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Something's Gotta Give


Diane Keaton 1920x1080 film clip



For this weeks Classic, let's go low rent, real low rent.

Bloodlust is an ultra-low-budget vampire exploitation film, the first film shot on video from co-directors Jon Hewitt (Redball, Acolytes, X) and Richard Wolstencroft (Pearls Before Swine, The Beautiful and the Damned). A group of psychotic vampires Tad, Lear (Jane Stuart Wallace) and Frank (Kelly Chapman) roam Melbourne for their next victims, get bored and decide to rob an illegal casino run by gangster Stieg (Paul Moder). With a stockpile of weapons that could supply an army, they are now the targets of Stieg's crew, a couple of crooked cops and a manic bible thumping preacher Brother Bem (Phil Motherwell), who with his neverending supply of zealots wants to rid the Earth of filth. Oh, it's going to be a sex-fuelled, blood-soaked fight for survival in Geeksville. Well, it's low budget exploitation, what else would you expect?

The filmmakers wanted to make a film that had every type of perversion imaginable and well Bloodlust doesn't die delivering. A stack of fun, completely and utterly ridiculous, lewd, crude and with more squibs of blood used than I've ever seen. Yeah, it's shit and if your not up for it, you won't get it, but if you are, Bloodlust is fantastic low rent shonky fun.

And there's a stack of videos from the extras off the new brilliant special edition DVD, most of which aren't the best quality (it was shot on video), but who cares when there's some extra lesbian action that the directors can't believe they left out of the film. And the stories about the making of the film are well worth listening to. The ones about Kelly Chapman (now an indy film producer including Jucy) are quite enlightening.

Kelly Chapman from the film (collages below)

Kelly Chapman from the DVD extras (one clip includes an actress named Clare Paradine)

Rosie D'Urso from the film (low-res summary below)

  Rosie D'Urso from the DVD extras (low-res summary below)

Leslie Crofts from the DVD extras (low-res summary below)


Film Clips

Ryan Keely in Pennhurst (2012) in 720p. This is the horror film directed by Michael Rooker. It is also known as The Lost Episode.

Hare are two more versions of Jena Malone in The Painted Lady (2012) : 896x504 and 448x256. I included both because I'm not sure the larger one is better. It may just be a blow-up of the smaller one, because it's just not as sharp.

And another Italian exploitation classic: Annie Carol Edel in Paolo il Freddo (1974)


Here's some non-nude nostalgia. You have probably forgotten that there was a mini-series made from The Bourne Identity in the 1980s. Richard Chamberlain played Bourne. The only really interesting thing to say about it is that a former Angel, Jaclyn Smith, appeared in a bathing suit. (Note: the 1968 date on the files is not correct. It should read 1988. Jaclyn was 43, but still gorgeous.)