Happy Thanksgiving

"Ku'damm 56"

s1e2, 1920x1080

Sonja Gerhardt

Sonata Para Violonchelo


Johnny's comments:

Sonata Para Violonchelo is a drama about a professional cellist that is diagnosed with fibromylagia and how she deals with it.

Montse German film clip (sample below)

It's a laid-back holiday period, and not much is new "out there":

Robin Tunney in Supernova (2000) in 1080hd

Best ever from this film. This has been color-corrected (excellent job).

A slight nip-slip from Amy Adams

An HQ sip-slip from Demi Lovato

Aubrey Plaza in " ... Wedding Dates"

And that's it for today! Have a great Thanksgiving!