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Pursuant to yesterday's speculation about nip/tuck, the chest of Tamara Craig Thomas (the nun who wanted a breast reduction) was indeed prosthetic. She is seen here in a t-shirt which allows us to see her real dimensions. She has a very nice figure, but a completely normal one.

(Thanks to M for the heads-up on this one.)


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Esperanza follows two converging stories of two Mexican women named Esperanza (hope). The first is living with her husband, but her past has forced her to prostitute herself. She has a son, living with her mother and sister, who was the result of a rape by her father-in-law, whom she eliminated. She is wanted, and hence cannot visit her son. She is told by her sister that her son was injured and needs expensive surgery. She makes a deal with her husband's best friend to get the money. He will use her husband in his drug and theft business, and she will screw the best friend. When that isn't enough, she also starts screwing a businessman who wants her help to rip off his boss. Her husband knows nothing of the arrangements, but eventually figures out that his wife is cheating.

Meanwhile, the other Esperanza is contacted and told that her brother has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. She desperately tries to find the money, which places her on a bus. The same bus, in fact, that Esperanza One's husband, his boss, and her newest lover are on. A hold-up goes badly and the lover, her husband and his boss are all killed. Esperanza two takes off with the money, but gets a call from the kidnappers who want her to hear them shooting her brother. Esperanza One's son dies from lack of treatment.

A non-linear time frame was used, making it a little confusing and hard to follow, but the message was clear enough -- essentially, life sucks and then you die. Lest anyone have any remaining doubt, the director, Tona Chavez, tells us:

"When will the pain, the anguish, the suffering, the hatred of the victims marginalized by society end? This unforgiving society which gives nothing and takes everything. WHEN?"


This is one of four in the Coleccion Dorada of Confessions de Mujeres Latinos.  It is in Spanish with optional English subtitles, and available from



Marina Michel, as Esperanza One, shows everything several times.









The Haunted Sea


Today from "The Haunted Sea" we have Krista Allen showing off the boobs in a shower scene and almost offering some full frontal in a dream sequence.

You can skip the movie. A well-deserved 2.3 at IMDb. Krista's nudity is the only highlight.







Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 5 of ?

Stella Stevens








Cuarteto de la Habana

Laura Ramos






Buried Alive

Three women from Buried Alive, a straight-to-vid 2007 film summarized by IMDb as follows:

"As part of an initiation of two sorority women, a group of college students takes a weekend trip to an old ranch house in the desert. It turns into a weekend from Hell. The caretaker has been trying to find buried gold and digs up the grave of a murderous old witch who wants vengeance on the descendants and friends of her former husband. The murders begin but the other students press on, not realizing what is happening until it is too late and there is no escape."

The nudity is supplied by:



A high definition (1280x720 HDTV) clip of Meg Ryan in In The Cut.

A film clip of Elisa Lasowski in Eastern Promises. (sample right)
A film clip of Joanna Page in From Hell  (sample right)
A film clip of J-Lo in El Cantante (sample right). No nudity, but it is a small file and very much worth the look.
According to IMDb, Virginia Radcliffe's entire acting career consists of this: getting stark naked in a documentary about Van Gogh. Nothing else is known about her. Full frontal and rear nudity and an impressive chest!






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Comments in yellow...

The Christmas shopping season officially started this morning around 5 a.m. with shoppers lined up for cut-rate deals on giant TVs and other gadgets.  But some stores have started opening even earlier, on Thanksgiving Day.  A Sears spokeswoman justified that by saying, "Some people just can't wait until Friday. Thanksgiving dinner is done, and they have moved on."

*  Those who COULD move.

*  And Sears employees have moved on to WORK! 


Croatia's soccer team beat England 3-2, and they credited their win to being relaxed by laughing at British singer Tony Henry, who tried to sing their national anthem and mistakenly sang, in Croatian, "My
penis is a mountain".

* How silly. The real Croatian national anthem doesn't even mention mountains.

Calista Flockhart was among a group of top-name celebrities who showed up at the L.A. Mission on Skid Row to dole out Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless.

* But the homeless said, "No, you eat it.  You need food more than we do."