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The Sopranos

Aesthete continues his HD 1920x1080 coverage of the much-honored series

s4, e8

Leslie Bega (samples below)





 le tv series, le saison 1

French language Radio-Canada tv series from Quebec, recently released to DVD. First episode opens with a nude threesome but the nudity is quite sparse afterwards. No word on season 2.

Stephanie Cardi: topless in threesome.

Eve Pressault: topless in threesome.

Klodya Plante: topless as obligatory stripper but wearing pasties.

Violette Chauveau: fully clohted sex but later bares a whole boob.

Evelyne Brochu: mostly fully clothed sex.

Pascale Bussieres: boob almost falling out of slip while having fully clothed sex.

Yorie Poirier-Vachon: bra and panties.

Marie-Eve Milot: rock hard bra-less pokies.

Catherine Trudeau: upskirt, bra-less cleavage.

Anne-Renee Duhaime: sexy as Catherine's "friend".

Emily Shelton: sexy.

strippers: topless.

"Being Erica"

episode: "Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It" (s3e09)

Joanna Douglas: bra and panties caught having sex.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode: "Big Bad Baby" (s1e09)

Kathleen Gallagher: wearing prosthetic chest as new mother whose tits were sucked dry by demon baby.


 episode: "Finish What We Started" (s1e09)

Aly Michalka: nice crotch shots but could be a stunt double.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Fae Day" (s1e09)

No nudity but the series has been renewed for a second season.

Anna Silk: sexy.

Ksenia Solo: sexy.

"Once a Thief"

episode: "Rave On" (1997)

Liisa Repo-Martell: very sexy, upskirt.

stuntbabes: sexy.




Leilani Giormaina in Locked Down

Bai Ling in Locked Down

Jynx Vandersteen in Locked Down

Katlyn Wong in Locked Down



Maggie Q in Naked Weapon in 1080p - sweet  (samples below)

Uma Thurman in Mad Dog and Glory (sample below)

Tina Shaw in Split Second  (sample below)

Reymond Amsalem in Lebanon in 720p  (sample below)

Sandra Bullock in Fire on the Amazon  (sample below)

Jana Hora in Geisterjaeger John Sinclair, e1  (sample below)

Ali Humiston and Megan Henning in Wilderness Survival for Girls  (sample below)

Emily Blunt in Henry VIII (sample below)

Veerle Baetens in Loft in 1080p (sample below)

Linda Fiorentino in Beyond the Law  (sample below)

Valentina Lodovini in Generazione mille euro  (sample below)

Carolina Crescentini in Generazione mille euro  (sample below)

Martina Garcia in Rabia (sample below)

Cec Verrell in Runway (sample below)

Jennifer Rae Westley in Riders (sample below)

Sauce Ena and Veronica Sanchez in Al sur de Granada

Bebe Rebolledo in Al_sur_de_Granada

Leticia Herrero and Maria Morales in Gordos (warning - it means "Fatties")

Kathleen Turner in Prizzi's Honor in HD

Marta Nieto and Maria Ruiz in El Camino de los ingleses

Victoria Abril in El Camino de los ingleses