Re: yesterday's project, Gardener of Eden. Another imager identified this woman as Emily Wickersham. (Same clip as yesterday, same quality, but I had not identified her.)


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Nowhere to Hide



Amy Madigan stars as an ex-Marine married to a Marine officer. Her world is turned upside down when her husband is murdered because he discovered some manufacturing defects caused by cost-cutting in a new batch of helicopters. The Marine Corps then turns on her, and she must rely on her own wits and skill, and the help of one of her husband's friends, to protect her son and avoid the same fate as her husband.

IMDb readers say 5.4. I suppose that might be correct, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a brainless actioner, and found the plot believable. It was nice to have a character to root for for a change.

Amy Madigan shows a breast from the side, and most of her butt crack.











Interview with the Vampire


Yes, it has really been 14 years since this came out. Yikes! It was one of the hottest topics when this site began, and it just so happens that today is our 13th anniversary! (Well, to tell the truth, I'm not sure of the exact date. I just know it was in November of 1995.)

And now vampires are the hot romantic ticket again. Ah, the great Mandala! Not to mention his pal, Bishop Tutu.

Laure Marsac film clip. Collages below.

More from this film tomorrow.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's clips are brought to you by the letter N:

Natalia Dontcheva in Un Nouveau Monde

Nathalie Kanoui in Epuration

Natacha Findlay in Navarro

Natacha Lindinger in Hard







Notes and collages


s2 e7

Yvonne Strahovsky







Hallam Foe

(2008, now renamed "Mister Foe")

You won't love this strange drama for its nudity. There is some, but it is pretty tame. The story, however, is fairly interesting, although the hero is not especially lovable. In fact, he's just plain damned weird.

Hallam Foe is 17 and very strange. His mother has committed suicide, and Hallam copes by becoming a stalker and peeping tom, even breaking into places to rummage through people's belongs.

Hallam is obsessed with the notion that his stepmother (Claire Forlani) killed his mother, and he almost strangles her, but winds up having sex with her instead. After this incident, Hallam leaves for Edinburgh, where he spots a young woman (Sophia Myles) who strongly resembles his mother. He stalks her, becoming more obsessed, then gets a job in a hotel where she is a supervisor, and eventually strikes up a friendship with her.

This is a fascinating character study, but very strange, with a nicely twisting ending. It's not for everyone, but some will find it intriguing.

Claire Forlani Ruth Milne Sophia Myles









Sophie's body was flat-out perfect (probably the first time the word "flat" was used in the same sentence as Sophie's body) and her face was angelic.  I remember seeing this movie on Cinemax when I was in my late teens and wondering if I would ever get up close and personal with anyone who looked like her.  The answer would be a resounding and sorrowful "no."

Sophie Favier film clips. (Third party)










More of AnnaLynne McCord failing to keep her nip tucked.

Film Clips

Teresa Weissbach in Schiller, sample right.

Jeannette Hain in Die Reise nach Kafiristan

Paula LaFont in L'Ete en Pente Douce

Susannah York in Images