Members' bonuses. "Allyson is Watching"

I found one more worthwhile frame of Jennifer Leigh Hammon from "Allyson". Something very dark and mysterious is protruding from between her legs. Might be a thatch of pubes, or it might be one of those Beefeater hats that the palace guards wear. I have to get me one of those. I hate to spoil the fun, but I think she was probably wearing a crotch patch, and that's what you see here.

The rest of these are the other female lead - the woman that Allyson watched through the keyhole, the hooker next door, a woman who needs no introduction ....... wait a minute. Now that I think about it, she does need an introduction. Her name is Caroline Ambrose, and she speaks with a fairly refined English accent, neither lower class nor from the north, and has large artifical-looking breasts. Apart from that, she is nearly a cipher. She appeared in one 1998 episode of Bab 5 "A Tragedy of Telepaths", and played Queen Mara in a movie called Mystery Monsters.

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One Fish, Two Fish
This is another spectacular contribution from Tuna. "Kama Sutra" is a lushly photographed movie, colorful locales, good enough story, lots of sex and nudity. Two young Indian girls are friends. When they grow up, the social barriers between them rend the fabric of their friendship and cast them into very different lives. The movie examines which of them is really happier, the princess or the courtesan. Beautiful, colorful vidcaps. Plenty of flesh from the exotically beautiful Indira Varma, albeit not much from Choudhury.

Indira Varma (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8) Sarita Choudhury (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

Today is Blinky's first day of Giselle Bundchen. ( #1 #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8)

Mongoose Bi-Plex
all commentary by Mongoose

I'm trying to slog through some of my old VHS tapes before DVD completely takes over and videos are a relic of the past. This little gem of a movie is "Countryman" from 1982. This movie profoundly influenced my life. It inspired me to become Rastafarian, move to the Islands, fish for my sustenance by day and practice rum and ganja induced Rasta mysticism by night. Well...I never actually did any of those things (maybe a couple of them, ahem) but I still consider this movie an old favorite. Countryman (the "actor") plays Countryman (the character) in Countryman (the movie) about a very poor devout Rastaman who owns nothing more than a pair of shorts, a boat and some implements. He is, however, very happy and wise and has mystical powers and aboriginal martial arts prowess. This comes in handy as he rescues an American couple who have crashed their plane in the marsh near his home. The local authorities have plans to capture the couple and accuse them of being US intelligence agents smuggling weapons into Jamaica to influence a local election, and Countryman must protect them from the paramilitary police. Here's the female half of that American couple, Kristina St Clair, who I suspect is actually British for some reason. Nice big boobs.

Countryman tries to rescue the couple after their plane has crashed but a crocodile is in the way. Kristina's boyfriend makes her give up HER shirt for Countryman to use to bind the croc's jaws. No chivalry there.

All Kristina's boob shots were quick or blurred or in the dark. No close-ups or anything. Here she is in the jungle topless.


What a dumbass I am. I have maybe 10 naked chick magazines...that's it, not real hard to keep track of, and I didn't realize I had one with pics of Marion Michael from Liane, Jungle Goddess and it's sequel Liane and the Slaver until I stumbled across them while doing some "research." Since I recently capped the first movie, I thought it might be cool to scan the pics.

The pics are from Celeb Skin so you know they're small and grainy. I did what I could with them given my limited scanning ability and short attention span but they're not beautiful glossy scans. One more.

These photos have more and better nudity (boobs) than the movie caps.

Reminder: Liane, Jungle Goddess is a German movie released in 1956. Marion Michael was an 18 year old ballet dancer who beat out 11,800 gals to get the part of the topless jungle girl.

Hey, this pic actually came out pretty decent! If you only click on one of these scans then let it be this one.

BONUS! A scan of Gen, the lead singer of The Genitorturers from the inside sleeve of their early "House of Shame" 7" record. She's sticking a big needle into her right nipple. Ouch!

Friday (Jo #1 , #2 , #3 , #4) Plus Fred likes to point out that the wholesome image of the Page Three girls is manufactured, an illusion that sometimes fools even biggies like the HefMag. Fred's comments: "Tracey Coleman, page 3 girl and sometime Playboy model, isn't known for this sort of thing, but her friend here is Brit-porn actress Louise Hodges. Tracey is the one with the mole." (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7)

Jimmy the Saint Pitters

Canonization is a burden. Jimmy the Saint is engaged in some saintly-type activities today: miracle cures, blessings, appearances to children at Fatima, pleading with Warren Beatty to be chaste (that might take more than a day), and such-like, so the onus of U.K. reportage falls upon Pitters today.

"Three favourite British actresses today. I re-worked Lia Willaims after finding that the earlier collage I sent you had been compressed too much by Digital Darkroom (there is a bug in the PC version). The others are Juliet Aubrey, who is quite a 'serious' actresses and has appeared in many Shakespeare productions, and a portrait of Helen Baxendale who is fairly well known due to her appearance in 'Friends'. That 'cap is taken from the fireside scene in 'Truth or Dare'. "


Another flurry of non-nude activity today from the talented Chumba. Baby Spice from Esquire UK, the first six months of Caprice's Year 2000 Calendar, and Kelly Brook holding her breasts.

Baby Spice more of Emma Bunton Caprice Caprice Caprice Caprice Caprice Caprice Kelly Brook.

all commentary by Aesthete
The Tunnel

My first of two contributions this week: the film "The Tunnel". Actually this is a Spanish file titled "El Tunel", made in 1987 and starred Peter Weller and Jane Seymour. This is a rare nude scene for the actress who has had a long and illustrious career in TV, including six years (1993-1998) starring in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman".

According to The Bare Facts, there is only one other single scene in her career where she showed any skin on screen, with Tom Selleck in "Lassiter" in 1984. M

After this film she apparently gave up nude scenes and concentrated on TV. She was one of the "Bond Girls" early on in her career, appearing opposite Roger Moore in the 1976 film "Live and Let Die". She's also been nominated for and won many Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

(#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6)

Cat Chaser

My second contribution for the week is from "Cat Chasers", a 1989 Abel Ferrara film of an Elmore Leonard novel. Frankly, the story was confusing and slow moving, not like some of the other Elmore Leonard novels, which have been the source of many, many entertaining movies.

Kelly is always beautiful to look at and has also appeared nude in "Witnesss" (topless), for which she was nominated for an Oscar and "Grand Isle", which is on my list to cap if I can ever find it. The problem with this movie is the lighting. It is a dark movie, especially many of Kelly's nude scenes which take place in almost complete darkness. I've enhanced the lighting where I could.

(#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8)

Members' bonuses. "The Crossing Guard"

Two men in search of each other.

The movie "The Crossing Guard" was written and directed by Sean Penn. I believe he is already a first rate director, and has the potential to be one of the best ever, since he is still young and inexperienced in director's years. He really has a natural gift for knowing how to compose a shot, when to do a long shot, when to zoom in and catch the reactions of the actors. I've always thought he was a fine actor, and he uses his knowledge of the craft to let others do what they can do best. Several actors in this movie (John Savage and David Morse, in addition to Nicholson and Huston) deliver performances that really cut close to the bone. The only thing that kept director Sean Penn from the very summit in "The Crossing Guard" is Sean Penn the writer. He has no concept of what is or isn't believable, the dialogue sounds like speeches rather than real people talking, and he has no concept of what is or isn't essential to the story. To give the most obvious example, in a great expanse of city where one man chases down another, where the father of a little girl killed by a drunk driver tries to kill the driver five years after the incident, guess where the chase takes them? After starting in a trailer, running through the streets, taking a random ride on the first bus that appears, running through some more streets, and some grassy areas, the pursued runs out of breath and falls. When he moves his shoulder away slowly and dramatically, we see that he has fallen on the grave of the little girl he killed. You believe that plot device? I sure didn't. That's just one example. I could cite more, but you get the idea.

Penn's next project, "Autumn of the Patriarch", is a novel by the Colombian magical realist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is a pretty damned good writer (Nobel Prize, in fact), and they seem very well suited to each other in style and tone. I haven't read that book, but I've read others by Marquez and I think Penn is a good fit. Penn will do the script again, but let's hope he stays close to the source material, so it won't matter that much.

Brando will star. Brando, as you all know, was one of the world's greatest actors before directors started giving him completely free rein, and then the eccentricity of his interpretations started to outweigh his brilliant talent. (Perhaps outweigh is not a good word to use in Brando's case.) Sean Penn is an arrogant and ballsy hard-case, and he has a good relationship with Brando, so I can picture him saying to Brando, "Hey, Marlon, I know you don't want to copy Clark Gable, but Fletcher Christian isn't supposed to be Judy Fucking Garland.". The director of Mutiny was Lewis Milestone. Milestone was a fine director back in the B&W era, but he was ancient by then, and was specifically known by that time as a weak-willed guy. Two years earlier, he directed "Ocean's 11", and showbiz stories abound concerning his relationship with Sinatra. "OK, one more take, everyone". "Hey, we did it, you filmed it. End of story. Let's get some ring-a-ding". Anyway, Brando needs a strong director to kick his ass once in a while, and Penn might just be the one guy in Hollywood with the balls to do it.

By the way, I wonder if it is a coincidence that Penn only hired actresses with six letters in their last name for this movie.(The four leads: Wuhrer, Barnes, Huston, Wright.) With anyone else, I'd say coincidence. With Penn, you never know.

On a related topic, I saw another writer-director in action today. Kevin Smith's "Dogma". It seems to me that he has the opposite problem from Penn. He is a truly interesting and gifted comic writer - his long thoughtful comic monologues and philosophical repartee remind me of the great Irish playwrights like Shaw and Wilde. But this guy ain't got a clue on the visual side. His movies still look like they were shot in someone's basement, even though Dogma is his fifth movie. "Clerks" was charmingly inept, but the charm is starting to dissipate. He should step up to producer, and hire Sean Penn to direct. Actually, their styles don't mesh at all, but I wonder if Penn, Mr Intensity, Mr Wound-too-fucking-tight, could still do comedy. T'was a time when he was one of the best.

Anyway, here's "The Crossing Guard" Kari Wuhrer

Priscilla Barnes

Robin Wright (not nude)

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FR Don't know this girl or this movie. Katy Boyer in "Tripfall". However: nice captures, nice collages, nice ass. (#1 , #2)

  • Sandra Bullock in "Hope Floats" (Capman). No nudity. She's a cheerleader doing the splits
  • Sharon Stone in the new Esquire
  • Carole Bouquet in "Tag der Idioten"
  • Two of Drew Barrymore in "Bad Girls"
  • Barrymore
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
  • New Maelstrom scans of Casta, from the November issue of Arena
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