"Girl Camp 2004: Lesbian Fleshpots"

Girl Camp 2004: Lesbian Fleshpots is yet another Lloyd Simandl masterpiece from his North American Studios facility in Czechoslovakia. Again, it is a warehouse full of naked women held captive by an evil lesbian. This time she sells them in a live eBay type auction. Women, incidentally, seem to be worth between $10 and $35 grand each. We get to see two sets of slaves trained and then auctioned over the course of the film, 6 in each set. This includes a nude shower scene for each, being fondled by a female jailor, being rubbed all over with oil before the sale, and then being displayed back and front completely nude. Each of these twelve had a character name but none of them got a credit, because none of them had a line.

Tomorrow night, the identified women, and the rest of the review.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    40 Years. For almost all of us born in the two decades between 1938 and 1958, it has been precisely 40 years since the most memorable day in our lives.

    I was 14 when the President was shot. To people who have only known the vicious, ugly, cynical partisanship of post-Kennedy America, it is not possible to understand the love shared between JFK and the country. We sweated with him through the near extinction of the world during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We watched his kids playing under the desk in the Oval Office. We watched his press conferences for their entertainment value. His favorite musical was Camelot, and he used King Arthur as a metaphor for his own administration. He seemed so close to us, like a member of the family, yet he was a king - and a stand-up comedian - and a respected author - and a movie star. Imagine the character Hugh Grant always plays in the movies. JFK was really like that. And he was our President.

    Frankly, if you're a stickler for technical accuracy, he wasn't that great a President. As an international leader, he was Captain Kirk, horny and reckless and headstrong, shooting first and thinking later. His sexual habits made Bill Clinton look like a Buddhist monk. But all of that didn't matter. If you were a kid like me, JFK was just like your favorite uncle - youthful and fun to hang with. Women wished they could be with JFK. Men wished they were JFK. Even his most conservative opponent, Barry Goldwater, loved the guy. The rest of the world loved him, too, and because he was our president, the world loved us.

    Even Frank Fuckin' Sinatra, lord and master of all time and space, and second coolest guy on the planet, just wanted to be seen with Jack and bask in reflected glory, just wanted people to know Jack Kennedy was his friend.

    And then it was over. 40 years ago today.

    And it's never been like that again.


    Deadly Passion (1985)

    Deadly Passion is the best Coburn movie. Unfortunately, it is Harrison Coburn (right), James's son.

    I don't know if I've ever seen anything quite like this film. First, imagine remaking Body Heat with no money. Then replace Bill Hurt with a good looking guy with a flippant juvenile delivery, like Potsie. Then replace Kathleen Turner with ... well, I guess with Ingrid Boulting, the actual star, since I don't know anybody else like her, with her plummy accent, her wooden delivery, her moon-shaped face, her complete lack of acting talent, and her constant chain-smoking. Boulting smokes so much in this movie that she actually has a cigarette dangling from her lips, Bogart-style, when she talks and even when she shoots a gun with two hands. (See pictures at the page - linked below)

    She was beautiful, however. Boulting is the reason I watched this ersatz softcore turkey in the first place. Earlier this week I watched the noble failure, The Last Tycoon. The same Miss Boulting debuted in Tycoon, then made only one other film, many years later. This is it.

    So there you have it. A softcore sex film with Potsie starring opposite a chain-smoking South African Sally Struthers impersonator.

    It was not only Ingrid Boulting who closed her career with this film. Director Larry Larson called this his first and last film. Three of the first four people listed in the cast never worked again.

    The Deadly Passion curse.

    As far as I know, this tape is not available anywhere. These are made from a much-watched tape of indeterminate generations. I couldn't watch the first five minutes at all because of tape quality problems, but after that it was so-so. Not great quality, but good enough to give us the general idea.

    • Ingrid Boulting (1, 2, 3)
    • The page (Pictures of Boulting chain-smoking, and Harrison Coburn's strange neck)



    Mascara (1999)

    To duplicate Mascara at home, take a month's summary of the plot threads on Days of Our Lives. and condense them to a 90 minute script. When you film the script on a video camera, make sure that all the sex scenes, and even some non-sex scenes, involve plenty of nudity.

    The story begins with the wedding of one late twentyish woman (Lumi Cavazos), who is attended by her two best friends (Amanda De Cadenet and Ione Skye). It then follows each of their lives for the next fourteen months, weaving their stories together.

    To give you the flavor of the entire film, I'll summarize the life of the Ione Skye character. She's having a live-in affair with an older man. His daughter comes to live with them, and Ione suspects that there is something unhealthy between the man and his daughter (insert organ chord). Because of her suspicions, her commitment to the relationship wanes, and she takes up with a sexy younger guy (organ chord). The older guy catches her with the younger guy (very dramatic organ chord) and it turns out that they are father and son (even more dramatic organ chord). Before that little surprise, none of the three had been aware of the connection.

    Take that kind of material and multiply it times three women, and that's Mascara.

    To make it all even less engaging, many scenes are shot with a hand-held camera, and the hand holding that camera is dizzyingly unsteady. Finally, the director chose to do editing techniques with the camera instead of in the editing room. For example, in a two person conversation, instead of cutting from one person to another, the unsteady camera moves back and forth nauseatingly, in real time.

    There is a good reason why this film submerged after its brief theatrical trial in 1999, to resurface on video so many years later. I thought perhaps that this unwatchable mess could be justified by a certain chick-flick cachet, but it turns out that the few women who have rated it at IMDb despise it, scoring it 2.1/10 - a low enough score to make it the 13th worst movie of all time. Linda Kandel has not worked as a writer or director since this film.

    Avoid it if you want to see quality entertainment, but by all means enjoy the nudity, which is plentiful, beautiful, and often in excellent light.





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    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Down and Out with the Dolls"
    This 2001 indy comedy is a classic example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. A rising all-girl rock band manages to turn success into disaster when they move in together to concentrate of their newfound popularity.

    Set in Portland, Oregon, it's a well done story with some great rock music and some cool insight into the music business, and people in general. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    Today, Flautista pays tribute to long time Fun House favorite, Kari Wuhrer.

    • Kari showing off her old robo-hooters great 'caps from "An Occasional Hell" (1996). (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

    • Kari only teasing us this time with her robo-cleavage. Vidcaps from "Red Blooded American Girl II" aka "Hit & Run" (1997) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Mischa Barton The starlet from "The O.C." not nude, but looking pretty cute in a bubble bath scene from the 2001 movie "Tart".

    Jeannie Millar
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Renee Griffin
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Señor Skin 'caps of both ladies topless and showing a little bit of bum in scenes from the straight-to-vid flick "Ladykiller" (1996).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    They Pay For His Gambling - Omar Shariff said that "The 13th Warrior," a 1999 movie he made with Antonio Banderas, was so bad, it convinced him to retire from movies. He said it's humiliating and terrifying to have to do bad dialogue for a director who doesn't know what he's doing "in a film so bad that it is not even worth exploring." He said he told himself, "Let us stop this nonsense, these meal tickets that we do because it pays well." He said he's only now returned to movies because he found a "stupendous" script that he loved.

  • It's called "Meatballs 5!"
  • "The 12th Warrior" was still pretty good, but the 13th was one sequel too many.
  • If I were him, I would've retired from movies before I had to kiss Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl."

    So Take A Limo - Model/socialite Paris Hilton may be developing a sense of shame. She canceled a much-promoted guest shot on David Letterman's show, and she told US Weekly that she's actually reconsidering her party girl lifestyle. She said, "I can't walk the streets, it's too embarrassing," and that she can't even stand to watch the sex tape she made with ex-lover, Rick Solomon.

  • It makes her look SO fat!
  • If Paris Hilton can't walk the streets, then she really will have to change her lifestyle.
  • But walking the streets was the one profession she's actually suited for!
  • She's either developing a sense of shame, or genital warts.

    Her Bust Is Now Heavenly - In a story headlined, "Dust To Bust," the Daily Star reports that Sandi Canesco, 26, of Sydney, Australia, became a widow when her husband was killed in a car accident. But she said it dawned on her that there was a way she'd never have to part with him because they'd be one and the same. So she had him cremated and had his ashes placed inside her breast implants.

  • He must've been a very large man.
  • And now, he's in a much better place.
  • Of course, if she remarries, he'll always come between her and her new husband.
  • This is a perfect idea for Anna Nicole Smith: every time another elderly husband dies, her breasts would get bigger.

    Now, this is a clever review of "The Cat in the Hat"...

    THE CAT IN THE HAT (Grade: F)
    Movie Review By CHRIS VOGNAR (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)/The Dallas Morning News

    There once was a book called The Cat in the Hat.
    You've probably read it, and loved it at that.
    But now it's a film
    And boy, is it rank,
    Made just to put cash
    In the studio's bank.

    Mike Myers does shtick as the big feline friend
    And after 10 minutes you'll want it to end.
    He prances and dances
    And mugs without shame.
    If you've had a root canal,
    The effect is the same.
    His kitty goes wild
    In a big, furry suit
    But the tie-ins and toys
    Should make Mike some loot.

    The puns are so bad that
    You might want to flee
    But it might be your thing
    If you have A.D.D.
    The kids, they might like it,
    Some may chortle, "Tee-hee."
    The rest can stay home ­
    It's rated PG.
    The good Doctor's verse
    Has all but been slayed.
    If you pay to get in
    You should know you've been played
    By this crude and repetitive serving of dreck.
    You'd best tell the kids that
    This Cat ain't no Shrek.

    It's all art-directed
    To the nth degree.
    For enduring this mess
    They should pay us a fee.
    Alec Baldwin shows up
    And hams it up bad.
    It's supposed to be funny,
    But it's really just sad
    That an actor of Baldwin's
    Considerable skills
    Makes a fool of himself
    Just to pay a few bills.

    You can look long and hard
    In search of a plot
    But please be forewarned:
    The writing is rot.
    The Mom is now single,
    To work she must go.
    The script must be hip
    And so modern,
    You know.
    It's fast and it's zany.
    It casts a bright pall.
    But that is not all.
    Oh, no.
    That is not all.

    The colors are garish,
    Non sequiturs fly.
    The story goes nowhere.
    Oh, why did they try
    To mess with a classic
    Adored far and wide?
    By this cheap imitation
    You must not abide.
    What other Seuss works
    Might next be attacked?
    Is Green Eggs and Ham
    On the desk of some hack?
    Will Yertle the Turtle
    Be the next one to fall?
    These Hollywood types,
    They sure have some gall.

    At least it is short.
    But oh, no, that's wrong!
    Eighty-two minutes
    Should not seem this long!
    They stretched out the book,
    They made it inane,
    They larded it up,
    Oh, how could they deign
    To lead the Cat so far
    Astray from its source?
    If your eyes do stay open
    It'll be by sheer force.
    You'll look at your watch,
    You'll twiddle your thumbs,
    You might feel queasy,
    You might need some Tums.

    The book's charm is gone
    And so is its grace.
    This Cat in the Hat
    Really stinks up the place.
    This film should not be here.
    It should not be about.
    Nor would it exist
    Without marketing clout.