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  • Here's Julie Benz on episode 8 of Dexter. (zipped .avi)

  • Here's a weird fake of Kelly Bundy which looks quite convincing when you first see it. (zipped .mpg)



Wizard of Oz Bloopers




Pandas Love Porn


Ethiopian Zoo Poisons Rare Lion Cubs Because It Can't Afford Them

  • Heartbreaking story. They sell them for $170 to taxidermists. There are only about 1000 black-maned Ethiopian lions in the world.


Psst! What Hitler was saying

  • Turns out he was a crashing bore. Of course, as we all know, that was one of his strong points.


The 20 Sexiest Sci-Fi Babes


The top ten lies British parents tell their kids


Remember "Good Day, Mr. Kubrick" and the fake "2006 sequel" that soon followed? Well, the real Brian Atene comes back to overact some more. (I knew he would pop up eventually)



Movie Reviews:

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En la puta vida (2001)

As the film opens, an Uruguayan woman named Elisa (Mariana Santangelo) is arguing with her mother, and decides to move out with her two illegitimate sons in the middle of a downpour. So, armed with her salon style hair dryer that she hopes to use to open a salon with her best friend, she crowds everyone into a phone booth, and calls her current boss/boyfriend, who has promised to fund the salon, leave his wife and marry her. It's amazing what men will promise when they have a hard-on! At this point in the story, it feels like it will be a comedy, and a very good one, as the fiery Mariana Santangelo is a pleasure to watch.

When she realizes her current flame has absolutely no honorable intentions, she and her best friend decide to sell their bodies to raise the money they need. The tone of the film changes dramatically when Elisa meets the attractive and a little too smooth Silvestre. Next thing you know, she and her girlfriend are on their way to Barcelona with Silvestre to make enough money to open their salon. Once they get there, they find things a little different than they expected. They are white slaves, Silvestre takes all of their money, and they must fight for their sidewalk space with Brazilian cross-dressers.

This is a Uruguayan film that was so well-received that it single-handedly revived the film industry in Uruguay. The story is an important one because the slave trade between Uruguay and Spain is real. This tale does a wonderful job of exposing it and Maria Santangelo gives a wonderful, irresistible performance.

It is in Spanish with English subtitles.

This is a high C+.

IMDb readers say 6.8, and it won a host of awards, mostly of the Best Picture variety. There is very little in the way of critical response, and it doesn't seem to have been released in the US other than on the "coleccion latina" division of Warner Brothers. It deserves wider exposure.



Mariana Santangelo shows buns and breasts, and










Holidays just leave you with no spare time, so we had to look for something quick to do for today.

You can't get much quicker than this, Odessa Munroe flashing  the titties in "Final Destination 2".

Caps and a really short zipped .wmv film clip.







Aimee and Jaguar (1999)




Elizabeth Degen



Heike Makatsch



Johanna Wokalek



Julianne Kohler




Maria Shrader




Makatch and Wokalek



all of the above except Kohler







The Guru (2005)

Heather Graham




Marisa Tomei










Notes and collages

The Celebrity Shower series begins


Madeleine Stowe in Stakeout


( I do have one more collage to make for my strippers series; unfortunately, I am at the mercy of the post office to get the DVD I bought on-line. Until then...)

I am starting a new series today: well-known actresses taking showers in films.

My first entry in the series is Ms. Stowe. "Stakeout" is a crime drama/comedy with great chemistry between the actors. Well worth a viewing.




Genevieve Bujold in Coma


..yes I am well aware that this entire scene is shot through a frosted shower door and the boyfriend character in the foreground was photographed out-of-focus; both decisions were proper for the film considering that they are arguing about who is right and who is wrong in terms of their relationship's structure...which becomes a much larger crisis when he MUST trust her beliefs later in the story in order to save her life...I give this film two thumbs up...

(P.S. trivia... Tom Selleck has a couple of short scenes in this film before he became so well known as "Magnum P.I.")







Kirsten Dunst. Inspect it carefully enough, and you'll find a real treasure.