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Christina Curry in Welkom bij de Kamara's, s1e3, in 1080p
This is a Dutch reality show in which B-list celebs are placed into primitive indigenous tribes. Or so they think. As it turns out, however, the "tribe" consists of actors. Christina doesn't seem like the type who will really be bothered by that revelation.

Marly van de Velden in Verliefd op Ibiza, s1e4

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Marlene Katz

Melrose Place

The TV caps are from the original Melrose Place. MP was a soap centred on the shenanigans of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. It ran for 7 seasons from 1992 to 1999. As you'd expect, there was no nudity but many lovely looking women.

These caps are from the sixth season and were originally screened in 1997 and 1998.

Episode 7 Secrets and Wives (1997)

Alyssa Milano

Brooke Langton

Episode 8 A Shot in the Dark (1997)

Lisa Rinna

Episode 9 Attack of the Scalpel Woman (1997)

Alyssa Milano

Episode 10 My Little Coma Girl (1997)

Lisa Rinna

Episode 11 Everybody Comes to Kyle's (1997)

Lisa Rinna

Episode 12 A Bump in the Night (1997)

Lisa Rinna

Episode 14 To Kill a Whirlybird (1998)

Jamie Luner

Lisa Rinna

Episode 15 Amanda's Back (1998)

Alyssa Milano

Dawn Radenbaugh

Jamie Luner

Kelly Rutherford

Lisa Rinna

Not Identified

Episode 16 Kyle of the Desert (1998)

Dawn Radenbaugh

Jamie Luner

Lisa Rinna

Episode 17 Coop de Grace (1998)

Brooke Langton

Dawn Radenbaugh

Lisa Rinna

Episode 19 Last Train to Baghdad (1998)

Brooke Langton

Alyssa Milano

Susan Walters

Episode 21 Blunt Drama (1998)

Alyssa Milano

Brooke Langton

Episode 23 Too Romantic for Words (1998)

Alyssa Milano


(season four)

Camilla Luddington collages

Storm Warning


Johnny's comments:
Storm Warning is a 2007 thriller where city couple Rob (Robert Taylor) and his French wife Pia (Nadia Farès) go on a boating holiday but get caught up in a storm and have to abandon the boat. After a while, they find an empty house that just happens to be a place where someone seems to be growing dope. When the occupants of the house return, Rob and Pia are greeted by a couple of hillbillies Jimmy (David Lyons) and Brett (Mathew Wilkinson), who treat their visitors in the typical hillbilly way. It becomes clear that Rob and Pia are not wanted, even moreso when Rob's leg is broken. Pia must find a way to get out of this hellhole, but not without a visit to the hillbilly's father Poppy (John Brumpton), who hasn't had a classy woman before... Simple and surprisingly effective little thriller that feels similar to Long Weekend, which funnily enough, the remake of which was made the next year by the same team as this movie. Nadia Farès is very good as the city artist who must do what she can to escape this madness while David Lyons revels in playing a backwater hick. And there's one scene involving a beer bottle and a steel trap that may make you think twice of taking advantage of a woman...

Nadia Fares film clip (collage below)



Great title for rather lame MMA movie.

C.B. Spencer: very sexy in brassiere and very tiny thong.

Mara Marini: very sexy.
You may remember her as the porn star Brandi Maxxxx in Parks and Recreation.

Anna Maria Panici: very sexy.

Lauren Mary Kim : stuntbabe is very sexy.

Elle Goodman: bikini MILF.

Katie Taylor: sexy.


Anna Maria Panici: nude body art modeling photo.

Elle Goodman: nude body art modeling photo.


The Lesser Blessed


Chloe Rose: very nice cleavage in brassiere.

Water's Edge


Chandra West: underwear swimming.

Emmanuelle Vaugier: brief topless with pasties.

Online Now

(2012 short)

Marissa Spada: bra and panties as webcam dancer before all the nerds log on and cause the server to crash.

The Last Woman on Earth

(2006 short)
Canadian comedy short not to be confused with the 1960 Roger Corman movie.
Kate Kelton: very nice cleavage in brassiere.


episode: "Cars" (s1e07)

Lisa Marcos: very nice cleavage in brassiere while having troubles pulling her tight jeans up. This is the very first time she's ever shown her rack in a bikini or bra top for an acting role.

Lisa has done some print modeling for lingerie (Vogue)

"Lost Girl"


Eliana Jones: sexy in her skivvies.


2014 tv series (2014; trailer)

New series starts in the New Year.

Jordan Hayes: sexy.


"Unite 9"

(le s2e10)

Catherine Proulx-Lemay: sexy.

Myriam Cote: having another lesbian scene with Catherine Proulx-Lemay.

Simone-Elise Girard: cleavage.

Myriam Cote: more lesbian sex with  Catherine Proulx-Lemay.




Myriam Cote: some modeling/dance photos.

Lac Mystere

(2013; le trailer)

Quebec DVD to be released this week.

Laurence Leboeuf: very sexy as stripper.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

"Playing Dead" (2009 TV episode; s08e01)

Betty Gilpin: Nurse Jackie star shows her tremendous rack.

Last but no least ... Krista Ford

She's the niece of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and daughter of Toronto councilman Doug Ford, the Doug and Bob McKenzie of Canadian politics. She had a brief career in the Canadian Lingerie Football Leagues a few years ago.

TV/Film Clips

Sylvie Testud in Les deferlantes (2013) in 1080p

Julia Hummer and Jasna Fritzi Bauer (et. al.) in Im Alter von Ellen (2011) in 1080p

Jeanne Balibar, also in Im Alter von Ellen

Eva Loebau and others, also in Im Alter von Ellen

Katharina Schuettler in Es kommt der Tag (2009)

Shannon Elizabeth (who would later play Nadia in American Pie) in the campy Jack Frost (1997)


Maria Protopappa in I Ypografi (2011)