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A New Vidcap Challenge from Sleuth...
Rhino recently released The Brady Home Movies--the Brady Bunch let loose with Super 8 cameras! I saw an earlier version, and nostalgia buffs should be able to make some interesting collages.

Here are some highlights:

  • A brief topless flash of Eve Plumb {who's never exposed ANYTHING--even in the classic, Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway}.
  • Also brief snatches {literally!} of Florence Henderson {before her many facelifts}
  • and even...Ann B. Davis {who coulda used a few!}.

    Your experts did very well with Peta in The Sadness of Sex...maybe they'd like the challenge of Growing Up...Brady.

    Best, Sleuth

  • Tuna
    "Thunderball" (1965)

    Thunderball (1965), when adjusted for inflation, was the highest grossing Bond ever at $142.2m on a budget of $9m. It featured Connery in his fourth outing as Bond. Spectre steals two nukes, and uses them to blackmail the world, threatening to destroy a major city if demands are not met. Bond is sent to find and recapture the nukes. That pretty much covers the first boring hour, which mainly concerns Bond trying to harass a nurse in a spa into having sex with him.

    Once he is actually on the job, the second hour is mostly boring underwater battles. He does, however, have a relationship with the villains girlfriend, Claudine Auger. Claudine's brother was a NATO officer who was killed and impersonated by Spectre to steal the nukes. This was remade, again with Connery, as Never Say Never Again. You might have guessed by now that this was not my favorite of the series. As a matter of fact, it may be my least favorite. One note of interest from the special features. There are multiple versions circulating with minor dialogue and scene differences. Nobody can explain why the multiple versions exist. IMDB readers have it at 6.8/10, Maltin says 2 1/2 stars, and Berardinelli liked it at 3 stars.

  • Thumbnails
  • Thumbnails

  • Claudine Auger (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)

    A note from Jr.

    Yes, I agree with Tuna that "Thunderball" is not the best of the series, but is it the worst? Perhaps the worst of the Connery Bond films. (Although Tom Jones singing the theme song kicks butt!)
    Currently I'm leaning toward "The World is Not Enough" as the worst Bond. Or should I say the least entertaining.

    First let's are the basic Bond movie elements:

  • Ultimate Bad Guy threatens world
  • Ultimate Bad Guy has girlfriend with double entendre name
  • Bond gets it on with Ultimate Bad Guy's girlfriend, plus throw in couple of extra girls for luck
  • Q gives Bond some gadgets
  • Bond elaborately escapes from certain death (1 or 2 times)
  • Add elaborate chase scenes, minimum 2 (Not to overlap with certain death escapes)
  • Exotic locations
  • Even more exotic evil lair
  • Bond beats or kills Ultimate Bad Guy, saves the world, and has sex at the end of the movie. (movies often ending with "Oh, James")

    So why was "TWINE" the least entertaining? Because...

  • By default, I don't count either Dalton film.
  • Even "A View to A Kill", despite being really lame, had Walken as the psycho bad guy (a role he was born to play).

    As I watched the most recent Bond, all I saw was one elaborate "How will Bond Escape" action sequence after another. Granted, that's part of Bond. But we know Bond! We know he'll escape, and we know he'll get the girl. So at least throw us a bone with the new characters! After all they are the only real distinguishing aspects to any Bond movie. "TWINE", our Ultimate Bad Guy is Robert Carlye. His character is evil because was shot in the head and now feels no pain. Plus he is going to die anyway. Come on! That's not really very evil! Where's the desire for world domination? Where is the joy found in humiliating Bond!

    Then there was the the whole, let's spend some quality time with M bit. Look, just because Dame Dench as won a few awards doesn't mean I want to see her as a lead in a Bond movie! The character of M is only supposed to show up 3 times in a bond film. Once at the beginning to give Bond the assignment, once to scold him, and a third time at the end to congratulate him. That's it!

    Moving on to Sophie Marceau...her screen time was divided almost evenly with Bond and M, so see the last argument.

    Then we have Denise Richards. Denise, we love you. But seriously, a 27 year old expert on Soviet military nuclear weapons disposal and Soviet nuclear submarine reactors!!! I wanted to buy it, but I just couldn't swallow that pill.

    Basically, I wonder if anyone actually read the script first, or did they just start filming the chase scenes, and throw in some dialogue for fun? I could go on, but I'll save some ranting for when Tuna does his review.

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    This week was yet another zero for human nudity. The three main films were Chicken Run, Gladiator, and X-Men. All three are enjoyable films, but no naughty bits in sight, except for the kind the Colonel appreciates.

    I wrote a little bit about Gladiator, and I updated my comments on X-Men.

    I also did a couple of new collages of Romijn (1, 2) in X-Men, just because I had a little extra time.

    I did find some new release nudity. Fairly obscure, but some eye-candy, anyway. The source is The Hunger collection. For you outside North America, it's a cable series, sort of a Twilight Zone with tits. This particular DVD is called The Hunger: Wicked Dreams, and includes four separate stories.

    The following are gleaned from each of the four:

  • Amanda de Cadanet
  • Kim Feeney
  • Simone-Elise Gerard (1, 2)
  • Doris Milmore (1, 2)

    Kim Feeney should get some kind of a special award for doing a hot sex scene with .... Curtis Armstrong. Yup, ol' Booger himself. Not as rugged combat duty as Pat Morita, but darned close.

  • Snowblind
    Comments by Snowblind:

    Well, I have moved away from my hardcore trend of late and into a much more mainstream film line than I usually touch on.

    Oh, first off, not from film at all, Major Gunns (Tylene Buck) of WCW. I wouldn't have bothered capping this at all cept I wanted to make it a desktop for myself, it's not really often you see a hot babe on TV flying the Canadian maple leaf, lets me be patriotic and perverted all at once.. kick ass.

    I watched Xena for the first time since it's first season last weekend. I keep hearing reports of more and more skin, and I love Renee O'Conner, well, I should say I love looking at her, I am not a huge fan of her acting. But then again, I haven't really seen anything with her cept Xena, and not that much at that. But, alas, no nudity, or real peeks, but I did find the scene of her being bathed in some kind of Cannibal turkey basting pretty sexy. So rather than just junking all the caps I was snapping I made this collage.

    Ok, back to wrestling.. sort of. I have been a big Wrestling fan since back in High School (both the professional and Olympic Style). Well, I have seen all the behind the scenes films, Hitman Hart's "Wrestling With Shadows", The Unreal Story of Wresting, Beyond The Mat etc. But by far, the most entertaining, on a purely entertainment standpoint has to be "Ready To Rumble". David Arquette played the hillbilly wrestling fanatic perfectly, and the addition of a bunch of real wrestlers thrown in didn't hurt. I think if they used all actors playing wrestlers, rather than faces we fans recognize, it would not have had half the kick. So anyway, I capped Julia Schultz, former PB playmate of month, who sadly showed nuthin' 'cept underwear. And my favorite pale face (after Vampira anyway) Rose McGowan, who didn't show a hell of a lot either.

    I have done caps of American Beauty before, with the help of my good friend Jeweller, but I watched the film for the first time last weekend. And as is my usual habit, if I see skin, even if it's skin I have seen 100's of times over, I gotta snap frames. So anyway, you know the two suspects at hand. Thora Birch looks awesome of course although I never really understood the big draw to Mena Suvari she has I nice body, even tho, most would argue, but I always did like 'em sinewy. But I just don't find she has any real sexual draw, and, without sayin' too much, I find her a little unpretty. Birch has a real natural beauty tho, not plain, girl next door kind of looks, just flawless beauty.

    I snapped a few frames of Patricia Velasquez from the Mummy as well. I gotta say, I really didn't like that movie, maybe the only thing that could have saved it, would have been a lot more of Velasquez.

    Also, I made a collage of Tara Reid in Body Shots. She is a nice looking lady, and the caps of this scene I have seen out there by a lot of other guys, is the only reason I watched this one. And I'll tell you, I think the only benefit of watching this one, was seeing her naked. I just can't take that "My Secret Identity" guy seriously in anything. Gary Coleman would have been just as believable as a "Pro Football Could Be Rapist".

    Jenna Bodnar
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Talk about obscure! Where on Earth does Scorpion find this stuff?
    Here are 'caps from 1991's "Huntress: Spirit of the Night" All kinds of topless exposure, plus all of these except #2 also feature frontal or bottomless views as well.
    Cec Verrell More from the Vault of Obscurity...Topless 'caps from 1987's "Hell Comes to Frogtown".
    Lexa Doig A scan of Lexa in her costume from the new "Gene Roddenberry" series "Andromeda". In typical Roddenberry fashion...she's a hottie in a skin tight uniform!
    Bianca Going topless on the Dutch version of Big Brother 2000.
    Marlène Jobert
    (1, 2)
    Topless, and full frontal scenes from 1979's "La Guerre des polices".
    Muriel Baumeister
    (1, 2)
    Shower and love scenes from German TV. From "Meine Tochter darf es nie erfahren"
    Melinda Messenger Comments by Chumba:
    Four of my favourites from the new Girls of FHM special edition.
    Kate Groombridge
    Geri Halliwell
    Louise Nurding
    Katja Flint
    (1, 2)
    More goodies from Blackshine's Fashion series. No skin, just some of the hottest models and actresses pimping themselves out and promoting various companies.
    Kate Moss
    (1, 2)
    Gisele Bundchen
    Stephanie Seymour
    Virginie Ledoyen
    and ...
    Gretchen Mol Gorgeous collage by DAI of the even more gorgeous Gretchen. I caught "Forever Mine" on cable a few days ago, and it's pretty much a turkey of a movie. Weak plot and acting that is so melodramatic that most day time soaps seem oh so subtle. But still, I've seen much worse. Besides, I think Gretchen is onscreen for about 95% of the film, including a couple of nude scenes, and that alone was worth the price of admission.
    Hilary Swank and Chloë Sevigny
    (1, 2)
    Getting it on in scenes from "Boys Don't Cry". Topless exposure from both (mostly Sevigny), plus the scene where Swank gets her pants pulled down.
    Mystery Babe
    (1, 2)
    Unidentified busty babe fondling herself in vidcaps from the super low budget sci-fi movie " Mandroid", by HBS Grafix.
    Rena Riffel Topless vidcaps from "The Pornographer". I was guessing that this was just another Skinemax flick, but apparently not. While I have not seen it myself, there are only very positive reviews in the IMDb for this indie film about one man's decent into the world of porn.
    Wendi Westbrook Vidcaps of the B-actress/Radio DJ getting it on. Not too sure of the source.
    Rebecca Cardinale Topless, plus a far off frontal view from the UK movie "Brothers".
    Erica Vanbriel Very nice see-thru exposure.
    Carre Otis From the November 2000 issue of the German Max.
    The Funnies by Number 6
  • Gore pouting
  • Hillary saying "Hi" to the crowd...New York Style!
  • Thanksgiving fun

  • More Funnies
    Thanks to SD...

    Dwarf Nuns

    The pope goes to visit the Seven Dwarfs who are drinking in a bar. As he is finishing his speech on comparative religions, Dopey raises his hand to ask a question.

    "Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?"
    "No Dopey," responds the Pontiff, "there are not".

    "Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in Italy?", Dopey questions.
    "No Dopey," chuckles the Pope, "there are no dwarf nuns in Italy."

    "Mr. Pope," Dopey asks pleadingly, "are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?"
    "No Dopey," the Pope says sadly, "there are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world."

    And softly in the background the six remaining dwarves start chanting...
    "Dopey screwed a penguin, Dopey screwed a penguin."

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