  He would ask a doctor's opinion, but Tom knows far more than any doctor
*  This is new territory for Tom: he's now making someone feel freaked out
and uncomfortable before he's even born. 


Who Stole My Estrogen?! -
Court TV reporter Diane Dimond has written a book which reveals that Michael Jackson's high voice isn't real.  When he gets angry, he starts ranting in a "big, deep, masculine voice." 

*  That's because when he starts waving his hands around, he
stops squeezing his own testicles. 
*  He could cover Barry White songs under the name "Very White."
*  After all these years, it turns out all his records were recorded at the
wrong speed. 

Damn Jews Made Me Sleep With Boys! - A former advisor who is
suing Jackson for $64 million gave ABC News some phone messages in which Michael allegedly rants against Jews, saying "they suck" and are "leeches" who conspired to leave him penniless. 

*  Wait, that's not Michael Jackson!  It's James Earl Jones! 
*  No wonder he feels more at home in the Middle East than in California. 

ABC announced that after four years, Jennifer Garner's series "Alias" is
being canceled

...So now, just marrying Ben Affleck is enough to kill your career. 

*  Britney Spears may make her Broadway debut in "Sweet Charity"

...Kevin Federline has also been offered a job in the theater - as an usher