Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005):

None of the work below is my own, but I'm collecting it all here in one place, since I've already reviewed the film, which is still in theaters. I liked it a lot.

Here are several collages of Michelle Monaghan done by various people. The last one, from LC, also includes two other women from the movie, Tanya Reichert and Shannyn Sossamon

Finally, here is a zipped .wmv of the Monaghan scene.



I found this on Usenet. It appears to be Kate Moss dancing around in a drug-addled frenzy. (Zipped .mov)

Here's a non-nude of Charlize Theron that you may enjoy.





Hi Scoopy. 

Congrats on your tenth anniversary. 

In regards to FANTASM COMES AGAIN, Angela Menzies-Wills was something of a 70s/early 80s soft-core movie icon in Australia. She appeared nude in FELICITY (1979) and COMING OF AGE (1986), and also had small roles in sex romp PACIFIC BANANA. I was always disappointed she did so little (i.e. no nudity) in FCA. 

Speaking of FCA, it's been released on a double-feature DVD with the original FANTASM by Umbrella Entertainment in Australia (you're probably well aware of that already). Umbrella's released a bunch of obscure-but-classic 70s Aussie movies in recent years including PACIFIC BANANA, THE TRUE STORY OF ESKIMO NELL (both soft-core sex comedies), and horror flicks like THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS and LONG WEEKEND. It's nice to see those gems again, all with great special features. 


Dann Lennard

PEOPLE magazine

Sydney, Australia

PS Here are some pics of Angela Menzies-Wills from COMING OF AGE (taken off the videotape so quality is average). claims it's a 1986 movie, but I swear it came out in the early 80s.


Other Crap:

Colbert counts down the top five threats of the week.

Colbert Report: Bring 'Em Back: Asian Edition. Should Sun Tzu be resurrected or left a-molderin' in the grave?

Love this headline: "Teen charged with having sex with dummy" ... shortly after the dummy directed Oliver Twist. Wouldn't you like to see how that law is worded? (It was actually a boy teen, and he was really charged with indecent exposure.)

That was some dress Mariah wore at the American Music Awards

The Exorcism of Evan Rose. (The Catholic Chiurch performs a ritual to drive the evil spirit of Bill Cosby from a college guy.)

Harry Potter has the biggest Friday, the biggest Saturday, and the biggest Sunday in British film history.

  • It took in about $25.5 million over the weekend, which is stronger than its U.S. performance. The population of the USA is almost exactly five times that of the UK (295 million version 59), so Potter's performance in the UK is equivalent to more than $125 million for a weekend in the USA. No film has ever reached that high in the States. The record is about $115 million.

News bulletin ... It turns out that Joaquin Phoenix's brain is not being eaten by a frog. We now return you to our regular programming.

Three clips from Down to the Bone, a drama about co-dependent recovering addicts.

The trailer for Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

  • "The true story of Germany's most famous anti-Nazi heroine is brought to thrilling life in the multi-award winning drama."

Cindy Crawford on the cover of Maxim, three months shy of her 40th birthday.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the space parody film called ... Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. Originally from a bunch of crazy dudes in Finland, it has become kind of a co-operative project and has been translated into many other languages.

Here's a photo for your office caption contest - Pam Anderson, soccer mom.

Letterman's Top Ten Thoughts Going Through George W. Bush's Mind When He Encountered That Locked Door

  • 8. "Wish I'd thought of an exit strategy"
  • 7. "It was easier to get out of the national guard"

Letterman's Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear At A 7-11

The Christina Aguilera Wedding Dress

Record-breaking Potter lifts foreign film business

This week's movies (1500 screens): In The Mix - no advance reviews. (This is Usher's film.)

This week's movies (3000 screens): Yours, Mine, & Ours - 33% positive reviews Hollywood Reporter and Variety also split on this one!!

This week's movies (2100 screens): Just Friends - 67% positive reviews.

  • Variety and Hollywood Reporter split yet again.
  • This 67 percentage has to go down, I believe. I was going to go to this movie because Ryan Reynolds usually makes me laugh, but the online clips were so abysmal and the slapstick so predictable that I resolved to stay home and clean my glasses instead.

This week's movies (2300 screens): Rent - 73% positive reviews. Again, Variety and Hollywood reporter split.

This week's movies (1500 screens): Ice Harvest - 75% positive reviews. Variety and Hollywood Reporter offered one thumb up, one down.

The Weekend Warrior's Box Office Predictions for Thanksgiving Weekend

  • The film landscape will be completely overhauled on Friday. Based on this forecast, the top ten will include five new movies plus a major expansion of Pride and Prejudice to 1100 screens.
  • On the other hand, he does not believe that P&P or any of the five new contenders will crack the top three! (Potter is obviously firmly ensconced in #1)

Angelina Jolie is now a citizen of Cambodia, and has a Cambodian passport.

Nasal Spray Arouses Women's Desire To Have Sex In Minutes


  • SERIOUS WARNING FROM DAVE: "Do not click this link at work. Or at home, if you have a shred of human decency. The fact is, you should not click this link at all. Probably you should unplug your computer right now."

Stephen Colbert talks to Tim Robbins

The first clip from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The teaser for DOA Dead or Alive

  • "A feature adaptation of Tecmo's bestselling game franchise 'DOA: Dead or Alive'. The movie centers on four female fighters in a competition to the death on an exotic island."
  • Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. A video game adapted to a film featuring Eric Roberts? I am so there.


Rio de Janeiro officials have moved to ban postcards of bikini-clad women ... because they give off the wrong impression. The officials want people to go to Rio for a different reason, that being ... um ... er ...

Red Wings' Fischer suffers seizure, given CPR during a game

Gwen Stefani falls out of her top at the 2005 MTV Awards

VIDEO: Mamie van Doren is 74, and still flashing her boobs in public. (And she looks pretty damned good for someone whose career peaked in the Eisenhower administration!) There are more free vids and pics on the site as well.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Baby Tramp (1975)

Baby Tramp (1975) is the third of a trilogy directed by Joe Sarno, produced by Chris D. Nebe, and starring the Swedish bombshell, Marie Forsa. Like the first two, it was shot in Germany, but in English. Producer Nebe felt potential International sales would be higher if it was made in English. He did have the original performers do a German dub. Neither Nebe nor Sarno wanted to make a hard core film, which they consider cinematically boring (I agree), yet they wanted the sex scenes to be believable. They decided that the sex scenes would all be real, but shot to avoid the actual penetration, and with no money shots.

To make sure their actors were "up" to the task, they hired Harry Reems as the male lead, and Eric Edwards for the other male part. It was fairly common then to have a so called soft X version of hard core films, often only 10 minutes shorter than the XXX versions, As far as I know, this is the only X film shot intentionally to be a soft X. The film was shot in Nebe's upscale Munich apartment, and the Sarnos stayed there in a guest room. The other residents of the building, rather than being upset, showed up to watch the sex. It was shot in 35 mm, so there was a large crew, and the sex scenes were done without clearing the set. According to Nebe, and what I saw, orgasms were real, and Reems really outdid himself.

The story is simple. Forsa lives with her aunt and uncle on a farm, but other than sex with her boy friend, Erik Edwards, she is bored to death and anxious to see the world, so she hitches her way to Munich. Along the way, she is picked up by a lingerie salesman, then Harry Reems, who is a nightclub owner and a major heartbreaker. He moves in woman after woman, soon tiring of them, and moving on to the next. Forsa becomes his flavor of the week. She falls for him, but suffers the same fate as numerous other girls.

It was almost as if this story was about the Reems character, although I am certain it was written to focus on Forsa. Reems demonstrated all of his sexual prowess in probably the hottest sex I have seen on screen, and is often dripping with sweat by the end of a scene.

Forsa shows everything, as do several other actresses. Unfortunately, there was no way to correlate cast members with characters.

Unfortunately, by 1975, soft core was becoming old news, replaced by hard core and direct to video, or the film would have done much better. It is rated 6.1 at IMDb, and has been released under numerous titles in different versions, including a XXX one (with hard core inserts) that was not approved by Sarno or Nebe. In the Seduction Cinema set of three films, it is called Butterflies. This is a C+, as probably the best soft X film I have seen.

Marie Forsa







Cara Ballou in an episode of Passion Cove

Passion Cove again, this time "Lola"

Today the old Time Machine returns to 1969 and the James Bond (007) spy spoof "Zeta One". We have Yutte Stensgaard playing strip poker with the hero and after moving to the bedroom we get some full frontal from Yutte.



Then it's back to the 21st century for a "Babe in Bondage," Jenna West, as she is tied up with tits exposed and tormented by none other than Veteran B-movie babe Michelle Bauer in a horror-vampire flick called "Tomb of the Werewolf".


 Here are some explicit caps from adult film stars.
Rita Faltoyano
and Maria Bellucci

(real name Maria Szolontai)

Today we have a variety of actresses in various states of undress.  

In Une Femme ou Deux (1985) Sigourney Weaver shows breasts and maybe a bit more to Gérard Depardieu. The film also stars Dr. Ruth and is not available on DVD anywhere as far as I know. The movie only aired late last night on German TV, so I still haven't had time to see what is all about. I didn't know Sigourney and Gérard were so fluent in German though...  

In The Private Life of Samuel Pepys (2003) Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin's youngest daughter, bares her breasts in bed with her lover. At the end of clip 2 her lover leaps out of bed shouting "Jane". I hope for Lou he wasn't calling her mother. 

In Robert Aldrich's Choirboys (1977) we have Phyllis Davis shaking her big'uns (1, 2 ), with pastied nipples too, to two police officers. I don't think this one is available on DVD either. 

I am sad to say that there isn't much to write about Rome (2005) - Episode 4: Stealing from Saturn. Since there is no female nudity, this episode might interest straight women and gay men though, as Mark Anthony can be seen in all his full frontal glory in his courtyard. Plotwise not much is happening. Caesar has entered Rome and tries to buy his way into power without bloodshed. The gold from the treasury that Titus Pullo handed over to him is very welcome. That's about all, except for some trivia, that happens in this episode that dragged along for 55 minutes. Maybe I'll have better luck with next week's episode.  

To conclude my contribution this short clip of a naked Elizabeth Shue in the warm and human drama Molly might make a nice addition to Monday's Fun House.

LC is back from the future with his latest batch of stuff we've never seen before!
Brenda James in Masters of Horror, Season 1, Ep 4
Carrie Fleming in Masters of Horror, Season 1, Ep 4
Emmanuelle Seigner in Backstage
Isild LeBesco in Backstage