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Lord of the Rings Movies - Peter Jackson will NOT be involved in The Hobbit


Frank Sinatra Parody: Strangers on my flight




Pravda says: Beer and tomato juice make perfect cocktail

  • Has to be. Pravda means truth.
  • No wonder their empire collapsed.


From the "WTF?" department ... An ancient Egyptian city in the Grand Canyon?


Eva Longoria looks gorgeous in her bikini (Photo)


Pelosi Declares Victory in Murtha-Hoyer Battle

  • "Rep. Pelosi said teaching Democrats to oppose her leadership is just part of her strategy to prepare them to stand up against the dictatorial rule President George Bush."


FallonFey.com signs off with a downloadable zip of Tina Fey's last weekend update.


U.S. Mint to try dollar coins once again

  • This time they will rotate the presidents with a system similar to the state quarters


"Kramer" goes nuts on black hecklers.


"Ohio Lottery Picks Match Ohio Game Score"


Pearl Harbor pictures. NOT from a brownie camera as advertised, but damned spectacular nonetheless.


Fox TV stations refuse to show OJ Simpson interview

  • "A number of affiliates of the Fox TV network have refused to broadcast an interview with O.J. Simpson in which he talks hypothetically of how he would have killed his ex-wife and her companion."


Missing penis update: "The police were called by the man who found the penis, which was not his penis"


"Hairy fairy picks up the bill"

  • "A MYSTERY man called the “Hairy Christmas Fairy” has been splashing out hundreds of pounds spreading cheer to stunned shoppers."


Phallic Toy of the year: Dora Aquapet - Dora the Explorer - Wild Planet Toys: Toys & Games (and it also comes in Sponge Bob!)


"Lindsay Lohan, the intended host of the World Music Awards, was met with boos whenever she went on stage."

  • "She was so upset that she tripped and fell down some stairs backstage. She stopped hosting about half way through after her accident, but that didn’t stop her from partying it up afterwards."


VIDEOS: Everyday Things Placed in a Microwave


Slashdot Pros and Cons: New Google Service Manipulates Caller-ID For Free


Couple Calls for Orgasm for Peace


Did Elizabeth Hurley Sell Her Breasts To The Devil?


The Usual Naked Suspects: Paris and Lohan


The 25 Greatest Science Books of All-Time

  • The choice of Darwin at #1 and #2 is more of a political choice over a scientific one, a slap at creationism. It would be difficult to justify placing any book over Newton's Principia, which is the very foundation of calculus and physics.


Headline of the day: "Penis found outside house"

  • So if you are missing yours ...
  • The police are currently looking for a man with a funny walk.


The Love Toilet By Niagara


Live streaming video of polar bears - National Geographic Magazine

  • And there were actually some there when I checked in at 5:38 AM Eastern


"Metalosis Maligna is a fictitious documentary ...

  • ... about a spectacular yet chronically disabling disease which affects patients who have been fitted with medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking constructions. ... (more) Metalosis Maligna is a fictitious ocumentary about a spectacular yet chronically disabling disease which affects patients who have been fitted with medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking constructions."


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Close My Eyes (1991)

This is a British film about a love triangle, as scripted by playwright Stephan Poliakoff. It has an unusual twist in that two of the triangle are brother and sister. Their parents had divorced, and they were raised separately. In the past he had mostly ignored her while taking high profile architectural jobs all over Europe. When he returns to London and looks for a more socially conscious job, she has married a wealthy man. For some reason, even though she claims to be very happy, she seduces her brother. He becomes addicted to sex with her. While she sees nothing wrong with incest and doesn't even consider it cheating, having her brother in love with her clearly crosses a line and she breaks off the relationship, but not before her husband finds out. So what does the husband decide to do? Nothing.

Reviewers either find it a fascinating look at incest done perfectly, as only the British can do, or an allegory of Thatcher's England. Possibly it doesn't translate well into American, which could be the reason it doesn't seem to have had a US release, and why I was unable to figure out what was worthwhile about it.  Clearly, incest is supposed to be an important element, else it would have been a normal triangle romantic comedy, but I couldn't detect any message about the incest, pro or con. In fact, the film didn't seem to have any opinions about anything, including the motivations of its characters. I never understood what turned her to adultery with her brother, why he suddenly fell madly in lust with a sister he never had a lot of use for, why he became addicted to sex with her, or why the husband choose to forget it.

This is clearly a C based on critical and public response, but I am damned if I can figure out why, except for great performances from Clive Owen as the brother, Saskia Reeves as the sister, and Alan Rickman as her husband.

IMDb readers say 6.5, and it won numerous acting awards for Alan Rickman.

Scoop's notes: As it turns out, I watched this movie today as well, and I agree completely with Tuna's points. I guess the film is supposed to excel as a character study, but that's a difficult position to support when the audience is kept in the dark about the characters' motivations. To add to Tuna's list above, the script also fails to explain why the following occurred:

1) The brother suddenly decided to change suddenly from from his career as a corporate heavy hitter into a more socially conscious type. He says he has, but we see no reason for it.

2) The brother's boss hired him to work in the socially conscious job, at a small fraction of his usual salary. He had a bad interview. The two men seemed to hate one another. Then we saw him working!

3) In another scene the brother and sister, lying in a country lane, are almost run over by a truck. The truck driver never tries to swerve or slow down to avoid them. He just honks the horn and barrels forward, as if he were driving a train and there was nothing else he could do. What tha ...?

The script also makes all the symbols and parallels extremely obvious, so obvious that the characters more or less explain them in dialogue:

Two men sit on a train together, talking while deploring the shoddy construction along the route, and the conversation goes something like this:

The brother's boss: "I say, it's all sort of a metaphor for the failings of the Thatcher administration, isn't it, old chap?"

The brother:  "Ah, yes, old man, as well as the failings of my own life, and your case of AIDS. In all cases a price is paid for a lack of restraint, don't you know?"

The film does have its strengths. In addition to the performing positives Tuna mentioned, it also has an evocative musical score and some superlative cinematography, and the Rickman character is quite sympathetic (uncharacteristically for Rickman), but neither those elements nor the great actors are enough to compensate for the questionable character motivations and the other weaknesses of the lifeless, talky script.

I guess Tuna has the right score pegged at C, but you must understand that it belongs to a "tragically doomed romance" genre, and you should avoid it unless you have a taste for those.



Saskia Reeves shows full frontal and rear nudity



 as does Helen FitzGerald as an earlier lover of Clive Owen.










The Libertine

Kelly Reilly



Rosamund Pike



Samantha Morton







We leave the Time Machine parked in 1984 and go back for more from "Deathstalker."

This time it's the late Lana Clarkson showing off those luscious hooters.

Three .wmvs zipped together








Dita von Teese in Exclusiv
Jenny Elvers in Exclusiv
Marlene Charell in Wedding Night in Paradise
Alexandra Schalaudek in Die Wunde
Karina Fallenstein in Exzess und Bestrafung
Jane Birkin in Exzess und Bestrafung
Christine Kaufmann  in Exzess und Bestrafung






Notes and collages

The Celebrity Stripper series continues


Gina Gershon in Showgirls


....the imagery of this scene is such visual candy I just spliced the frames together as is...




Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls


...a passionate scene as Ms. Berkley is trying to get a reaction out of Gina Gershon...

..oh, and no stripper in her right mind would lick the pole as happens here though it is very hot...



Season Hubley in Hardcore


... technically she's not a stripper since she started naked except for her shoes - and kept her shoes on







The Price of Desire: Kira Reed