"Une Ravissante Idiote"

Une Ravissante Idiote (19640, or The Ravishing Idiot, which IMDB calls Agent 38-24-36, has been released on DVD. It stars a 32 year old Anthony Perkins as a Russian spy who was raised in England, and has been assigned to steal the NATO mobilization plans from an admirals house. British Secret Service has planted fake plans there, and is doing everything they can to make sure Perkins succeeds. Only problem is that Perkins is way to incompetent to pull it off.

Brigitte Bardot plays a beautiful but stupid fashion model that Perkins has his eye on. I suspect that this is, at least partially, a French jab at the British, but it is terribly dated, and I had my finger on the fast forward frequently. It didn't help that the subtitles were huge and ugly, and the DVD was mastered in an incorrect aspect ration, so all the faces were skinny. I did my best to guess as the correct aspect ratio. There is evidently an out of print dubbed VHS version that was released in the US, and might be gathering dust on your neighborhood video rental store shelf.

Bardot is seen topless in a pair of panties, but with the old arms over breasts trick. She also wears short tight shorts, and has a couple of minor pokies in sweaters. IMDB readers (all 12) have this at 6.4 of 10. Fans of the leads might want to try this, but a dated farce of British Intelligence in French with subtitles is not exactly 21st century entertainment. D+.

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    "Interview with the Vampire"

    Interview with the Vampire (1994) was one of my early projects, and it was strongly suggested that I take another stab at it, as others have turned out good looking images from this film. It is probably the most elegant, intelligent and sensitive vampire film ever made. The sets are lavish, the photography a little dark, but lush, the acting is top notch, and it was very well received. The only problem for me is that it put me to sleep. Much of the story is voice-over, and it is very talky. The premise is that a vampire is relating his story from the time he first became a vampire to the present to a journalist. His story reminds me of an Old Flanders and Swann song titled "The Reluctant Cannibal or I Won't Eat People." Basically, even after 200 years, he is not comfortable killing people. The exposure comes from Laure Marsac, who is forced to be the victim at a vampire play. She has 18 credits at IMD - mostly French films - but I have never seen her in anything else. It was impossible to tell from this brief role if she can act or not. She shows everything, including full frontal. There was also full frontal from an unidentified woman in a window bathing.

    IMDB readers have this at 7.0 of 10. It was nominated for Oscars for art direction and score, and won several awards for art, set and costume. Kirsten Dunst won several newcomer awards. Ebert loved it at three stars, praising the fact that the vampires are clinically depressed. Berardinelli also awards three stars. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 57%, but 100% from top critics. Worldwide gross was $221M against at $50M budget. Based on this, the proper score is somewhere between B- and C+. I am not a fan of vampire films, and liked this less than many, so I will stick with the C+ -- it did not win me over.

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    Here's one from deep within the vault of obscurity, as Junior would say. This one might even be from a forgotten secret compartment in the vault of obscurity. Edge of Madness, aka A Wilderness Station, is a Canadian movie about a young bride in the Canadian wilderness circa 1850. It was written and directed by Anne Wheeler, the woman who directed Better than Chocolate, a film which Tuna and I both enjoyed immensely.

    I didn't much enjoy this one, which was a snooze-fest that I couldn't stay interested in. There is no point to my creating an info page, because the film is neither available theatrically nor in home media, and there are no reviews anywhere to be found in any language. These caps were made from a screener, and it seems I'm just about the only one who has seen it. IMDb lists it as "still in production".

    Here is the official info page from Telefilm Canada

    The last time I was in Canada, I was amazed to see that they had added exact change lanes to their toll roads. Man, it is hard to fit pelts into those slots, and sometimes the electronic equipment can't distinguish between a fox pelt and a beaver. I advise you to use the manual lanes. You'll find it to be just as fast, and you'll enjoy your conversation with the unfailingly polite attendants. Eh?

    • Caroline Dhavernas. Sorry, but while the love scene is sexy, it's not very revealing. The part was originally to be played by Sarah Polley, who was also listed as a producer on some of the advance promotional materials. Polley pulled out for reasons unknown to me, and Dhavernas took over.


    • New encyclopedia volumes for: Shirley Mallmann, Alessia Marcuzzi, Lisa Marie.



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    Graphic Response
    • Mia Sara (best known as Ferris Bueller's love interest) showing off her implants in scenes from "The Set Up" (1995).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Today it's back to 1968 again for more caps from "The Head Mistress". These caps feature Samantha Scott displaying her perfect breasts, the final caps shows her hanging herself. Samantha is probably best known for her whipping scene in the cult favorite "Brand of Shame" also from 1968. There is a story around that the lovely Samantha is now in prison for murdering her husband years later. I have included one cap from "Brand of Shame", anyone interested can go back to the archives for Dec.22, 2001 to see a whole set. Sadly those are from VHS, I hope one of these days Something Weird Video puts it out on DVD.

    • Samantha Scott, breasts visible in all, rear nudity in links 1 and 8. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    • Samantha Scott, topless and being whipped in "Brand of Shame".

    Brittany Murphy The co-star of "8 Mile" and the owner of the phrase..."I'll never tell" from the movie "Don't Say a Word". Here she is wearing a bra in scenes from "Cherry Falls" (2000).

    Carmen Electra Posing topless for a spread in FHM.

    Sarah Silverman A sexy pose by the comedienne. If only the smaller image in the corner were bigger :)

    Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Very sexy non-nudes of the tall blonde actress. Excellent cleavage in #1 and #4, Gorgeous head shot in #2.

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Assorted unknowns showing all 3 B's (including gyno-views) in scenes from a Surrender Cinema flick called "Casting Couch". 'Caps by PK Orion.

    Caprice Bourret
    (1, 2, 3)

    Former Wonderbra model, former Miss Teen California, supermodel, internet celebrity and actress. Great partial breast exposure from an appearance in Maxim magazine. Scans by f2k

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